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ABM 2009 NEW FEATURES. Windows can be customised The System Administrator is now able to customise window contents to make ABM a closer match to the needs.

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2 Windows can be customised The System Administrator is now able to customise window contents to make ABM a closer match to the needs and terminology of the user. Starting with the standard form…..

3 Windows can be customised The System Administrator can hold down the Control button and drag any window control to another position.

4 Windows can be customised Still holding down the Control button, the System Administrator can right click a window control to obtain a customisation menu.

5 Windows can be customised With this menu, window controls can be hidden, disabled or have their text captions changed. If you have long wanted to translate ABM into Italian then your time has come!

6 Windows can be customised – An Example Suppose your user wants to save a keystroke in sales by skipping the description. Don’t move the controls around. Just disable the description or remove it from the tab order.

7 Windows can be customised The customisation menu lets you control who gets the changes and gives you the means to restore the window to standard.


9 Branch Accounting and Reporting Within each company, a hierarchal branch structure can be created which caters for head office, area managers and branches

10 Branch Accounting and Reporting The staff allocated to each branch are specified within that branch. Locations specified in the user list in previous versions will be applied automatically to the new Branches.

11 Branch Accounting and Reporting For each branch, rules can be specified to control what the staff of that branch see in displays and reports.


13 Project Costing This feature adds a new dimension to the ledger. It allows the user to set up a list of project titles and to allocate ledger transactions to those projects.

14 Project Costing The costs associated with each project can be sent to Excel for analysis.

15 Project Costing During transaction entry, projects can be selected from a list. Ledger reports can then be filtered by project.


17 User Defined Document Emails Customised messages can be selected for different forms and can be used to promote specials, etc.

18 User Defined Document Emails An editor is provided for the user to create context sensitive emails to go out with attached documents. Any number can be saved and reused at will.

19 User defined messages for statements Users can insert a message into statements Statements can be sent with user defined subject and text in the email – same as orders and invoices


21 CashFlow Forecasting Each ledger account can be excluded from the cash flow forecast or can be included on the basis that payments are made at a specified frequency.

22 CashFlow Forecasting - Wizard In its first step, the cashflow wizard checks that all contributing accounts are present and correct.

23 CashFlow Forecasting - Wizard In the second step, the wizard requires that the assumptions on which the cashflow projection is based are entered or calculated from the accounts.

24 CashFlow Forecasting The cashflow forecast is then produced in Excel.


26 More Customer Information You can now see, at a glance, the customer’s last payment and when the account was opened.

27 Customer Sales Statistics You can now see a sales and gross profit comparison between this year and last year for each customer. These can be exported, shown in list columns or included in Snapshot reports.

28 Supplier Purchase Statistics You can now see a comparison of the value of purchases between this year and last year for each supplier. These can be exported, shown in list columns or included in Snapshot reports.

29 Inventory Sales Statistics You can now see a sales and gross profit comparison between this year and last year for each product. These can be exported, shown in list columns or included in Snapshot reports.

30 Inventory Sales Statistics The product sales graph has been extended to optionally show the ex. tax sales value and the gross profit.


32 Reserved Stock – Standard Feature In Tools/Options, there is a new option to reserve products for customers and jobs from stock or from purchase orders not yet delivered.

33 Reserved Stock When processing a sale, the user can reserve products for the customer and allocate them to the stock in any location (that the user has access to) and/or purchase order.

34 Reserved Stock They then show in the product viewer in the stock status

35 Reserved Stock And in each location.

36 Reserved Stock Within the product viewer, the user can review the reservations for that product and add, adjust or delete the allocations.

37 Bulk Product Deletion In the Actions menu, there is now an option to automatically remove irrelevant or superseded products based user specified criteria.


39 Additional Supplier Data To allow easier reordering, ABM now stores a minimum order quantity for each supplier. Users can also pick the unit of measure in which the product is purchased and specify the pricing for that unit.

40 Reorder Wizard – New Feature The wizard provides a quick way of identifying products which need reordering, suggests the quantities to be ordered and automatically creates the purchase requisitions or orders.

41 Wizard Settings - Reorder Wizard The settings button can be used to select the method to be used in estimating future stock levels and for suggesting the quantities to be ordered. The user can also select the criteria used to display the results:

42 Reorder Wizard The second step of the wizard lets the user select a criteria for listing the products.

43 Reorder Wizard In step 3, the user uses the colour coding to review what needs ordering and can make manual adjustments to the quantities. The list can be sorted, rearranged and resized at will.

44 Reorder Wizard Finally, the purchase requisitions or orders are automatically processed and are optionally printed. They can also be sent to an Excel spreadsheet for review and approval and the modified spreadsheet can later be re- imported back into the wizard for processing.

45 Suggest Purchase Order Enhanced In the purchasing Suggest Order facility, the columns are now sortable and a range of useful settings options have been added.


47 Mail Manager – Part of future module ABM 2009 has e-mail merge facilities allowing context sensitive e-mails to be sent out in bulk. Users can create mailing lists for each mailout.

48 Mail Manager Each mailing list can be created automatically according to user selected criteria. These include queries developed by their channel partners.

49 Communications Management The new e-mail editor can be used to produce the context sensitive e- mails which ABM can then send using the mail merge facility.


51 Data from External Applications External applications which create data tables in the ABM database can have their data show in the ABM product, customer, supplier and job viewers. They populate a new table with their field names and descriptions.

52 Easy Display of Data from External Applications The external data then appears in an extra page in the ABM viewers with the normal ABM sorting and column choosing facilities.

53 Third Party Software Plugins More advanced developers can make portions of their programs appear in ABM. This doesn’t just display data but can include operating buttons, etc.


55 Point of Sale – Reprinting Receipts If the paper jams, a reprint of the docket or invoice is just one click away

56 Point of Sale – Barcodes with Weights UPC-A and EAN-13 barcodes are now supported. These are commonly used by butchers, etc. to read the product code and net sale value from the barcode. ABM then uses its stored price to work out the quantity.

57 Point of Sale – Pole Displays ABM now supports pole displays through a serial interface. These will display the product name and extended value of each line item and also the amount tendered and the change.

58 Point of Sale – Sales & Reconciliation Report A spreadsheet report makes end of day reconciliation easy…..

59 Point of Sale – Sales & Reconciliation Report And is backed up by a listing of the day’s transactions.

60 Docket Printing Improvements Docket printers with a USB Windows interface are now supported. The method(s) of payment now prints in the docket There is a new option to show account customer’s outstanding balance and customer name on the printed docket. And a new option to show product codes on the docket.

61 Other Point of Sale Improvements Sales now cannot be cancelled by accident. Confirmation is now needed. To ensure that records are properly completed, it is now not possible to cash up or shut down until suspended sales have been resumed or cancelled. The user’s password is now needed to open the cash drawer to stop passers by stealing the cash. Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) in Australia is now supported. Customers and products can now be added or viewed without having to purchase another ABM user licence. ABM can be started on the same workstation with the same user login.


63 Business Today Extra optional panels will be provided. What would you like to see? ? ?

64 Find Anything The Advanced Find will now locate the text you enter in any field of any customer, supplier, product, job, ledger account or contact.

65 Find Serial and Lot Numbers The Advanced Find will also locate any serial or lot number you specify in any product.

66 Adjusting Receipt and Payment Allocations If an operator fails to allocate receipts or payments correctly, a new button in the viewer allows the allocations to be made or changed later.

67 New Reports A combined Reconciliation Report which matches the four subsidiary ledgers customers, suppliers, products and jobs, to their control accounts. A new Sales Analysis report showing invoice totals only. The product transfer list now shows serial/lot numbers Two new reports to summarise and detail transactions allocated to projects for Project Costing Updated cashbook and ledger transaction history reports to display projects

68 Sales Improvements To prevent the duplicate entry of sales, ABM now warns if the customer’s purchase order number has already been entered. When crediting a sales invoice, ABM now avoids delays by listing only outstanding invoices. There is an option to show all invoices if you wish. When entering sales, the customer’s code and name remain in the caption bar for easy recognition. Delivery dates on all line items of an order can be changed in one step; you no longer have to change each line. It is now possible to batch print project invoices and credits and proforma invoices. Serial tracked kit components will now be tracked correctly when the kit is sold, assembled or disassembled.

69 Other Improvements The Actions menu is now context sensitive. In other words, the options shown in the Actions menu change according to the module in use. In the purchasing page of the product viewer, net costs after discounts are now shown for easy price comparison. Transfers to/from foreign bank accounts now allow the conversion to be specified. Indexes have been added to speed up transaction processing and document printing. Customer and supplier names are extended to 50 characters to eliminate the need for truncation. Customer and supplier transaction lists remember how they were displayed last time; outstanding items or all.

70 More Improvements When viewing the cashbook listing, you can now use the column chooser to show the bank statement on which each transaction was presented. ABM now supports large Windows fonts. Users with high resolution screens, who may be uncomfortable with small fonts, now have options. When exporting budgets to Excel, the title is now shown in the heading. ABM can now import the Excel xlsx format in Office 2007. Users can now not select the wrong control path if they lose their network drive mapping.

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