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2011 Annual Teacher’s Meeting 2012 is on the Horizon A year of change, transformation and re-Connection.

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1 2011 Annual Teacher’s Meeting 2012 is on the Horizon A year of change, transformation and re-Connection

2 2011 Accomplishments Increased classes from 25 – 32 New classes in Florida and Massachusetts Created awareness of our Blind program with Yoga in the Dark event = Net - $ 1,975 Major media coverage KPBS, KUSI-TV and online radio Offered our first Posture Clinic = Net $1300 Certified 62 more Silver Age Yoga teachers

3 2011 Accomplishments We now have a FaceBook PAGE We are on Twitter: @silverageyoga We have a profile on Joshua Tree 4 out of state participants: NM, MA & WI 3 from Northern California

4 Who is the “Staff” All are contract labor – so not employees Most get paid for 20 hours/week and work 30- 40

5 Frank Iszak Executive Director ADMINISTRATION Conducts once a week staff meeting Reviews time sheets Reviews progress on projects Schedules the projects in details for coming week Reviews financial reports monthly Prepares for board meetings (4 times a year)w/agenda progress report etc.) Designs and oversees the implementation of projects (to generate revenues and further the mission, such as Internet certification, Joshua Tree, Silent auction, Yoga in the Dark in a new format, Vino-Vinyessa, Posture Clinic, etc.) Reviews quarterly payments to teachers Works w/ Pat and outside accounting firm to file government required reports (990Z) Reviews - and shops for – insurance carriers/policy Sign checks (about 200 per year) Keeps corporate records PUBLIC RELATIONS Attend(ed) grant committee’s meetings Speaks at community events, such as service clubs luncheons Attends relevant meetings with outside organizations, events (related to senior health, grants, conferences) Develops workshop presentations, presents workshops with Serpil Visits centers where SAYCO instructors teach Get volunteers for projects and potential SAYCO teachers Accepts awards, gives interviews – SAYCO spokesman Solicits major donors (Adopt A Center) Develops annual report, prepares next year budget GENERAL ACTIVITIES Works on identifying new revenue sources Develops CEU material and program improvements/updates to teachers twice a year Works w/ Maria structuring the new SAYCO Teachers Association Worked with webmaster who provided free service for three years Developing (with Rolf) the SAWellness business model, a for-profit subsidiary

6 Pat Vawter Bookkeeping & Office DAILY Check incoming email; respond Take reservations for fundraiser events keep track of payments Fill orders for On Line Course Process payments Set up recurring charges as required Track payments Send Welcome email Authorize use in our website for exams Assemble & Package training materials Print shipping label with postage Take to post office Post changes to inventory Reorder materials as necessary Order office supplies as needed Attend weekly office meeting Pay contract personnel invoices Give financial assessments to Frank MONTHLY Pay Bills – rent, insurance, etc. Reconcile Checking; PayPal and Pay Junction Prepare Income Statement and Balance Sheet Print office copies and email to Treasurer Prepare Bank Reconciliation Report, Cash Balance Report – email to Treasurer with PDF of Bank statement QUARTERLY: Receive invoices & SEVA reports from teachers Prepare, obtain signature, mail checks File copies in Paid Documents Post class attendance from each invoice/report Receive intake forms & update attendance spreadsheet Post addresses to database File all SAYCO intake, photo release & site forms Prepare invoices for the sites that are billed. Email Treasurer financial reports for Board Meeting Help Frank prepare for Board Meeting Make copies of Board Meeting Minutes, file. Make copies of Grant requests; keep copies of receipts and paper associated for accounting


8 Maria Mazzi Programs & Public Outreach Program Co-ordinator Communications Co-ordinator SAYCO Teacher Liaison Special Event/Project Co-ordinator Press Release Co-ordinator Works with Volunteer Co-ordinator Health Fair Co-ordinator Grant team member Assists the Executive Director in developing and managing new projects such as the Yoga in the Dark developing and managing other revenue generating projects short term and long term strategic planning On planning committee & co-ordinates Joshua Tree Retreat Develops support materials for SAYCO teachers. Creates and/or assists in program specific websites or blogs such as the and and www.SilverAgeYogaRetreat.comwww.TeachSeniorsYoga.com Currently developing a Silver Age Yoga Teacher’s Association to provide better communication with teachers and encourage all SAY teachers to remain engaged with Silver Age Yoga.

9 Where Does the Money Go? Item200720082009201010-2011TOTAL Revenue $144,460 $ 91,260 $ 75,215 $119,249$ 76,751 $ 506,935 Teachers $ 40,100 $36,090 $ 28,810 $29,195 $ 20,205 $ 154,400 Office Expense $ 59,997 $ 60,724 $ 44,982 $69,577 $ 45,283 $ 280,563 Research Study $ - $ 9,750 $ 2,139 $ 3,278 $ 175 $ 15,342 Fundraising Expense $ 22,354 $ 357 $ 3,572 $ 11,853 $ 16,854 $ 54,990 Net $ 22,009 $ 15,661 $ 4,288 $ 5,346 $ 5,766 $ 1,640

10 Current Status of Program Item2011 Classes Offered32 Center Locations28 Teachers including subs28 Paid Classes16 SEVA16

11 2012 & Beyond Monies needed to continue as is: $150,000 Monies needed to grow: $ 350,00

12 How to Keep Classes Going VOTE: Pool Brainstorm Ideas:

13 Revenue Sources? GiveBIG Online Event Silver Age Fit – Commercial version of Adopt A Center to Independent Living Communities Birthday YogaThon – Leap Year Week 2012 Students get sponsors to help them commit to raise $250+ each.

14 GiveBIG Online Event December 14: 7am ends December 15: 7pm a 36 Hour fundraising

15 GiveBIG Dec. 14 & 15 Every dollar raised will be matched by up to 30 % raised The banner is now on top of each page of our website

16 GiveBIG Dec. 14 & 15 Our goal: 1000 people at $25 - $10,000 per person to donate! Right now when anyone clicks on the GiveBIG banner at the top of our website they will be sent to this page, which explains the rules.

17 GiveBIG Dec. 14 & 15 – Please reach out to 10 people who will donate via email, FB, Twitter, handouts – Ask them or CHALLENGE them to reach out to 10 more people who will match or BEAT what you gave – REPEAT the process But at 7:00am on Dec 14 the GiveBIG website goes LIVE and will change to a “Leader Board”. This is a sample:

18 GiveBIG Dec. 14 & 15 We will be tracking our results via Facebook & Twitter during the actual event OR You can track on

19 Other Revenue Sources ItemGross p/person Core Rev per unit Program per Class OnLine 595 500 AdoptACenter 325012502000 Silver Age Fit 495029502000 Birthday Yogathon 250*125 Joshua Tree 45275 * Assuming 6 students from 28 centers each raise this minimum

20 Teacher Support Committee: a group of 3-5 to work on any of these: Teacher’s Association Education Committee Standards Committee Birthday YogaThon September Awareness: National Yoga Month, Healthy Aging Month Grandparent’s Day: 9/9/2012 Joshua Tree Curriculum

21 Teacher Support Health Fair Co-ordinators: San Diego South Bay North County Coastal North County Inland East County

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