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Advanced Inventory Management Presenter: George Jackson.

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1 Advanced Inventory Management Presenter: George Jackson

2 Agenda  Top 3 Support Questions  Receiving and Adjusting Parts  Reorder Report and Linking to Procurement  Inventory Count (GL adjusting entry)  Inventory Uploads  Scanning Parts  Inventory Report Generator

3 Top 3 Support Questions 1.When I count my inventory, why do I have a large variance? 2.Why are some of my average cost prices wrong? 3.What do I do when I cant count my inventory right away?

4 Receiving and Adjusting Parts  Receive against a P.O.  Transfer from Warehouse to Warehouse  Display only items with Quantity Outstanding

5 Reorder Report and Link to Procurement  Depreciation Method  Which Equipment  Update To GL or Preview

6 Inventory Count  Inventory Snapshot  Print Count Sheets  Enter Inventory Count  Valuation and Update

7 Inventory Uploads  Price/Cost Update  Upload Charge Parts  Price Update Services  Supplier Cost Upload

8 Scanning Parts  Receive Parts against a PO  Transfer Parts from one Warehouse to another  Charge Parts to Jobs and Work Orders

9 Inventory Report Generator  Warehouse Report  Category Report  Transaction Log Report

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