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St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Vestry Adult Forum Midyear Update 8 June 2014.

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1 St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Vestry Adult Forum Midyear Update 8 June 2014

2 The Big Picture Bill Montgomery Achievements –Vestry retreat in January gave us clear direction (“Spaces, Stakes, Story”) –Building program complete! Thanks to Tony Poole, Tommy Avent –Joseph: 84 youth on stage, 3-4 backstage –Easter, Shrine Mont –Ann on sabbatical, Howard as interim assistant Current efforts –Learning to use “Space” – play, chapel, forum, coffee hour, etc. –Leadership and staffing requirements going forward (“Stakes”) –Communications, church management software, and website (“Story”) –Stewardship campaign getting underway now for 2015 budget Challenges/Way ahead –Bishop Gulick visit 29 Jun – confirmation, blessing of spaces –South. Africa mission trip July-August –Reaching out to the community –Maintain fiscal strength 2 “Sent out to serve” “Called together, transformed…”

3 “Stakes” Diane Hazzard Achievements –Assessment of structure of Building and Grounds Committee –Resource Planning Task Force established Current efforts –RPTF Reviewed history, discussed current capabilities –Brainstormed desired programs or growth –Assessed gaps and shortfalls –Benchmarking with other comparable churches in the area –Inviting input from parishioners –Consider priorities and distribution of effort Challenges/Way ahead –Evaluate alternatives: clergy, staff, lay volunteers, outsource –Budgetary impact of a “full” staffing plan 3 RPTF members: Jay Harris, Co-Chair, Lisa Lettau, Clive Lowe, Bill Montgomery, Rich Snyder

4 Communications – “Story” Doug Bream, Luke Knittig Achievements –Major research into competing software systems –Narrowed the field to 3, conducted all-day evaluation with parishioners –Evaluated final two for architecture, security, features, interface –Recommended Church Community Builder plus WordPress for website Current efforts –Contract discussions with CCB –Gen-to-Gen to fund first 3 years of support Challenges/Way ahead –Implementation in fall –Training and familiarization for staff, clergy, volunteers –Defining our message and where we want to be in the community 4 Members: Laura Crouch, Nikol Destatte, Rob Gibson, Lyle Kimbrell, Bruce Jolly, Lynne O'Connor, Katie Shrader, Jenny Sokol, Larry Suiters

5 Building and Grounds – “Spaces” Kevin Ginnerty, Trey DeGross Achievements –Outsourced mowing and leaf removal to Rick Peel –Significant rectory repairs and drainage improvements –Completed window replacements –Entrance signs repaired and remounted Current efforts –Anticipate renting parish hall space – developing policies for who can use –Quantify a menu of costs: setup/takedown, sexton, additional cleaning –Reorganizing: Subcommittees for Building, Grounds, Space, Rectory –Develop and share “easy user guide” for new building systems Challenges/Way ahead –Parking lot being replaced –Need to control utility costs, running well above historic levels –Develop a standard form for reservation of spaces. –Ensure adequate storage space utilization, prevent “erosion” –Ongoing maintenance of building & grounds 5 Members: Allen Barringer, Bettie Joy, John Duran, Jeff Knight, Bob Kuhn, Chris Neumann, Karen Sorenson, Matt Sutko

6 Mission Diane Hazzard Achievements –Reorganized Mission Commission –Love Quilt Project incorporated as a separate entity –On-going feeding missions – SOME, Meals on Wheels –Rebuilding Together –Lily’s Love Quilt published –Home & Garden Tour Current efforts –Final fundraisers for South Africa mission trip today –Sending $37,000 to St. Francis Outreach Trust tomorrow for property/construction of orphan home(s) Challenges/Way ahead –South Africa mission trip and Love Quilt delivery in July-August –Youth mission trips for Gleaning in fall, to Appalachia next summer –Dominican Republic Mission Trip – 2015 –Process for developing new mission efforts 6 Members: Karen Sorenson, Chair; Bill Carr, Karen Mason, Bob Weierbach

7 Fellowship Paddy Link, Kristin Woody Achievements –First event in new Parish Hall 1 March to celebrate building completion –Established year-long coffee hour rotation –Returned to normal events: Pancake supper, Seder Current efforts –Parish picnic following church 29 Jun –Continued orientation on kitchen equipment for parishioners –Summer Fellowship Outings planned, e.g. Nats game Challenges/Way ahead –Developing ways to increase involvement in Commission activities –Designing new programs/activities of interest to parishioners –Need volunteers and new ideas for programs! 7 Members: Vikkey Anderson, Katie Emmons, Carol King, Taffy Griffith, Peggy Horner, Nancy Marin, Meta Phillips, Kathi O’Neill, others

8 Christian Formation Dorcas Lushetsky Achievements –Successful 2013-2014 Sunday School program, concludes today –Fully staffed with rooms assigned for next year –20 trained to teach Godly Play, including 2 high school students –GP age group currently in a “trough” with 6-8 kids most Sundays –Youth program: Godzilla and Bananas going strong with good participation –Adult Forum returned to two offerings per week –Women’s Retreat Current efforts –Considering forming a Youth Committee –14 young people to be confirmed June 29 –Developing a moms' Bible Study to start in fall Challenges/Way ahead –Increased support for youth programs –Considering Lay Theological Institute 8 Members: Rev. Ann Martens, Nikol Destatte, Teresa Mastrangelo, Sara Mulhall, Scott Radloff

9 Finance Bill Montgomery Achievements –2012 audit: 2 “significant” findings (pledges receivable, GAAP compliance) –2014 budgeted $748K pledge income; actually received pledges of $778K –Building project stayed within budget (under $4.7M estimate) –Allowed us to complete parking lot Current efforts –Ahead of schedule in ordinary income (pledge + non-pledge) so far this year –May allow us to fund Maintenance Reserve by $20K –Some additional building requirements, software, security, etc. –2013 audit beginning Challenges/Way ahead –Loan servicing will total $82K in 2015 operating budget (¼ included in 2014) –Additional staff might cost $90K/year –Need to address structural deficits in budget –Growth over next two years to support additional staff 9 Members: Eric Schweikert, Chair; Don Campbell, Treasurer-Building Fund; Ann Ferraguto, Treasurer; Roger von Elm, Lisa Lettau, Jack Schick, Karen Sorenson, Bob Weierbach

10 Finance (cont’d) Bill Montgomery Notes –$3M was the original estimate before design phase began –$4.7M was the estimate after design and value engineering –Able to restore almost all VE items in execution 10 2013($M) Pledged 3.00 Expense (est) 4.70 Loan required 1.70 Loan approved 1.90 2014($M) Pledged 3.05 Received 2.65 Outstanding 0.40 Non-pledge 0.58 Total Income 3.63 Expense 4.65 Loan required 1.02 Pledge risk 0.20 Parking lot 0.23 Total loan 1.45 Building fund loan

11 Stewardship Patti Collins, Angela Styles Achievements –Committee has been formed –Good brief/handoff from Jonathan, who will provide continuity –Decision to start the Stewardship Campaign earlier Current efforts –Evaluating budget target for next year – estimating about $900K-$1M –Preparing materials to educate new parishioners about pledging –Developing materials for the fall –Investigating ways to pay on-line Challenges/Way ahead –Getting campaign prepared and underway before September –Need for increase in budget 11 Members: Blair Fernau, Catharine Gibson, Diane Hazzard, Lisa Lettau, Kristen Oliver, Jonathan Sullivan

12 Summary Bill Montgomery Achievements –Many and varied –Vestry is making progress on our three priorities –Finances sound for now Current efforts –Planning for the summer and where we need to be in September –Completing some unfunded needs Challenges/Way ahead –Managing the new facilities and programs –Encourage lay participation and leadership –Strong Stewardship campaign focused on growth 12 Optimistic about moving forward, focused on our mission statement

13 Questions Let us know your concerns

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