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Promoting Products Using Interactive and Integrated Marketing Communications.

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1 Promoting Products Using Interactive and Integrated Marketing Communications

2 Change & Promotion Mix  Definition- Promotion inform people  Promotion Mix  Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)  Change  Technology  Build Relationships  Interactivity

3 Factors That Affect The Promotion Mix  Type of Product  Stage in the Product Life Cycle  Target Market Characteristics  Actions of Competitors  Available Funds

4 Objectives of Integrated Marketing  Build Brand Equity  Provide Information  Manage Demand & Build Sales  Differentiate Products  Influence Perceptions, Attitudes, & Buyer Behavior

5 Figure 16.3 Advertising Expenditure by Media $215 million total (1999)

6 Total Direct Advertising Expenditures In billions Source: Source: The Direct Marketing Association

7 1999 $215 billion Advertising Expenditures 1924 $1 billion 1974 $35 billion 1990 $129 billion 1993 $150 billion 2002 $248 billion $448 billion worldwide

8 5. _______________ Advertising Media: 1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. _______________ 4. _______________ 8. _______________ 6. _______________ 7. _______________ Ways and places to advertise Newspapers Television Radio Magazines Outdoor Direct Mail Yellow Pages Internet

9 What might be the best advertising media for: (and where have you seen them?) -A rock concert at an outdoor theater -Sales at the Mall -Products aimed specifically at women -Product aimed specifically at men -A local news show -Long distance telephone service -Credit cards -Computer software -A storage case for CDs and tapes for the car -Classes at CVCC

10 Advertising Today  Persuasive Communication  Infomercials  Internet  Global Advertising

11 Century’s Top Ad Jingles  “You deserve a break today”  “Be all you can be”  “Pepsi-Cola hits the spot”  “Mm Mm good!”  “See the USA in your Chevrolet”  “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener”  “Double your pleasure, double your fun”  “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”  “It’s the real thing”  “A little dab’ll do ya” Source: Source: Advertising Age

12 Favorite Budweiser Advertising Slogans 1899 King of Bottled Beers America’sSocialCompanion 19371943 Food’s Favorite Companion 1947 It lives with good taste everywhere 1953 When you know your beer… it’s bound to be Bud 1971 When you say Budweiser, you’ve said it all 1993 Proud to be your Bud

13 Do Blatantly Sexy Ads Turn You Off? Source: Source: USA Today

14 Amount Spent On... Internet Advertising = $1.92 Billion Outdoor Advertising = $1.58 Billion Source: Source: CIO Web Business, 1/1/1999

15 2002 Amount U.S. Spent On... Internet Advertising $5.74 Billion Outdoor Advertising $2.40 Billion Source: Source:

16 Top Online Advertising Industries Source: Nielsen/NetRating, 2002

17 Future Internet Advertising  Will reach $22 billion in the U.S.  The rest of world will spend $10.8 billion.  $27 billion (10% of all U.S. ad spending) will be siphoned from traditional media  Hardest hit: newspapers and direct mail Source: Source: CIO Web Business, 10/1/1999

18 Steps in Personal Selling Prospect/QualifyProspect/Qualify PreapproachPreapproach ApproachApproach PresentationPresentation ObjectionsObjections CloseClose Follow-upFollow-up

19 Public Relations Steps Listen to the public Change policies and procedures Inform people you are being responsive Publicity +Free (if interesting) +More Effective Than Ads +Believable (as news) - No Control over use - No Repetition likely

20 Sales Promotion  Internal - salespeople  External –outside the company  Sampling – free trials  Word-Of-Mouth  Viral Marketing/Swag  Testimonials  Technology – consumer data collection Stimulating consumers and dealers

21 Tips on Issuing Coupons  Coupons can be used as a “Thank you for buying” or a “Stop and try us.”  The value must be enough to attract customers.  Use coupon promotions sparingly.  Get professional help to get maximum exposure.  Color-code your coupons for different groups that use them.

22 Top Celebrity Endorsers Celebrity Candice Bergen Bill Cosby Kathi Lee Gifford Cindy Crawford Jerry Seinfield Cybil Shepherd Product (s) SprintJell-O Carnival Cruise Lines Revlon, Pepsi American Express L’Oreal

23 Top Sports Endorsers Athlete Michael Jordan Tiger Woods Arnold Palmer Andre Agassi Endorsements $ 47.0 Million $ 24.0 Million $ 16.0 Million $ 14.0 Million Source: Source: Fortune Magazine

24 Promotional Strategies Push Strategy Pull Strategy Promotion Distribution Retail Store Customer Promotion consumers see and buy consumers request

25 Building IMC IMC  Gather Data & Maintain Database  Respond Quickly To Adjust Policies & Procedures  Provide Accessible Information Integrated Marketing Communication

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