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E.E. Cummings By: Suzette Cedeno le/view/EE_Cummings.jpg/4982 8267/EE_Cummings.jpg.

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1 E.E. Cummings By: Suzette Cedeno le/view/EE_Cummings.jpg/4982 8267/EE_Cummings.jpg

2 Childhood Born: October 14 th, 1894 in Cambridge Massachusetts. When he was 8 years old to 22 years old he wrote 1 poem daily. He drew, wrote poems and played with other children in his neighborhood. Free Hand drawing became a habit and he did it throughout his life. Company of his parents friends William James and Josiah Royce who were both philosophers. 2008/04/eecummings.jpg

3 Birthplace Map - 8&hq=&hnear=Cambridge,+MA&gl=us&ei=XwKPS8nZNpCYtgegq9CkCw&ved=0 CAgQ8gEwAA&oi=slow

4 Childhood His father purchased a farm called Joy Farm in New Hampshire where he enjoyed - cutting wood - long walks - riding his bicycle Showed no interests in sports, but he enjoyed rowing. mings/viewofjoyfm.jpg

5 Family His father was Edward Cummings -Sociology professor in Harvard University - Unitarian clergy man His Mother was Rebbeca Cummings - spend time with children - introduced poetry to Cummings Sister Elizabeth Cummings

6 Adolescence He was taken out of private school and was placed in Agassiz school. He showed his gift of memorizing poems by Emerson and Longfellow. His interests in high school were History and Language Arts, but he was uninterested in Philosophy and Logic. Around his parents he was well behaved and obedient, but at school he showed his rebellious side.

7 Education He graduated Magna Cum Laude and in 1915 (when he earned his B.A.). He gave a speech about the New Art of Matisse, Duchamp Stravinsky, and Gertrude Stein. Most of his time was spent in Harvard Poetry Society where he heard of Amy Lowell and Robert Frost. During this time, Imagist poets Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, and Hild Doolittle were writing brief poems that conveyed images and free verse. They claimed that meter, rhyming, and other traditional writing outdated.

8 Education Graduated from Harvard - In 1915 and received his Bachelors of Arts Degree - In 1916 earned his Masters of Arts Degree. - He majored in Classics and English. eecummings2.jpg

9 Poetry Inspired by Pound’s poem the Return he began to experiment with spacing and typography. Later on his signature became: - lack of capital letters - creative placing of punctuation - some of his poems didn’t even make sense

10 After Graduating He moved to New York where he got a job writing letters to a publishing company. He quit the job after 3 months. This was the last time he worked. Then worked as an ambulance driver and after he wrote letters back home expressing his feeling towards World War I he was imprisoned. His imprisonment lead to him writing his first book The Enormous Room. mmings/ERoom_lg.gif

11 Occupation E.E. Cummings - Poet - Painter - Novelist -Playwright - Lecturer

12 Poetry and Friends Tulips and Chimneys was his first published book of poems. In 1927, he wrote a autobiographical play called Him. Most of his friends were involved in literature. 2 of his friends Scholfield Thayer and J. Sibley Watson purchased a magazine where his poems and drawings appeared. programs/spotlights/images/tulipschi mneys_000.jpg

13 Marriages Had 3 marriages 1. Elaine Orr (who actually left her husband to be with Cummings) lasted only 6 months. 2. Ann Barton lasted a few years. 3. Marion Morehouse (actress, model photographer) and lasted the remainder of his life. Had a daughter named Nancy in his first marriage. /photos/2007/137/3794_11795230557 2.jpg

14 Awards In 1950 earned Academy of American Poets fellowship. In 1951 &1952 received Guggenheim fellowship. In 1953, he was Charles Eliot Norton Lecturer at Harvard. In 1958, earned Bollingen Prize. In 1959 received a grant from the Ford Foundation.

15 Death Died of cerebral hemorrhage at Joy Farm on September 3 rd, 1962. He was buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston. Later on his wife Marion died in 1969 and was buried along side Cummings. content/uploads/2008/10/eecgrave.jpg

16 Paintings

17 content/uploads/2006/09/notes_carryyourheart.jpg

18 Bio Poem Edward Creative, Unique, Rebellious, Obedient Sibling of Elizabeth Lover of Free Verse Poems Who fears sameness Who needs less work Who gives creativity Who would like to seek the world Resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts Cummings

19 Bibliography C C mings.htm mings.htm e.html Da/Cummings-E-E.html Da/Cummings-E-E.html cummings/defaulte.e._cummings.htm cummings/defaulte.e._cummings.htm http://www25- ml http://www25- ml

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