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Stillwater High School Social Studies Department.

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1 Stillwater High School Social Studies Department

2 We Offer….

3 Required Social Studies Courses…. Government & Oklahoma History World History or AP World History American History or AP American History

4 What are “AP” Classes? AP stands for Advanced Placement The main goal of an AP class is to prepare you to take a national, standardized test given in May (but you don’t have to!)

5 AP tests are scored on a scale of 1 to 5 Most colleges will give you either college credit or college placement if you score at least a 3 on the exam

6 Why take an AP class? You can bring up your weighted GPA You can take a college-level class in high school You can earn college credit You can save hundreds of dollars

7 Why not just take the course at OSU in concurrent enrollment? You will most likely be in smaller classes at SHS You will get more help and one on one attention You can take other courses at OSU that are not offered at SHS

8 Government & Oklahoma History

9 World History

10 AP World History

11 Advanced Placement-World History In the last four years 86 students have taken the AP World History Exam 78 (91%) have earned a 3 or higher 31% have made a 5

12 American History

13 AP American History

14 Advanced Placement-American History In the last nine years…. –264 students have taken the AP U.S. History Exam –198 (75%) have received a 3 or higher

15 Elective Social Studies Courses… CriminologySociology International Affairs

16 Sociology, Criminology

17 What do we do in Criminology? We study… How do we protect ourselves against crime? Does the death penalty discourage violent crimes?

18 What is cyberspace bullying? What are some of the most famous crime cases in history?

19 What do we do in Sociology? We study… Music, Trends, Fashions, & Fads –Why do you like the music you like? –Who decides what is popular? –Did you know that Elvis was once considered a deviant?

20 What is a “Bobby Soxer”? Who invented the term “rock & roll”?

21 What do we do in Psychology? We study… Why do teenagers need so much sleep…9.25 hours? –We conduct surveys and interviews to find out! What are the personality traits that make you so unique? –We study famous people to discover what personality traits made them extraordinary.

22 What do we do in AP Psychology? We study… Does our DNA determine what foods we prefer? Does playing a musical instrument make us better at solving mathematical equations?

23 Do we have a “hidden brain” that thinks for us? Does time really “fly” when we’re having fun?

24 AP Human Geography Since the course was first offered in 2003, 97% of SHS students taking the exam have received a 3 or higher.

25 What do we do in Human Geography? We study how and why humans arrange, occupy and use space the way we do across the world.

26 We study… Populations & Disease LanguagesReligion

27 Ethnicity & Race Political Geography Folk & Popular Culture

28 Agriculture & Rural Land Use Cities & Urban Land Use Economics & Development

29 You need AP Human Geography if you think… The International Date Line is a program on television… Population Pyramids house Egyptian mummies…

30 The Dust Bowl is the site of a football game… The Dust Bowl is the site of a football game… Spatial Diffusion is a contagious disease…

31 U.S. History EOI Results Total Numbers of Students Taking Exam All Numbers based on FAY except Spring 07

32 Percentage of Students Receiving a Satisfactory Score All Numbers based on FAY except Spring 07

33 Curriculum Mapping We are currently mapping U.S. History, World History, and Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology. We have begun collaboration with the Junior High and Middle School Social Studies Departments.

34 However….. We are more than the social studies courses we teach…..

35 We Are… Coaches

36 Sponsors… International Club

37 History Club

38 Senior Class

39 Indian Student Association

40 Ballroom Dance Club


42 Our goal… To encourage students to become lifelong learners In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. Eric Hoffer

43 Special thanks to Sue Ann Hoffman and Kathi Hromas for their patience and assistance in making this presentation!

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