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W RITERS ’ R ESOURCES AT THE L IBRARY Prepared for the West Side Writers June 19, 2010 Susan E. Cozzens, Popular Materials Manager.

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1 W RITERS ’ R ESOURCES AT THE L IBRARY Prepared for the West Side Writers June 19, 2010 Susan E. Cozzens, Popular Materials Manager

2 T HE 800’ S : Just Do It! “Book in a Month: the fool-proof system for writing a novel in 30 days’ by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D 808.3 S 354 b 2008 12/08 A practical step-by-step guide, Book in a Month will lead writers through a proven 30-day novel-writing system in a balanced, fun, and supportive way.

3 J UST D O I T ! “Write is a Verb: Sit Down, Start Writing, No Excuses” by Bill O’Hanlon 808.02 O362007 6/08 - includes hour-long workshop on DVD that includes the best bits of Bill’s weeklong boot camp for writers “Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need to get Published Now” with a foreword from Maya Angelou, Sam Barry and Kathi Kamen Goldmark, 808.02 B281W 20201 5/10 "Includes original insight from Stephen King, Amy Tan, Dave Barry, Scott Turow, Andrew Sean Greer, Meg Waite Clayton-- and a whole bunch more."

4 G ETTING CREATIVE – 153.35 “Make Your Creative Dreams Real: a plan for procrastinators, perfectionists, busy people, avoiders, and people who would really rather sleep all day by Sark 153.35 S245m 2004 10/15 Publishers Weekly Review For those of us who pass our days in a meaningless miasma of obligations and responsibility, SARK's upbeat 12-step prescription for "making creative dreams" come true may be just the ticket. Designing the book herself, SARK (short for Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, author of Succulent Wild Woman) applies function to form with big and small font sizes, wild and wavy typesetting, drawings scattered liberally throughout, various exercises, Mad Lib-like blanks to fill in ("choose a micromovement and write it here_____") and three 16-page full-color inserts (not seen by PW). In case you doubt SARK's enthusiasm for her version of the creative life, she includes testimonials ranging from "John, Teacher" to "Val, Expressive Arts Therapist." …

5 N UTS AND BOLTS OF WRITING “Craft & Business of Writing: Essential Tools for Writing Success” by the Editors of Writers’ Digest Books 808.02 C885 2008 10/08 “Master your craft, sell you work.” Offers insights into every genre and facet of the publishing industry – essential all-in-one reference includes everything you need to start and maintain your writing career

6 N UTS AND B OLTS OF WRITING “Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules of Writing” by Elmore Leonard 808.02 L881e 2007 2/08 Library Journal Review Concise. Ten rules. Each shorter than this summary. Originally appeared in the New York Times in 2001. Slim, but for writers not into reading, it may be the perfect pick. The illustrations (almost caricatures) by Joe Ciardiello add pages but little else. Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information

7 N UTS AND BOLTS OF WRITING “On Writing Well: the Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction ” by William Zinsser 808.042 Z78o 1998 A guide to writing that is well presented and readable …a love and respect for the language is evident on every page

8 N UTS AND B OLTS OF W RITING “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White 808.042 S927e 2000 A classic book on simplifying your writing. “Spunk & Bite: A Writer’s Guide to Punchier, More engaging Language & Style” by Arthur Plotnik Booklist Review Plotnik, author of the well-respected Elements of Editing0 (1982), takes on the venerable duo of Strunk and White in this peppery guide to vibrant writing. Implying that Strunk and White's revered Elements of Style0 might be a little stodgy in its prescriptive approach to language, Plotnik advocates that writers judiciously bend the rules, "drawing on all levels of language to animate expression." To that end, he devotes 31 chapters to detailed analyses of the factors that make language sing.

9 J UST DO I T ! “The Weekend Novelist” by Robert J. Ray 808.3 R264W 1994 4/94 Library Journal Review Ray, the author of seven mystery novels including Bloody Murdock, LJ 7/86, and The Hitman Cometh, LJ 2/1/88, offers potential writers an opportunity to craft a novel over a year by following 52 weekend work sessions. During weekends one through 14, readers are instructed in the basics of character, scene, and plot. The remaining weekends focus on the classic Aristotelian three-act dramatic structure of the novel. Each weekend assignment includes guidelines and examples from well-known writers' works (especially Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist ), plus exercises and ``Learning from Other Writers'' tips to practice during the week. A brief appendix includes a section on finding a publisher; a glossary, and a bibliography. This reviewer cannot vouch for the effectiveness of this book without actively working through its lessons, but many readers may find it worth pursuing.-- Cathy Sabol, Northern Virginia Comm. Coll., Manassas From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information

10 J UST D O I T ! “The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel” by Robert J. Ray 808.3 R264WR 2010 2/10 Whether you’re an amateur novelist, a seasoned writer who’s hit a mental block or a creative writing teacher looking for proven exercises for better instruction, this book provides the tools to transform first drafts into successful novels.

11 G ETTING C REATIVE “Take Ten for Writers: 1000 Inspiring Exercises” by Bonnie Neubauer 808.942 N477T, 2009 12/09 Each of the 100 exercises in this jam-packed inspirational resource comes with 10 different variables, so every exercise can be done 10 unique ways with 10 very different results.

12 G ETTING C REATIVE “The Spark Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives within Us All” by Lyn Heward and John U. Bacon 153.35 H597s 2006 4/06 Publishers Weekly Review “For anyone who has ever marveled at the creativity, athleticism and magic of Cirque du Soleil, this book is a jewel that explores the showmanship, challenges and philosophies that have made Cirque an international sensation. Using a fictional narrative, Heward (former president and COO of Cirque's creative content division) and journalist Bacon follow a sports agent named Frank as he seeks the drive and enthusiasm that have faded from his career. Through a chance encounter while in Las Vegas, Frank sees a Cirque du Soleil performance and is enchanted. Before long Frank takes a leave of absence from his job and starts training with Cirque athletes in Montreal while giving the reader a behind-the-scenes look at how the Cirque sensation is created and the underlying philosophy. He gleans lessons on the value of working for a common goal, creating a meaningful experience for customers, using failure as a learning tool and how to reinvent oneself to find life's true path. While the scenarios that Frank encounters often seem too convenient, the book is captivating and offers important lessons that can be applied to many aspects of modern life. (Apr.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information “

13 T IME MANAGEMENT “Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids” by Christina Katz 808.02 K19w 2007 4/07 “As a mom, you want so spend as much time with your children as possible. But You’d also like to make some money doing something you enjoy. How do you get the best of both worlds?”

14 T OOLS OF THE TRADE – T IME SENSITIVE “Writer’s Market 2010,” 89 th annual edition 808.025 W956 2010 12/09 “Poet’s Market 2010,” 23 rd annual edition 808.025 P745 2010 12/09 Guide to Literary Agents 2010,” 19 th annual edition 070.52 G688 12/09 “Screenwriter’s & Playwright’s Market,” 2 nd annual edition 808.23 S433 2010 12/09

15 T OOLS OF THE T RADE – T IME S ENSITIVE “Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market,” 29 th annual edition 808.3 G297N 2010 12/09

16 B IOGRAPHIES, ESSAYS AND MEMOIRS “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life” by Annie Lamott 808.02L235b 1994 “Literary Life: A Second Memoir” by Larry McMurtry 813.5409 M186L 2009 12/09 “On Writing” by Stephen King Bio King, Stephen 11/00 “Page Fright: Foibles and Fetishes of Famous Writers” by Harry Bruce 808.02 B88P 2009 12/09 “The Writing Life” by Annie Dillard 818.54 D578w 1990 10/06

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