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Marketing Workforce Development Programs Through Innovative Scheduling Sunday, April 6, 2003 11:15am to 12:15pm.

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1 Marketing Workforce Development Programs Through Innovative Scheduling Sunday, April 6, 2003 11:15am to 12:15pm

2 Meet The Presenters u Gary Gray u Provost, Granite City Campus, Southwestern Illinois College u Kathi J. Swanson, Ph.D. u President, CLARUS Corporation

3 Creating A New Market For Workforce Development u Enrollments Have Been Down Nationally In Technical Programs And Workforce Development Programs u Employers Have Tuition Reimbursement Programs Which Few Employees Are Taking Advantage Of — No Time u Innovative Scheduling Of Technical Programs May Be One Solution

4 Purpose Of Session u Learn How To Use Nontraditional Methods Of Program Delivery In Partnership With Employers To Deliver Technical Programming u Southwestern Illinois College Examples u Explore The Cross-Institutional Impact On Curriculum Using A New Academic Analysis Software Of The New Program Delivery

5 Purpose Of Session u Review Examples Of How To Market New Program Delivery To Employers And Employees u What Is Working In Marketing

6 Nontraditional Methods Of Program Delivery: An Example

7 Southwestern Illinois College u The College u Located In Metro East St. Louis u Three Campuses u 9,460 FTE Students u 15,550 Enrollments Per Semester u 113,514 Student Credit Hours

8 Impetus For Alternative Scheduling u Workforce Development (Technical) Program Enrollments Had Been Declining Over The Last Few Years u Areas Experiencing Declines u Auto Collision Repair Technology u Electronics u Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning And Refrigeration u Welding



11 Impetus For Alternative Scheduling How Are Your Technical Enrollments?

12 Alternative Scheduling u Developed An All-Day Schedule u Monday To Friday u 8am To 4:30pm u Four Weeks/ Eight Weeks u Created A Special Course Number 299 u Contracted With Company u Example: Tower Automotive


14 Alternative Scheduling u Success Of Specialized Scheduling u Saturday Classes Working Well u Evening Only And Morning And Evening Combinations Not Meeting Market Demand

15 The Results

16 Implementing Alternative Scheduling u Selling To Employers u Convenient Times u Reduced Down Time For Employees u Consistent Curriculum Development u Selling To Faculty u Complete Load More Quickly u Provides Opportunity To Experiment With Different Delivery Styles u Increases Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

17 Implementing Alternative Scheduling u Selling To Administration u Increases Credit Hour Generation u Freeing Facilities

18 Obstacles To Alternative Scheduling u Faculty Contracts u Facility Scheduling u Institutional Mind-Set

19 Cross-Institutional Impact On Curriculum

20 Curriculum Scheduling u Major Area u Are Classes Being Offered In The Major Area That Are Required And When Promised In The Catalog? u Department Scheduling u Can Day And Evening Students Get Classes? u Between Departments u Are Degree Requirements In Other Departments Offered As Needed?

21 Curriculum Scheduling u Courses Offered Over Last Three Years u Reviewed The Welding Certificate u Courses Offered In A Single Semester For Evening Offerings And No Overlap u Reviewed The Welding Certificate u Courses Offered Across Departments u Reviewed The Welding AAS Degree







28 Curriculum Scheduling Issues u Meeting Standards u Institutional u State u Accrediting

29 Marketing Alternative Scheduling To Employers

30 Employer Marketing u List-Servs Of Employers u E-mail Messages To Employers Of New Programming u E-mail Messages To Employees u Electronic Version Of Paycheck Stuffer

31 Employer Marketing u Development Of A Training And Education Catalog u Hard Copy And Online Copy u Online Copy Has Delivery Dates u Use E-mail Notifications For Subject Contents

32 Employee Marketing u Tuition Gap Program u Direct Mail Campaigns Aimed At Employees With Tuition Reimbursement u Newspaper Ads u Using Psychographics And Demographic Information Based On Current Employee Profiles

33 CTEC’s Ad

34 CCA’s Ad

35 u E-mail Messages

36 Adult Market u Develop Targeted Or Specialized Program Information On CD-ROM For Adults u Connectivity Issues u Graphic Interfaces u Web Link



39 Outcomes Of Alternative Scheduling

40 Perspectives u Faculty u Staff u Administration u Employers u Employees u Students


42 Contacts u Gary Gray u u Kathi J. Swanson u

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