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What’s It All About on the Web! Sabrina Carnesi, School Librarian Crittenden Middle School 2010 VEMA State Convention Hampton Roads Convention Center Hampton,

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1 What’s It All About on the Web! Sabrina Carnesi, School Librarian Crittenden Middle School 2010 VEMA State Convention Hampton Roads Convention Center Hampton, VA October 29, 2010

2 By Jacqueline Woodson, Putnam Young Adult, 2008. After Tupac and D Foster. The unnamed narrator and her best friend, Neeka, live in a quiet and boring Queens neighborhood, with strict parents always in their business. When D Foster shows up in their lives, they are jealous of her freedom to roam the city, but D, in turn, wishes she had a real home like theirs, not the life of a foster child she currently leads. D arrives a few months before Tupac Shakur is shot the first time, and leaves the summer before he dies, and in those years, framed by Tupac and his music, the three African American girls go from age 11 to 13, become steadfast friends, and begin to find the Big Purpose in their lives. 2009 Newbery Honor 2009 Best Books for Children 2009 Coretta Scott King Honor …39 additional awards

3 This is an audio introduction to the book posted on State Library of Ohio site with toolkit that includes author profile, summary, discussion questions, and extension projects. Jacqueline Woodson’s actual website w/ comments on the book Tupac Shakur’s legacy site Tupac Shakur songs that include “Brenda’s Got a Baby” and “Dear Mama”. Penguin Books Study Guide in brochure format. Scroll down and look under Reader’s Companions for Young Adult Readers. Topics Supported on the Web Tupac Shakur 1971 - 1996

4 Marian Wright Edelman’s concept of “cradle to prison pipeline” in School Library Journal. April 24, 2009. pipe_b_165163.html Marian Wright Edelman’s “The Cradle to Prison Pipeline: America’s new Apartheid”, February 9, 2009 publications/data/marian-wright-edelman-child-watch-column/Cradle-to- prison-pipeline-americas-new-apartheid.html Marian Wright Edelman’s Child Watch Column: “The Cradle to Prison Pipeline: America’s new Apartheid”, February 6, 2009 Marian Wright Edelman’s Viewpoint on Incarceration and Racial Profiling

5 CISOPTR=0&CISOBOX=1&REC=6 The Amphitheater at Queens College

6 By Shelly Pearsall Little Brown, 2008. All of the Above Mr. Collins, a seventh grade math teacher, was discouraged by his inner city students’ lack of interest and desire to learn math and geometry. He challenged them to try for a shot at the Guinness Book of World Records by making the largest tetrahedron. James, Rhondell, Marcel, and Sharice face many typical problems of the inner city: homelessness, poverty, crime and abandonment, but somehow they find in themselves the determination to see the project through to the end even after vandals destroy their first attempts. Told through 7 different points of view. MN Maud Hart Lovelace Award List Garden State Reading Award MO Truman Reading Book Award KS William Allen White Children’s Book Award Young Hoosier Book Award

7 eachers.htm#ideas3 Ideas for using All of the Above in the classroom. fTheAboveGuide.pdf Author’s discussion guide Discussion Guide and Extensions

8 Alexander Graham Bell’s use of the tetrahedron to develop kites – Work of M.C. Escher who often used geometric shapes in his art – Biography of Waclaw Sierpinski who developed the tetrahedron – The Battle of Hamburger Hill where Mr. Collins’ brother was killed – Foster care issues and concerns – African-American hair care services, products, and styling information - Platonic Solids and their role in our everyday lives - The consequences and costs of vandalism – Web Connections

9 by Kristin Levine Putnam, 2009. The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had The last thing Harry “Dit” Sims expects when Emma Walker comes to town is to become friends. Proper-talking, brainy Emma doesn’t play baseball or fish too well, but she sure makes Dit think, especially about the differences between black and white. But soon Dit is thinking about a whole lot more when the town barber, who is black, is put on trial for a terrible crime. Together Dit and Emma come up with a daring plan to save him from the unthinkable. Set in 1917 Alabama and inspired by the author’s family history, this is the story of a remarkable friendship and the perils of small town justice. Based on stories from author’s family. 2010 AL Children’s Choice NM Recommended Book List 2009 Best New YA Books 2009 Librarian Choice Awards

10 Historical Connections: Publisher’s Study Guide dg.pdf US Postal Museum This link documents the history of African Americans’ involvement in the US Postal Services from slavery to present-day: “The History and Experience of African Americans in America’s Postal Service” by Deanna Boyd and Kendra Chen. Mrs. Minnie M. Cox January 3, 1903 NYTimes Article 0E733A25750C0A9679C946297D6CF 0E733A25750C0A9679C946297D6CF President Teddy Roosevelt’s Involvement President Woodrow Wilson’s 1912 Federal Segregation Photograph of Minnie M. Cox, 1903 US Postmaster of Indianola, Mississippi 0.html

11 The Minnie Cox Post Office H. R. 4010 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 100 West Percy Street in Indianola, Mississippi, as the `Minnie Cox Post Office Building'. …as designated by the US House of Representatives Bill 4010 October 30, 2007

12 By Cliff McNish First Avenue Editions, 2009. Breathe: A Ghost Story. Discussion Guide - ba08/breathe.htm ba08/breathe.htm Cliff McNish's Website - 2009 DE Diamond Book Award 2006 PA YA Top 40 Jack can talk to ghosts. In his new home, an aging farmhouse, he meets the Ghost Mother, a grief- stricken spirit who becomes very attached to him...too attached. He learns that the Ghost Mother is preying in the cruelest imaginable way on four child ghosts who are trapped in the house, stealing their energy to sustain her own. Before Jack can figure out how to help them, the Ghost Mother takes possession of his real mother's body. Jack wants to fight back, but he has severe asthma and risks fatal attacks with any physical exertion. Jack encounters Isabella, the Ghost Mother's daughter. She died of TB at a young age leaving her mother alone and inconsolable. She and Jack work together to save the young ghosts and Jack’s mother.

13 Other Related Links:  Write your own Ghost stories and use the "Ghost Checklist" in this site for self assessment/reflection. Lesson plan available at: d=225 d=225  Ghosts and Fear in Language Arts: Lesson Plan at:  Make up clues for several groups. The clue for each group led to another clue somewhere in the library. When the students found the second clue, it led them to a mystery book on the shelf. They pulled it and sit down until everyone has finished. Read the titles of all the books found and ask what these books have in common. Show students a poster with criteria for a good mystery book:  Characters are well developed.  Reader can solve mystery along with main character because all clues are given  Plot engages the reader and propels the reader on through the book.  The mystery is solved at end of the book. from  TAPS: The Atlantic Paranormal Society - www.the-atlantic- The Atlantic Paranormal Society is the organization of Rhode Island ghost hunters, as seen on the TV show Ghost Hunters on the SciFi Network.www.the-atlantic-  Paul F. Eno, Rhode Island's own "ghost guru"- and Real Life Paranormal Investigator Paul Eno

14 By Victoria Forester Feiwel & Friends, 2008. The Girl Who Could Fly 2010 Sunshine State Young Readers Award 2010 Young Hoosier Book Award 2009 What’s New in Children’s Literature 2010 Young Hoosier Book Award Piper McCloud lives with her normal ma and pa on a normal farm in normal Lowland County. But Piper isn’t your normal girl. Ever since Piper was a baby she’s been able to hover a few feet off the ground, and if the people of Lowland County knew she could fly, they would have something to say about it. So it only seems best that Piper be sent away to I.N.S.A.N.E., the top secret school for children with extraordinary abilities like hers. Her new friends have powers like telekinesis, X-ray vision, and the ability to create their own weather. Piper likes her new life at school, but soon, she realizes things aren’t as they seem. Now, the school she was sent to for her own protection might be the most dangerous place she’s ever been.

15 Discussion Questions and Videos Discussion Questions Author’s Website Student Video (2:19 length) Teacher Video Summary 1:47 Film Trailer 0:23

16 Can People Really Fly?  Dean Potter =2&pagewanted=1&sq=dean%20potter&st=nyt&scp=1 =2&pagewanted=1&sq=dean%20potter&st=nyt&scp=1  Stuff Your Brain Likes humans-fly/ humans-fly/

17 Can People Really Fly?  Photos of Flying People – True or False - e-levitation-photography-people-can-fly.html e-levitation-photography-people-can-fly.html  Levitation – Ellusionists – How to Levitate -  Horizontal Levitation Revealed –  edators_movie_trailer/ edators_movie_trailer/  Czl56Mw Czl56Mw

18 By Ruth White Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2008. Little Audrey This story is an autobiographical account of a short period in the author’s life. Here’s an interview with Ruth White 009/mar2009/whit-m06.shtml 009/mar2009/whit-m06.shtml 2009 Notable Books for Global Society 2010 SC 100 Titles for HS 2009 WV Children’s Book Award 2008 Best New Books for YA 2011 AZ Grand Canyon Reader Award Jewel Valley, Virginia Coal miners 1948 Scarlet fever Alcoholism Poor man’s food such as beans Shirley Temple

19 Story Elements: Jewell Coal & Coke Coal Plant Jewell Valley, VA Main Characters: Audrey, Momma, Daddy, Betty Gail, & the 3 Little Pigs ( Eleanor, Ruth Carol, Yvonne )

20 Thematic Connections:  Little Audrey’s fantasy world was Jane Eyre’s Thornfield Manor. Below are 2 website study guides for Jane Eyre.  re.htm re.htm  eyre/study.html eyre/study.html Audrey White’s nickname came from the cartoon character “Little Audrey.” Little Audrey Comic strip from the 1940s book/l/littleaudreycomic.htm

21 Lye Soap and Shirley Temple…  Audrey’s mother’s hands are sometimes rubbed raw from cleaning her father’s workclothes with lye soap. Here’s the ingredients for lye soap  concoctions.html concoctions.html  Useful Soap recipes that are not harmful to your skin  p_recipes/#soap_recipe_index p_recipes/#soap_recipe_index  Audrey went to see a Shirley Temple movie. Shirley Temple was a child star of the 1930s.  

22 By Frances O’Roark Dowell Atheneum, 2008. Shooting the Moon Understanding the Moon Phases m/moon_phases.phtml Moon Phase Calendar m/moon_phases_calendar.phtml m/moon_phases_calendar.phtml Vietnam POW/MIA amvet/powmia.html 2010 SC 100 Titles for HS 2008 Best New Books for YA 2010 RI, IL, IA Children’s Book Award 2009 VT State Award 12-year-old Jamie Dexter's brother TJ joins the Army and is sent toVietnam. Instead of letters, TJ sends Jamie rolls of film for which she develops herself. Each film has pictures of the moon that become more gritty as her awareness of the true nature of war comes to be.

23 Author’s Website Fort Hood News in the Killeen Daily Herald Fort Hood Sentinel Newspaper Jamie learned the 5 th Infantry Division call-and- response from the time she was born, “Pathfinders!” Combat Ready, Sir!” The 5 th Infantry is the oldest military unit organization to still be in existance. Fort Hood, Tx Army Ranks from lowest to highest Military-centered sites

24 Jamie played Gin Rummy with Private Hollister almost everyday. Below are some online websites for playing gin o o TJ was a star football player in high school. If he attended public HS, he probably attended one in the Killeen Independent School District Instructions for developing Black & White film in 12 steps Vietnam Battlefield History: Sgt. Byrd, an avid photographer fought at Khe Sanh - Jamie’s brother TJ, has been assigned to the 51 st Medical Unit at Phu Bai Airport Base - Gin Rummy, football, and Vietnam -

25 By Ann Clare LeZotte Houghton Mifflin, 2008. T4: A Novel This is an interactive resource for students, teachers, and parents of deaf children g/index.htm This site is hosted by the ASL University and houses Fingerspelling quizes Printable Worksheets w-with-deaf-author-ann-clare.html Interview with deaf author Ann Clare LeZotte about T4, her book told in verse. (September 22, 2008) 2009 Notable Books for Global Society It is 1939. Paula Becker, 13 years old and deaf, lives with her family in a rural German town. A priest comes to her family’s door with an offer to shield Paula from the Nazis. Paula meets and befriends “Poor Kurt” who turns out to be more than what is expected.

26 Tiergartenstrasse 4 Links This a site for the Tiergartenstrasse 4 Association, an organization committed to research and documentation of the Nazi Euthanasia projects. ource/Holocaust/t4.html This is a site that has documentation and pictures of the headquarters of the operation at Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin, Germany. T4 is the code name derived from the address. Virtual Tour of Action T4…then and now photos.

27 Books with Deaf Characters The Sign for Drowning: A Novel By Rachel Stolzman Feathers by Jacqueline Woodson Miss Spitfire: Reaching H. Keller By Sarah Miller Hurt Go Happy By Ginny Rorby Love That Dog & Hate That Dog by Sharon Creech Kami and the Yaks by Andrea Stenn Stryer The Last Days of Hamburger Halpin by Josh Berk The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

28 By Siobhan Dowd Random House, 2008. The London Eye Mystery The Siobhan Dowd Trust (1960 – 2007) Sheffield Children’s Book Award Cheshire Schools’ Book Award Southwark Book Award Coventry Inspiration Book Award Essex Book Award 14 other national and regional prizes. A Swift Pure Cry (2006) The London Eye Mystery (2007) Bog Child (2008) Solace of the Road (2009) Ted and Kat watched their cousin Salim board the London Eye. But after half an hour it landed and everyone trooped off – except Salim. Where could he have gone? How on earth could he have disappeared into thin air? Ted and his older sister, Kat, become sleuthing partners, since the police are having no luck. Despite their prickly relationship, they overcome their differences to follow a trail of clues across London in a desperate bid to find their cousin. And ultimately it comes down to Ted, whose brain works in its own very unique way, to find the key to the mystery. This is an unput- downable spine-tingling thriller–a race against time.

29 Study and Discussion Guides: Plot Summary Discussion Questions by students at Colleyville Middle School Extensive Study Guide Introducing the class to The London Eye Mystery. Whole class discussion..... questions about the map and to make observations about its organisation; [PDF] LEM Teachers Resources.qxpLEM Teachers Resources.qxp File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewQuick View

30 London Eye Websites: Official Website for the London Eye You Videos of London Eye 4 – D London Eye experience perience.htm

31 Addition Support Sites:  London Tube Map downloadable PDF – 06.aspx 06.aspx  20 Facts About Asperger Syndrome http://autismaspergerssyndrome.suite1 ergers_syndrome_in_children http://autismaspergerssyndrome.suite1 ergers_syndrome_in_children

32 Additional Support Sites continued…  Ted is interested in the daily weather shipping forecast for London neighborhoods ea%20pages/ ml ea%20pages/ ml  BBC Shipping Forecast  ather/coast/shipping/ ather/coast/shipping/

33 By Kathi Appelt Simon & Schuster Children’s, 2008. The Underneath 2009 Newbery Honor 2010 AR State Awards 2009 Coop. for Children’s Book Center 2010 First Choice 2009 IL State Award …plus 35 additional awards One kitten's one moment of curiosity sets off a chain of events that is astonishing, remarkable, and enormous in its meaning. In this National Book Award finalist, Kathi Appelt spins a harrowing yet keenly sweet tale about the power of love -- and its opposite, hate -- the fragility of happiness and the importance of making good on your promises.

34 Study Guides and Questions: Reading Guide on Teacher Vision webpage from Simon and Schuster. Contains pre-reading, during reading, and post reading materials, activities, and projects. guide/printable/59404.html guide/printable/59404.html Appelt/9781416950585/reading_group_guide Appelt/9781416950585/reading_group_guide Interactive discussion questions that can be answered online

35 Author Links: Author Website Kathi Appelt reading from “The Underneath” at the National Book Awards, from chapter 4 (Mama Cat’s discovery of Ranger), includes singing the blues song that is sung by Ranger the bloodhound that is chained under the house. YouTube book trailer (1:29 in length)

36 The Official Caddo Nation of Oklahoma Website. The old legend of the ‘g Grandmother Moccasin and the Alligator King” mentioned in the story is an old Indian fable. The Caddo use to live on the Texas – Louisiana border in the Bayou country where the story takes place. Caddo Legacy site contains presentations and discussions prepared by the Caddo people on their culture. Short video clip that contains Kathi Appelt’s viewpoint on writing, “ Write like your fingers are on fire”. Appelt/9781416950585 Caddo Nation Info:

37 Caddo Pottery One of the things that set the Caddo apart from their neighbors was their extraordinary skill and creativity as potters. Caddo women (and perhaps some men) made all kinds of pottery from huge storage jars over three feet high to tiny bowls smaller than a tea cup made for their children as well as a variety of other objects including smoking pipes and earspools. While much of the pottery was made for everyday use in cooking, storage, and serving, the Caddo fine wares served other purposes (ritual and funerary) and are renown.

38 Voting Procedures:  Read four of the 10 books by March and you can vote for your favorite with students from all over the state of Virginia  Turn in your school results to your district representative for district-wide count

39 Thank You for Attending.  This video is accessible on my school library’s website:  Please feel free to use it at your convenience.

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