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2   Project Overview  Conceptual data model  Use case diagram  Class diagram  Logical data model  Authentication  Authentication form  Inventory form  Logical class diagram  Physical data model  Staff table  Database application  Three Kings Staff Management System  Files  Structure Schema

3   Three Kings Supermarkets strive for community immersion by hiring locals, holding competitions and donating to local events. The Three Kings supermarket Chief Executive Officer, Jose Estabas, wants to expand his business and open up a third branch.  The managers employed in the two running branches have submitted complaints about the current process by which they keep track of all business aspects.  Three Kings current paper and pen filing system will be replaced with an efficient, sustainable, and securable system. Project Overview

4   During the conceptual data model our goal was to illustrate a model of the data used in our application.  The conceptual data model is also our first attempt at illustrating the relationship between users and the application. Conceptual data model

5  Use case diagram

6  Class diagram

7   The logical database model was used to improve some of the illustrations from the conceptual data model.  Our goal during the logical data model was to account for every single data element on each input and output to the system.  The finished model is a set of normalized relations in 3 rd normal form. Logical data model

8  Authentication

9  STAFF (UserName, password) Authentication form

10  INVENTORY (InventoryID, BranchNo, Item, Quantity, Reorder Level) BRANCH (BranchNo) Inventory form

11  Logical class diagram

12   The physical data model is the implementation of the ideas illustrated within the conceptual and logical data model.  The data was first created on MySQL and later tested on MS Access.  MySQL took a priority over MS Access because the focus during stage 1 of this project was a Web-based application. Physical data model

13  CREATE TABLE `Staff`( `UserName` VARCHAR(20), `Passwrd` VARCHAR(32), `staffNo` CHAR(5) NOT NULL, `fName` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, `lName` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, `position` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, `gender` CHAR(1) NOT NULL, `DOB` DATE NOT NULL, `salary` INT NOT NULL, `branchNo` CHAR(5) NOT NULL, INDEX (`position`), PRIMARY KEY(`staffNo`,`UserName`), FOREIGN KEY(`branchNo`) REFERENCES `Branch` ) ENGINE=myisam DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; SET autocommit=1; Staff table

14   Web-based application has been developed using MySQL and PHP.  The application currently consist of the Staff management system.  Only staff with position of “Manager” have access to the current Staff management system.  The application is able to identify if the user attempting to log in is a Manager or not. Database application

15   List Staff members working at a branch  Add Staff members  Update Staff information  Delete Staff information Demo: php Three Kings Staff Management System

16   Web-based application files  add.php (Add staff interface)  add_staff.php (Add staff to database)  branch.php (List of staff in each branch)  delete.php (Delete staff interface)  delete_staff.php (Delete staff from database)  functions.php (all functions called by other pages)  login.php (login)  logout.php (logout)  threekings.php (Menu options)  update.php (Update staff interface)  update_staff.php (Update staff from database) Files

17  Structure login.php dreamhome.php branch.phpadd.phpupdate.phpdelete.php add- staff.php update- staff.php delete- staff.php

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