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John J. Barthelmes Commissioner of Safety Richard C. Bailey Jr. Director of Motor Vehicles NH CITY & TOWN CLERK REGIONAL MEETING 2014 DIVISION OF MOTOR.

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1 John J. Barthelmes Commissioner of Safety Richard C. Bailey Jr. Director of Motor Vehicles NH CITY & TOWN CLERK REGIONAL MEETING 2014 DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES BUREAU OF REGISTRATION AGENT HELP DESK 1

2 Topics of Discussion Low Speed Utility Update Golf Carts Plate releases Document piles Fuel codes Projects- VPN, Printer Law Changes

3 LOW SPEED UTILITY VEHICLES We love these right?

4 Laws Relevant Today RSA 259-108-II RSA 266:116 RSA 265:160

5 Low Speed Check List

6 Low Speed Check List Continued Tool to use to determine if a vehicle qualifies Signature of registrant Puts the onus on the customer Clerk user number and initials Placed in your document pile for filming

7 Are there any no’s on the checklist? They don’t qualify. There are no exceptions.

8 SB 231-POTENTIAL Change Creation of RSA 259:2-a Agricultural/Industrial Utility Vehicle (6 wheels, 6 occupants, 10 mile radius from the farm, and 2 miles from light industrial complex) Creation of RSA 259:49-a: New definition for light industrial use Deletion of RSA 259:108 II Change in registration fee (approx $10) Amendment to RSA 265:160 to 40 mph

9 Golf Cart

10 Golf Cart.. Can you register?? Must pass a full NH State Safety Inspection *If passes a NH State Safety Inspection, receives any passenger plate type.

11 Items to be Inspected- SAF-C 3203.01 (a) The items to be inspected on a vehicle, which are described in detail in subsequent parts, shall include the following primary areas: (1) Registration, plates, registration certificate and vehicle identification number; (2) Steering, front end and suspension; (3) Brakes, including parking brake; (4) Odometer and speedometer; (5) Electrical system, horn and defroster; (6) Lights and reflectors, including headlight aim; (7) Glass, glazing and mirrors; (8) Wipers; (9) Exhaust system; (10) On-board diagnostics system; (11) Body, chassis and bumper height; (12) Fuel system; and (13) Tires and wheels.

12 Golf Cart-Con’t Most grouped into neighborhood electric category If it does not meet the requirements of RSA 259:66-b, 266:114, and 265:158, they cannot be registered. NEV’s will need full safety inspection to get a passenger plate. If Electric, no OBD Test is required. Our recommendation, is buy a car instead. Seriously though, we advise customer to see if it will pass inspection first.

13 Document Pile

14 Batch card Registration by size and in order processed Full sheets folded together like a book Secure document pile with 2 paper clips,2 rubber bands or 2 butterfly clips CTA (title applications) in separate pile together like book. Send in work daily-unless part of the plate release project

15 Plate Release

16 Releasing Plates All plate release requests require the registration record to be viewed in MAAP by the clerk to ensure it meets one of the following requirements: One owner gives written permission to another owner to use the plate and forfeits the rights to any remaining credits if the registration is valid. Registration with requested plate has been expired more than a year and a day and the owner would like to re-register the vehicle with the previous plate. Registration with requested plate is expired and the owner would like to register a new vehicle with the plate.


18 Plate release inventory location Available in Inventory- Non Vanity- puts plate in your location- no Plate fee charged Available in Inventory- Vanity-puts plate in your location, no Plate fee charged In stock- puts plate in your location, charges plate fee Available for Reorder- puts plate in general location, charges plate fee Lost/Stolen/Damaged- allows the reorder of plate, charges plate fee

19 Would you plate release ? Jane Doe has plate 12345 which expires on May 1, 2015, she has bought a new vehicle in her name and would like to use this plate. What would you do? Jon Doe has plate JONDOE which expired on April 1, 2014, he has bought a new vehicle and would like to use this plate. What would you do? Chris Doe has plate 1234 and has bought a new vehicle in his wife's name, his registration expires in May of 2015 and would like this plate on the new vehicle. What would you do?

20 When in doubt? Don’t do it! Call us first!

21 Fuel Codes

22 Fuel codes C=Ethanol D=Diesel E=Electric G=Gas H=Hybrid electric vehicle M=Methanol N=Natural Gas O=Other T=Trailers only P=Propane Important to use the correct fuel code as other agencies use this data

23 Projects VPN Printer project phase II- 3 rd party software

24 VPN

25 What is VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In simple terms it means that the town equipment and internet connection are used to access MAAP instead of using the existing T-1 lines from the state.

26 Why do it? Faster transaction processing Allows multiple workstations to connect to MAAP Ease of relocating equipment No reliance on Carrier services (Fairpoint) Business continuity (failover) is an option

27 2 Choices to connect Browser towns have a choice of connecting by either a SSL-VPN (Secure Socket Layer) or a P2P-VPN (Point 2 Point) 3 rd party software towns have one option- the P2P-VPN connection **This project does require your town’s IT vendor to participate as there are many technical details**

28 VPN Process Town requests to learn more about the VPN process MA desk sends the “Making the Right Choice” document Town chooses which option would work best for them MA desk sends the VPN pre-install survey specific to the connection method chosen Town returns the survey which is turned over to IT IT determines if there are other needs to be met OR a conversion date is established We all work together to complete the migration successfully!

29 Printer project phase II- 3 rd party software

30 Why switch??? As part of being a pilot town for the Validator elimination project using third party software, the way you print the forms which go to the impact printers will be changing, as will the forms, so that they work with the Lexmark T640 which all are printing from MAAP.

31 Forms that will print to the Lexmark DSMV 255 Revenue Memo RDMV 343a Municipal Permit (aka town only) RDMV 111 Application for a Copy of an Application and Replacement plates/Decals TDMV 23 Application for Certificate of Title Check Validation

32 Potential Law Changes

33 HB 292-relative to registration fees to private, commercial or pleasure vessels-moving forward adding $2 fee to Lakefund Fee HB1149-relative to motor vehicle registrations- moving forward- ability to utilize electronic reg in lieu of duplicate reg HB1359-relative to Silver Star and Bronze Star Plates-study committee SB374-establishing a committee to establish residency-killed HB1598-relative to friends of animals plate-killed

34 Law Change RSA 261:156 Collection of Insufficient Fund checks RDMV306-Administrative Complaint form May be fax to 603-271-1555 Suspension of all registration privileges

35 Questions?????


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