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EVVE: The South Dakota Experience Kathi Mueller, MS South Dakota.

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1 EVVE: The South Dakota Experience Kathi Mueller, MS South Dakota

2 The Birth of EVVE in SD Found out that we were expecting EVVE in the Spring of 2005. South Dakota had a statewide database currently used to issue birth records. Made startup easy. To Prepare…. –Met with NAPHSIS and SMS via telephone to discuss the EVVE project, tasks and timelines –Met with web system support staff to determine what requirements needed to be met to participate in EVVE. –Purchased an SSL Certificate. –Identified a Server. –Established a Domain Name. –Set up a test and production hub. –EVRSS IT support staff established a view to our SQL database.

3 The Birth of EVVE in SD Birth Day –Ezra from SMS came to South Dakota. His lucky day –He showed up in my office and we talked through what he would do while he was in SD. –I transported him to our IT contact. –Later that day, he called to let me know the install was successful. 6 hours onsite. South Dakota gave birth to EVVE in July 27, 2005.

4 Taking EVVE Home When we first took EVVE home, the Vital Records Supervisor spent an initial period doing no match analysis. No Match Analysis found the following –Suffixes in the last name field. –Records issued prior to the establishment of statewide database. Inconsistent Spacing Native American Names were a challenge.

5 Daily Feedings South Dakota has consistently had high match rates. Due to high rates of matches, we spent less than 1 hour a month doing no match analysis. Vital Records Supervisor would provide monthly match rates as part of his monthly report.

6 Considering a Sibling?!? In late January of 2006, the news arrived that Medicaid would need to certify citizenship. SD met with Economic Assistance to hash out a plan. Approached NAPHSIS with using EVVE for Medicaid. NAPHSIS was not ready to move forward. Moved forward with developing an in-house program.

7 Considering a Sibling?!? As the process to develop a match process in house was moving slower than molasses, NAPHSIS began to move on EVVE. NAPHSIS decided to move forward with a web based system. Development of the in-house system and the NAPHSIS Web based system were happening at the same time. In house development finished first and they deployed the system in late November.

8 Considering a Sibling!?! In house system was cumbersome because Medicaid works off of a mainframe system. Dynamic searches were difficult. –Match rate around 30%. SD Medicaid agreed to deploy EVVE-ui (web based EVVE user interface) in February as a pilot in two offices and process any rejects from the in house system and out of state requests. Medicaid would like to deploy it to all their users, but as the sole Medicaid agency, the transaction and hub fees are too cost prohibitive. Need more Medicaid agencies!!!

9 How do the Systems Compare? The In-house System (Serious Child) is much more challenging to use. –No system feedback –Difficult to use dynamically –Low Match Rate –No transaction or hub fees Medicaid (Creative Child) likes EVVE better –System provides feedback, increasing the chance for a match –Easier to use –Has access to out of State Records

10 Behavior Changes In order to improve match rates, we the parent’s had to make some data changes and the our children had to modify their behavior as well –Parent Efforts Completed a project to clean up where possible all records without a SFN. Completed a project to remove the Jr and Sr from the last name field and place it in the Suffix field. Completed a project to update dates of birth that were missing or implausible values.

11 Behavior Changes Child’s Behavior Changes – Teaching them the tricks of the data –Native American Names are a challenge in Certifications. Tendency to go by a shorter version of the formal name assigned a birth. Spacing. –Suggested Change only one value at a time. –Jr, Sr –*


13 Daily Grind Unlike a child, EVVE does not require daily attention. –The system rarely has down time. –Weekly/Monthly evaluate match rates –During start up spent time analyzing No Match Analysis. –Established No Match Process Medicaid submits a formal request for the record. Driver’s Licensing can call and verify record with a no match.

14 Conclusion South Dakota supports the EVVE concept as an easy way to support the business of the future. Questions???? Kathi Mueller (605) 773-5303

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