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(Multi)? Touch with Windows Phone Ben Dewey Tallan, Inc.

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1 (Multi)? Touch with Windows Phone Ben Dewey Tallan, Inc. Twitter @bendewey

2 We thank the following companies for their gracious sponsorship Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors

3 Touch

4 Natural

5 Discoverable

6 Aftereffects (Inertia & Friction)


8 Gestures The Code

9 Gestures –Tap –Double Tap –Touch and Hold –Pan –Flick –Pinch –Stretch Single Touch Multi Touch

10 Tap Behaviors/Actions Finger down provides touch indication Finger up executes the action Stops content from moving on the screen. Usage MouseLeftButton Up/Down Button Click Toolkit Tap Event

11 Double Tap Behaviors/Actions Toggles Zoom In/Out Usage Toolkit DoubleTap Event

12 Touch and Hold Behaviors/Actions Displaying Context Menus Displaying Options Pages Resetting Objects Usage Toolkit Hold Event Custom Timer – Touch FrameReported – MouseLeftButton Up/Down

13 Pan Behaviors/Actions Moving content through direct manipulation – Object should follow your finger – Object should snap back to closest state Moving or reordering items a specific item – Object should drop into place when the finger is lifted Usage Thumb DragDelta ManipulationDelta Translate Touch FrameReported TouchPoint.Position Toolkit DragDelta VisualStateManager FluidMove Behaviors

14 Flick Behaviors/Actions Change Pages Move Content to another Area A flick can follow a pan gesture. Flick moves the whole canvas, but developers can specify individual objects to be moved instead. Usage ScrollViewer, ListBox, Panorama, Pivot ManipulationDelta Delta Translate Toolkit Flick Toolkit PageTransition VisualStateManager

15 Pinch and Stretch Behaviors/Actions Two finger gesture – Pinch – Fingers closer together – Stretch – Fingers further apart – Twist – Changing directionality Continuous Zoom – Zoom centers between two fingers Rotate Usage ManipulationDelta Scale – No Rotate Toolkit Pinch

16 Where are you touching me? Built In Controls Toolkit GestureListener Manipulation Events Touch. FrameReported

17 Resources UI Interaction PDF – Main Source – Silverlight Toolkit – Windows Phone Gesture Listener MultiTouchVista – Multi Mouse Emulator – MultiTouch Manipulation –

18 Windows Phone Marketplace: WordSwipe

19 Thank You Ben Dewey Tallan, Inc. Twitter @bendewey

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