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Welcome To My Class Kathi Reed Revised 2013-2014.

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1 Welcome To My Class Kathi Reed Revised 2013-2014

2 Who Is My Teacher? Teacher since 1980 in Math/Bus Admin B.S. from Cumberland, M.A. from Murray, Rank I & Ed.S (in progress) from Austin Peay Four children, HHS graduates Hobbies include graphics design, hiking, reading, singing, swimming, quilting & cross-stitching

3 What Is Expected of Me? Good Attendance!! Bring book/supplies! Taking good notes! Asking questions! Doing assignments! Good behavior!

4 How Do I Complete Assignments? All assignments will use proper heading. All assignments will be done in a neat, organized manner with answers clearly marked. Assignments will be completed and submitted on time.

5 What Is A Proper Heading? Name (first & last) Date Period Page & Assignment This will be placed in upper right corner of each assignment. Name will be on all extra pages & pages stapled together.

6 Oops! I Forgot My Homework! Stay after school and complete homework. (This is mandatory, and will become a discipline action for non- compliance.) Never copy from another student as this results in a grade of “0” for both.

7 What Is My Notebook For? Keeping notes on classroom lessons (including vocabulary lists) & handouts. Organizing completed assignments and assessments. Organizing classroom projects/reflections. Keeping track of course grades.

8 Keeping Informed About Class Follow @PiFactory314 on Twitter Sign-up for Facebook ThePiFactory Subscribe to Remind101 (See me.) Check grades on Infinite Campus (Download the app – The District ID is PCCLHS)

9 What Behavior Is Expected? Bring book, notebook, & all supplies to class each day. Be in seat with notebook open ready to take class notes when tardy tone sounds. Be courteous and cooperative with both teacher(s) & classmates. Put cell phone away. Listen attentively & stay on task. Respect the property and space of others.

10 What If I Don’t Follow Rules? Warning and/or change of seating. Parental Contact Assignment of Dirty Dozen (paragraph to copy a dozen times) Assignment of Detention (30 minutes) Office Referral for insubordination (This may occur at any time to prevent unnecessary class disruption.)

11 What Is The Dirty Dozen? There are several characteristics of a good learning environment. One of these is a classroom where all individuals are cooperative with each other. Often it is necessary to cooperate by not talking during certain periods of the class. When the teacher requires that we be silent, it is imperative that I acknowledge her request. Obviously up to this point I have neglected to fulfill my responsibility in this learning environment, thus, I am writing to remind myself of my shortcoming and hopefully to correct this inappropriate behavior.

12 What If I Am Absent? Be sure to bring parent, doctor, court note to attendance office before school. Get notes and assignment(s) for day(s) missed from classmate or my web page. Assignments and tests scheduled for first day missed, must be taken or rescheduled on first day back in class.

13 What If I Am Tardy To Class? If the tardy is “excused”, bring a note immediately from the teacher or administrator who caused you to be late to class. Notes may be verified. You will not be allowed to go back to get a note. If you do not bring a note, your tardy will be unexcused. (Unexcused tardies may result in detention/Friday School, ICE.)

14 What If I Need To Leave Class? Instructional time is very important. You will not be allowed to leave the classroom to retrieve items from your locker, so please bring books/supplies to class every day. Forgetting to bring an item could result in detention, a grade of 0, or an additional assignment. Bathroom passes are restricted to one per month, so use them wisely.

15 What About Food/Drinks? Food is NOT allowed in the classroom for any reason and will result in Dirty Dozen. ONLY bottles/sippers filled with WATER are allowed in the classroom, but must not be placed near computers. Gum is allowed UNTIL it is disposed of improperly. If that occurs, there will be no further gum-chewing allowed.

16 What If I Need Extra Help? Make a request to stop by before/after school for additional help. Whatever you do, don’t quit.

17 Hope You Have An Excellent Year!!! Be sure to ask questions on any topics that you’re unsure about. The only “dumb” question is the one that you don’t ask!!!

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