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3  Terrorism is use of violence by individuals and groups to advance political goals  Violent acts  Create fear  Unlawful violence and war  Hurting the innocent  Overthrow government ollapse-of-the-north-tower

4  Arab-Israeli conflict  Radical Muslim organizations say Islam justifies terrorist attacks against innocent civilians  Actions are opposing to Islamic law

5  1980s Islamic groups used terrorist tactics against Israel & Western nations  Destroy Israel and some Western influence  State-sponsored terrorism  government group that funds/aids terrorist groups

6  Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda  Hamas seek to destroy Israel and create independent Palestinian state  Founded in 1987- liberate Palestine from Israel  Governs the Gaza Strip  Suicide bombings  a terrorist bombing carried out by someone who does not hope to survive it.

7  Hezbollah supported by Iran  Formed after 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon  Primary goal= destruction of Israel  Some nations see as “legitimate resistance movement against Israel”  2006- fired rockets into Israel, month long conflict XywUSr6I

8  Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) weapons including chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons  Terrorists may use these weapons to advantage


10  2/3 worlds known oil reserves located in Middle East  Great source of wealth for Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait  Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) attempts to regulate production of oil exports to maximize revenues


12  Positive- Oil reserves promote industrialization, economic development, social programs  Negative- Govts use to build military, maintain power, threaten neighbors

13  Islamic fundamentalism- a movement to reorder govt and society according to Islamic laws  Strayed away from path of true Islam, too Western  Islamic extremists use violence bring back changes they want

14  Israel established in 1948, Middle Eastern countries not recognize exist  Wars between Israel and neighbors

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