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2008 Workshops April 17 th – A-B Technical Community College April 18 th – Wake Technical Community College April 22 nd – UNC Charlotte April 28 th – Wayne.

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1 2008 Workshops April 17 th – A-B Technical Community College April 18 th – Wake Technical Community College April 22 nd – UNC Charlotte April 28 th – Wayne Community College The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

2 CAA Resulted from: House Bill 739 Senate Bill 1161 1995 General Assembly

3 House Bill 739 Required: Develop a plan enabling NCCCS students to transfer to UNC institutions NCCCS to implement common course descriptions and numbering for 58 campuses

4 Senate Bill 1161 Required: Plan for accurate and accessible academic counseling for transfers Timetable for creation of the CAA NCCCS to review policies in an effort to facilitate transfer (quarter system)

5 Transfer Advisory Committee 4 UNC Representatives: (1) Ms. Jocelyn L. Foy, Co-Chair Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services & Director, Undergraduate Admissions North Carolina Central University (2) Dr. Karrie Dixon (Interim) Director, Academic and Student Affairs University of North Carolina-General Administration (3) Ms. Kathi M. Baucom Associate Provost for Enrollment Mgt. University of North Carolina at Charlotte (4) Dr. Kenneth R. Gurganus Assistant Professor, Mathematics University of North Carolina Wilmington

6 Transfer Advisory Committee 4 NCCCS Representatives (1) Dr. Dennis King, Co-Chair Vice President for Student Services Asheville-Buncombe Tech Community College (2) Ms. Beth Spragins Director, Program Services North Carolina Community College System Office (3) Dr. Johnnie R. Simpson Vice President for Instruction Richmond Community College (4) Dr. Richard E. Swanson Professor of Physics Sandhills Community College

7 Comprehensive Articulation Agreement Approved by UNC Board of Governors & State Board of Community Colleges Spring 1996

8 NCCCS Combined Course Library (CCL): 3800 NCCCS CCL Courses 724 Arts and Sciences courses approved for transfer General Education (193) Pre-major elective

9 Underlying Assumptions General Education Core is portable and supersedes UNC institutional Gen. Ed. Requirements Institutions recognize professional integrity of other accredited institutions Competencies and understandings developed by general education as a whole are more important than any individual course General Education requirements of receiving institution remain in effect for students not completing core, AA or AS Upper-division general education requirements and graduation requirements remain unchanged

10 NCCCS AA/AS Graduates (under the CAA) Assured admission Junior status upon enrollment at UNC campuses Completion of lower-division Gen. Ed. 64 semester hours of credit No guarantee of admission to a major Grievance process provided

11 General Ed. Core: Associate in Arts (44 SHC) English Composition (6 SHC) Humanities/Fine Arts (12 SHC) Social Behavioral Sciences (12 SHC) Natural Sciences (8 SHC) Mathematics (6 SHC)

12 GENERAL ED. CORE ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE (44 SHC) English Composition (6 SHC) Humanities/Fine Arts (9 SHC) Social Behavioral Sciences (9 SHC) Natural Sciences/Math (20 SHC)

13 Pre-majors Approved Associate in Arts Anthropology Art Education Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing Business Education and Marketing Education Communication/Communication Studies Computer Science

14 Pre-majors Approved Associate in Arts (Cont’d) Criminal Justice Elementary Education English English Education Geography Health Education History Information Systems

15 Pre-majors Associate in Arts (Cont’d) Liberal Studies Mass Communication/Journalism Middle Grades Education Nursing Physical Education Political Science Psychology

16 Pre-majors Associate in Arts (Cont’d) Social Science Secondary Education Social Work Sociology Special Ed.

17 Pre-majors Approved Associate in Science Biology and Biology Education Chemistry and Chemistry Education Engineering Mathematics Mathematics Education

18 Transfer Assured Admissions Policy (TAAP) Assures admission to one of the 16 UNC institutions  Admissions is NOT assured to specific campus, program, or major.  Must have graduated from a NC Community College with AA or AS degree.  Meets all requirements of the CAA.  Has overall GPA of 2.0 or higher AND a grade of C or better in all CAA courses.

19 Transfer Assured Admissions Policy (TAAP)  Academically eligible for readmission to last institution attended.  Must meet judicial requirements for the institution to which they apply.  Meets all application requirements at receiving institution. If a student is denied at one or more campuses, TAPP provides direction on space availability within the UNC System via the website. If previous steps do not result in admission, student may appeal (see appeals process)

20 Community College Student Enrollment in the UNC System 6,251 students transferred to a UNC System campus for fall 2006. First-year UNC academic performance of 2004-05 com. college associate degree recipients – 2.76; UNC native juniors – 2.77 GPA Retention after one year(2002-2004): College transfer degree recipients – 83%; UNC native juniors – 95%

21 Bilateral Agreement Inventory Provided by the UNC System & NCCCS campuses to the TAC Lists by community college, university and major available on the UNC General Administration. Excellent tool for advising potential transfers and developing additional agreements.

22 Everything You Need To Know About the CAA… reports/student_info.htm UNC website – Transfer Course Equivalencies

23 Current TAC Topics of Interest UNC & NCCCS: Maintaining a collaborative and productive relationship UNC & CC joint faculty assemblies efforts The College Transfer Program Association - CTPA - Commitment to host 4 Statewide CAA Workshops

24 Recent Transfer Topics of Interest (continued) Transfer of individual courses New pre-majors UNC efforts to enhance pre-majors ACA College Success Course - APPROVED On-going General Education Review AP Credit

25 CAA Substantive Changes 2007-08 CAA Revision (November, 2007) Approval for transfer courses NOT originating at NC Community Colleges (no more than 14 credit hours). CAA clarification to include acceptance of courses taken by non-transfer students (Huskins, Dual Enrollment, Learn & Earn, and Learn Online.

26 New Language CAA courses taken beyond the 64 shc. in which the student received less than “C” Pre-majors were established as “blueprints”

27 New Courses ACA 122College Transfer Success PSY 215Positive Psychology CHI 111Elementary Chinese I CHI 112Elementary Chinese II CHI 181Chinese Lab I CHI 182Chinese Lab II JPN 181 Japanese Lab I JPN 182 Japanese Lab II CHI 112Intermediate Chinese I CHI 212Intermediate Chinese II GIS 111Introduction to GIS ANT 245World Prehistory

28 Future TAC Initiatives Continued Review of the CAA Participation in Upcoming Conferences  NCCCS Fall Conference – October, 2008  UNC Retention Conference – October, 2008

29 Pre-majors Archived Elementary Education, Middle Grades & Special Education (A1010P) Middle Grades & Special Education (A1010S)

30 Pre-majors Revised & New Elementary Education Middle Grades Special Education

31 We NEED to Hear From YOU!! TAC is committed to improving opportunities for NC transfer students…


33 We Appreciate… …your support of TAC …and your service to NC students! Thanks for Attending!

34 CAA 2008 Workshop Feedback…. Your comments are important to us… …Don’t forget to complete an evaluation!

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