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Parent Night 2013 Mrs. Kathi Emling Mrs. Stacy Heins Mrs. Samantha McVey.

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1 Parent Night 2013 Mrs. Kathi Emling Mrs. Stacy Heins Mrs. Samantha McVey

2 Your Child’s Teacher  Your third grader will be traveling from room to room this year. Throughout the year, your child will have all three teachers for math and reading.  Samantha McVey  Kathi Emling  Stacy Heins  Para Educators

3 Curriculum  Common Core – Math, Reading, and Science  Houghton Mifflin – Social Studies  Saxon Phonics  Spelling  Six Trait Writing  Technology – We have MANY excellent technology resources. Including: Moby Max, Study Island, Promethean Boards, IPADS (Including two that were funded by last years parents on Donor’s Choose)

4 Behavior Model  We are trying a new positive behavior model this year. It will consist of a rainbow chart with clips, where students move their clip up for displaying good choices. Students may need to move their clip down on the chart if they make a poor choice.

5 Communication  Communication is a key to a positive environment. We cannot stress this enough. We are more than happy to visit with you about any concerns you may have.  If you have a concern, please first call your child’s homeroom teacher. We work well as a team, and work hard to ensure all students have a productive learning environment all year long.  We welcome you to drop by at any time. Feel free to come watch, read with students, or eat lunch. Please remember to drop by the office first to get a badge.

6 MTSS  MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support)  This time allows teachers to work in small groups with students needing extra practice in math and reading.  This will be 30 minutes for math in the morning, and 30 minutes of reading in the afternoon.  If your child does not need extra practice on the skill being reviewed that week, they will be working with a para educator on enrichment activities.

7 Homework  Students will be given a reading grade for nightly reading. Each student is expected to read for 20 minutes each night and fill in the reading log.

8 Homework Continued…  Students will also need to practice math facts each night.  Math homework will be assigned on Tuesday and due on Thursday.  Current events will be assigned instead of book reports this year. Current events will be given a social studies/oral speaking grade. Students will be asked to present one current event per month.

9 3 rd grade is a BIG year  New this year: common core math and reading, cursive handwriting, chapter books, multiplication, division, fractions, letter grades, State Assessments, and MAP testing.  Your child will be exposed to a variety of new academics this year. It is a big change from primary activities.  While we are very willing to help the students. The new push with common core is out of the box thinking. We will be trying to push the students to do the “thinking” on their own.

10 Thank you for coming! We are looking forward to a fabulous year with you and your child.

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