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BOLD Compensation Plan

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1 BOLD Compensation Plan
Creating More Millionaires

Volume Based Plan Lifestyle Bonuses (5K – 200K) 9 level unilevel ( ) Rank Advancement Bonuses Accelerated RAB Weekly Power Starts Global Bonus Pools Customer Program Nothing Beats Free I Bonus Pools Trips – Incentives Multiple Streams of Income Dynamic Compression (Infinity) 50% Actuarial Payout 50/50 Partners 20K — $3,000 / $5,000 5K — DRIVE Your Own DREAM Premier — Dream Trip for 2 / $$$ 100K — $10,000 / $25,000 200K — $25,000 / $50,000 500K — $50,000 / $100,000

Sponsor 3 Get Products For FREE With 3 or more customers you qualify for Free Product 3 Juice Customers = FREE Juice 3 Ageless Customers = FREE Ageless 500+ Customer Volume More Product Choices 1000+ Customer Volume Maximizes FREE Products Both Customers AND Distributors can earn NBF Customers and Distributors can earn Free Product. Customer First. Clock doesn’t start for RAB until you become a distributor. Become a Customer First while you are “saddling up” to become a distributor. Sponsor 3 get products for FREE. 3 Customers and 1000 in Customer volume qualifies you for the maximum free product. Then upgrade to a distributor and be a qualified 1K in the I Bonus Pool!

4 ADP REWARDS New Customers and Distributors on ADP
$50 product voucher - After 3 consecutive months on ADP $100 product voucher - After 6 consecutive months on ADP $100 product voucher plus 2 event tickets - After 12 months on ADP ADP BOOSTER PROGRAM REACTIVATED CUSTOMERS AND DISTRIBUTORS (Who Last Ordered in 2013) $25 Reward for new order $25 Reward next month if their ADP hits $50 Reward the next month if their ADP hits again Then ADP Rewards kicks in w/$100 after 6, $100 + tickets after 12 New Customers and Distributors earn ADP Rewards their first year.

5 Rank Advancement Bonus
RAB Accelerated RAB 20K $3,000 $5,000 (if rank hit w/in 6 months of enrollment) PREMIER Dream Trip for 2 + $3,000 Cash (1 year) 100K PREMIER $10,000 $25,000 (2 years) 200K PREMIER $25,000 $50,000 (3 years) 500K PREMIER $50,000 $100,000 (4 years)

6 Incentive Trips and Awards
NEXT TRIP – XALO ONE December 7-14, 2014

Volume Based Team Building Plan YOU Your PV Your PGV Your Sponsored Legs GV Your Placement Legs GV Joe Bob Tom

8 Bold Compensation Plan
PowerStart PowerStart is a weekly bonus paid on a new Distributor's initial order, placed within 30 days of sign-up. Existing Distributors on the Automatic Delivery Program (ADP) can qualify. Level Amount Requirements 1* 25% 100 PV on ADP 2 15% 200 PV on ADP WEEKLY BONUSES NOTE: Subsequent Distributor orders pay out through monthly UniLevel commissions. *15% if you purchase at least 100 PV but no ADP

9 Bold Compensation Plan
Customer Connect Customer Connect is a weekly payout based on all Customer volume. Existing Distributors on ADP can qualify. Level Amount Requirements 1 15% 100 PV on ADP 2–5 3% 200 PV on ADP 6–9 2% 300 PV on ADP WEEKLY BONUSES NOTE: Commissions on volume from all Customer orders are paid through Customer Connect.

10 Bold Compensation Plan
UniLevel Distributors earn monthly UniLevel commissions based on personal rank, ADP commitment (PV), and total group volume (GV) from ongoing purchases of Distributors in their organizations. Rep. Pref. Rep. 1K 5K 20K Premier 100K 200K 500K Personal ADP 100* 100 200 Group Volume n/a 1,000 5,000 20,000 50,000 100,000 200,000 500,000 # Sponsored Legs 3 total 3 w/100 GV 3 Total 3 w/1,000 GV 3 w/ 5,000 GV 2 w/ 20K GV 1 w/5K GV 4 Total 3 w/20K GV 3 w/50K GV 1 w/20K GV 5 Total 1 w/200K GV 2 w/100K GV 2 w/50K GV # Placement Legs *Placed by you or by an upline 2 Total 2 w/1K GV 2 w/5K GV 2 w/20K GV 1 w/5K GV 1 w/ 20K GV 1 leg of 200,000 2 legs of 100,000 GV 1 leg of 50,000 GV MONTHLY BONUSES

11 Bold Compensation Plan
UniLevel UniLevel Payout Rep. Pref. Rep. 1K 5K 20K Premier 100K 200K 500K Level 1 2% Level 2 5% Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 MONTHLY BONUSES

12 Bold Compensation Plan
Drive Your Own Dream This monthly bonus — paid in addition to standard commissions — is available as early as 5K with as little as 10,000 in group volume. It's a true lifestyle bonus that you get to use as you see fit: education, transportation, inspiration. It's your call. 5 K 10,000 GV (min.) and 200 ADP $400 Bonus LIFESTYLE BONUSES Premier 50,000 GV (min.) and 400 ADP $600 Bonus 200 K 200,000 GV (min.) and 400 ADP $800 Bonus NOTE: Maximum of 50% of the required volume can come from any one leg.

13 Bold Compensation Plan
Rank-Advancement Bonuses Title Bonus Accelerated Bonus* 20K $3,000 $5,000 (6 months) Premier Trip for 2 + $3,000 (1 year) 100K $10,000 $25,000 (2 years) 200K $25,000 $50,000 (3 years) 500K $50,000 $100,000 (4 years) LIFESTYLE BONUSES * *The Accelerated Bonus is earned when a Distributor first achieves the new title within the time frame defined. *Paid over 6–24 months with continuing qualification.

14 Bold Compensation Plan
iBonus Pool As early as 1K in BOLD you can begin to earn bonuses from global Customer volume (CV). 1K POOL 5K POOL 20K POOL 200 ADP 1,000 3% 200 ADP 2,500 1% 200 ADP 2,500 1% PV: iVolume*: % of global CV: BONUS POOLS * iVolume = your personal volume + your Customer volume —ADP volume is triple the share value!

15 Bold Compensation Plan
Global Bonus Qualifying Premiers and above share in a pool of 3% of global volume (paid monthly) Rank Volume* Premier GV 3 100K GV 6 200K GV 9 500K GV 9** BONUS POOLS * Shares are determined based on volume through representative levels. For example, a Premier’s shares are based on combined volume from her/his Levels 1, 2 and 3. **500Ks receive additional bonuses from PowerStart and Customer Connect.

16 SUMMER OF XALO UniLevel Ranks and Qualification Requirements
Existing Distributors can Maintain Current Rank during the Summer of XALO by meeting the Personally Sponsored Leg Requirement Only (Placement Leg Requirement not Required until September UniLevel Ranks and Qualification Requirements Rep Preferred Rep 1K 5K 20K Premier 100K 200K 500K PV 100* 100 200 GV n/a 1000 5000 20,000 50,000 100,000 200,000 500,000 # Legs Sponsored 3 w/100 3 w/1K 3 w/5K 3 - 2 w/20K + 1 w/5K 4 – 3 w/20K + 1 w/5K 4 – 3 w/50K + 1 w/20K 5 – 1 w/200K + 2 w/100K + 2 w/50K MONTHLY PAYOUT

Title PV PGV Team GV Income (estimate) Bonuses / Rewards 1K $100 1,000 3 Sponsored Legs w/100 GV Pay for Product 5K 5,000 3 Sponsored Legs w/1KGV 4 Figures $400 LB w/10K PGV 2 Placed Legs with 1K GV  20K $200 20,000 3 Sponsored Legs w/5K GV RAB $3K - $5K 2 Placed Legs with 5000 GV Premier 50,000 3 Sponsored Legs 2 w/20K GV, 1 w/5K GV 5 Figures RAB Dream Trip for 2 + $$$  2 Placed Legs with 20K GV + $600 LB 100K 100,000 4 Sponsored Legs 3 w/20K GV, 1 w/5K GV RAB $10K - $25K  3 Placed Legs 2 w/20K GV + 1 w/5K GV 200K 200,000 3 w/50K GV, 1 w/20K GV RAB $25K - $50K 2 w/50K GV + 1 w/20K GV  + $800 LB 500K 500,000 5 Sponsored Legs 1 w/200K, 2 w/100K, 2 w/50K 6 Figures RAB $50K - $100K 1 w/200K GV,1 w/100K GV, 1 w/50K GV

18 What Does it Take to Hit the Ranks?
Paid Rank # Sponsored Avg GV3 Avg GV6 Avg GV9 Avg Earnings (USD) 1K 15 1,858 3,988 4,669 $260 5K 28 4,883 18,844 $763 20K 46 8,896 47,345 84,201 $3,143 Premier 66 12,517 79,345 244,851 $10,284 100K 57 15,532 116,186 350,047 $18,104 200K 90 22,186 199,737 827,470 $41,764 500K 110 21,702 226,897 1,042,912 $111,702 This chart is based on data pulled for XANGO in October 2009, prior to the Customer Program. The # Sponsored includes every person sponsored by a distributor whether they were interested in the products only, or the business. The income statistics reported in this presentation are based on the individual efforts of XanGo Distributors and are not typical of what you can expect. Business success varies widely according to market conditions and the time and effort devoted. A “Distributor” is any person who has executed a Distributor Application and is in good standing with the company. “Active” means a Distributor who received a check in a given month. Average annualized earnings were calculated by multiplying the average monthly earnings by twelve. Categories represent paid Ranks, not Title. The following are the approximate percentages of Active Distributors by rank in 2009: Rep. 2.04%, Pref. Rep %, 1K 21.95%, 5K 4.04%, 20K 0.84%, Premier 0.22%, 100K 0.10%, 200K 0.04%, 500K 0.01%. These income statistics are based on earnings for Active Distributors during the 2009 calendar year with international earnings being converted to USD based on the day the earnings were incurred.

19 Building Strategies Wide Versus Deep
Most Leaders are building with 3 Placement Teams. Strength in Width, Security in Depth

20 Business Duplication Models
3 X 3 Income Example with 100 PV with 5 Levels of Duplication Level # People % Earned PV GV $ Earned 1 3 2% $100 $300 $6 2 9 5% $900 $45 27 $2,700 $135 4 81 $8,100 $405 5 243 $24,300 $1,215 Total 363 $36,300 $1,806 5 X 5 Income Example with 100 PV with 5 Levels of Duplication Level # People % Earned PV GV $ Earned 1 5 2% $100 $500 $10 2 25 5% $2,500 $135 3 125 $12,500 $760 4 625 $62,500 $3,885 3,125 $312,500 $19,510 Total 3,905 $390,500 $19,515

21 3 X 3 Income Example with 100 PV with 9 Levels of Duplication
Business Duplication Models 3 X 3 Income Example with 100 PV with 9 Levels of Duplication Level # People % Earned PV GV $ Earned 1 3 2% $100 $300 $6 2 9 5% $900 $45 27 $2,700 $135 4 81 $8,100 $405 5 243 $24,300 $1,215 6 729 $72,900 $3,645 7 2187 $218,700 $10,935 8 6561 $656,100 $32,805 19683 $1,968,300 $98,415 Total 29,523 $2,952,300 $147,606

22 The Power of ONE IMAGINE
 If you sponsored just ONE new distributor per month on ADP 100 and taught your organization to duplicate, you would have the VOLUME to become a 1K in 4 months, a 5K in 6 months, a 20K in 8 months, a Premier in 9 months, a 100K Premier in 10 months, and a 200K Premier in 11 months and 500K in just over a YEAR! Month # Downline X $100 PV Rank 1 $100 Preferred Rep 2 3 $300 7 $700 4 15 $1,500 1K 5 31 $3,100 6 63 $6,300 5K 127 $12,700 8 255 $25,500 20K 9 511 $51,100 Premier 10 1023 $102,300 100K 11 2047 $204,700 200K 12 4095 $409,500 500K *** IMAGINE Imagine if you brought everyone in on an ADP Imagine if you sponsored THREE people per month or FIVE people per month

23 Dynamic Compression XANGO’S X Factor
Tom (Premier) Tom is a Premier. Premiers are eligible to earn a 9th level bonus. Therefore, level 9 is paid to Tom. Sue (Premier) Sue is a Premier. Premiers are eligible to earn an 8th level bonus. Therefore, level 8 is paid to Sue. Mike (20K) Mike is a 20K. 20Ks are eligible to earn a 7th level bonus. Therefore, level 7 is paid to Mike. Peter (Premier) Peter is a Premier. Premiers are eligible to earn a 6th level bonus. Therefore, level 6 is paid to Peter. Carol (5K) Carol is a 5K. 5Ks are not eligible to earn a 6th level bonus. Therefore, no commission is paid to Carol. Kathi (5K) Kathi is a 5K. 5Ks are eligible to earn a 5th level bonus. Therefore, level 5 commission is paid to Kathi. Joe (1K) Joe is a 1K. 1Ks are eligible to earn a 4th level bonus. Therefore, level 4 is paid to Joe. Sally (Pref Rep) Sally is a Preferred Rep. Pref Reps are not qualified to earn a 4th level bonus. Therefore, no commission is paid to Sally. Bob (1K) Bob is a 1K. 1Ks are eligible to earn a 3rd level bonus. Therefore, level 3 is paid to Bob. Gary (Rep) Gary is a Representative. Reps are not eligible to earn a 3rd level bonus. Therefore, no commission is paid to Gary. Sarah (Pref Rep) Sarah is a Preferred Rep. Pref Reps are eligible to earn a 2nd level bonus. Therefore, level 2 is paid to Sarah. Adam (Pref Rep) Adam is a Preferred Rep. Pref Reps are eligible to earn a 1st level bonus. Therefore, level 1 is paid to Adam. Ben Ben is a distributor who places a non-PowerStart order of 200 PV. Ben is not entitled to commissions on his personal order.

24 Like an Infinity Bonus


26 DARE TO COMPARE Why We Create More Millionaires than the Competition
Multiple Income Stream Opportunity (weekly/monthly, customers/distributors, multiple brands) ACTUAL 50% (industry average 32%) NO breakage…less than 1% of companies can say that Volume based, no structure requirements NO front line personal sponsorship requirements Can get to 10K a month with only THREE teams Lifestyle Bonus (car program) at only $10,000 in team volume, counting 50% from one leg PV and CV the same or close 9 Level Unilevel (average 6-7) 5% on Level 9 (highest in the industry by far) Worldwide Global Bonus Pools (Premiers to 200K, and 500K Premiers) Worldwide Customer Bonus Pools (for 1Ks to 20Ks) Nothing Beats Free, Qualify for Free products with just 3 Customers ADP Rewards, Customer Loyalty Program Dynamic Compression, Equivalent to Infinity Bonuses but More Powerful Rank Advancement Bonuses, up to $200,000 “In Addition To” Incentives, Trips, Awards, and More Vemma 9 millionaires MonaVie 34 millionaires

27 FAQ More details: XALO Transition FAQ GO.XANGO What’s the difference between the XALO plan and the Bold plan? A: The main difference between XALO and Bold is that the Bold plan has a placed-volume requirement. (Click here [link to follow] for details on the Bold plan.) This summer is a perfect time to build an additional leg or two in anticipation of the Bold launch. How does iBonus work? A. It’s simpler than ever to qualify for the iBonus: The requirements stay the same, and the payout gets better. We’re putting 3% (triple the previous amount) of global Customer orders into the 1K iBonus pool. The 5K iBonus pool and the 20K iBonus pool remain the same. Your iBonus shares will be calculated the same way they are now. (Click here [link to follow] for iBonus details.) How does Global Bonus Plan work? A. No change. The Global Bonus shares continue to be calculated based on combined XANGO + XALO volume. What does this do to my title? A: Your title in June will be the higher of your titles between the two plans. You are eligible to earn XALO rank-advancement bonuses as you progress in the XALO plan. What does this do to my paid rank? A: Your paid rank beginning June 1 will be the same as your paid rank in May (whichever was higher between XANGO and XALO) as long as your personal purchases (PV) and group volume (GV) remain the same (meeting at least the minimum requirements of that rank in the XALO comp plan). Can I still advance in rank during the summer transition period? A: Absolutely. Your rank advancement will be determined based on the Bold compensation plan [link to follow]. What’s available to help me see my organization? (visibility, tools, reports) A: The best way to see your XALO qualifications is to run a report in the Back Office: - Go to the Downline Report - Change levels from “0” (default) to “1” - Select from the drop-down menu either “Sponsor” or “Placement” New back office reports and visibility will be available in September How will this affect my XALO DYOD bonus? A: It’s been simplified: Qualifications will be based on combined rank and volume, so it will be simpler to qualify, track, maintain, etc. (50% max. QV from one leg still applies). Do I need to change my ADP? A: Nope — all SKUs will now count toward the XALO compensation and qualifications. I was planning on June 2014 being my first month of qualification for the XALO One cruise — how do I qualify now? A: The Summer of XALO campaign will include new opportunities for existing leaders to qualify for the XALO One cruise. I’m in the middle of qualifying for the XALO One cruise — how does this affect my qualifications? A: If you began qualifying in April or May 2014, you’ll qualify for the XALO One cruise as long as you maintain your rank and GV. What markets does this apply to? A: The June 1 transition of all volume to the XALO plan applies to all markets except Mexico and Colombia. I’m a U.S. Distributor, but I have volume from Mexico and Colombia in my organization — how do I get paid on the XANGO and the XALO volume? A: Because the XALO plan is volume-based, all volume counts the same, regardless of the plan it originates in.

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