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1 “How to Do an Online Auction” for Members of the KCDA Purchasing.

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1 1 “How to Do an Online Auction” for Members of the KCDA Purchasing

2 2 Online Auction Table of Contents  Who is Lone Star Auctioneers?  A Few of Lone Star’s clients  Where do you begin?  How to take your images  How to set up a spreadsheet  What Lone Star will do to ensure your auction is a success  How to sign up for an auction  About PublicSchoolSurplus

3 3 A nationally recognized leader in the sale of surplus, seized, unclaimed and impounded assets for school districts and government agencies since 1984

4 4 A Few of Our Clients  U.S. Marshals Service National Jewelry Contract  U.S. Department of Treasury  U.S. Secret Service  U.S. Bankruptcy Courts  Internal Revenue Service  California State Controllers Office  Colorado State Treasury  Texas State Treasurer  Texas Department of Transportation  Texas Parks and Wildlife  Texas State Hospital  Texas A & M University  Goodwill Industries  The Salvation Army

5 5 Bid “Goodbye!” to your surplus liquidation headaches

6 6 Where Do You Begin?  Getting started is as simple as … 1)Select the items (lots) for auction. In the beginning, try to offer types of surplus which are more popular with the majority of buyers such as cars, pickups, tools and small equipment, computers, office furniture, etc. 2)Contact Paula Hooper at to schedule your 3)Reference KCDA Contract #AEPA 007-G/Online Auction Service

7 7 How to Do an Online Auction- Images How to Do an Online Auction - Images  Take pictures of each lot –maximum of four images for each lot –images should be no bigger or smaller than 1000 x 750 pixels –landscape (horizontal) format –images should be named exactly as the lot ID number, with the addition of a letter to distinguish the different images for the same lot if there are four pictures for lot #1, they should be named 001.jpg, 001a.jpg, 001b.jpg, 001c.jpg. If there is only one image for lot #1, then the image name would be 001.jpg. –save images to a CD and mail to Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc., or –save in a zip file and email or FTP to Lone Star  Questions? contact Kathi Clark at

8 8 Image Samples  Images should be named exactly as the lot ID number 001.jpg001a.jpg 001b.jpg001c.jpg

9 9  Fill out Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with lot information  Please use one spreadsheet for entire auction  Identify each lot with a lot number  Title of lots is limited to 45 characters long  Descriptions can be as long as you like, but please use only one cell for the entire description  if you have more than one item in a lot, please use a semi-colon [;] to separate items in a lot  do not use tabs or returns when entering data  do not use quotation marks  Only use one row for each lot  Do not skip rows when entering data  Questions? contact Kathi Clark at How to Do an Online Auction - Spreadsheets

10 10 Spreadsheet Sample Each lot number must be the same number of digits If there are 100 lots, the first lot number must be 001, 002, etc. Briefly describe the lot contents using 45 characters or less For Vehicles use Make, Model, Year and Body Style Enter long description of lot contents or vehicle condition here Use as many words as you like, but only enter it into one cell If you have multiple items in a lot, use a semi-colon [;] to separate Do not use cells in additional rows for the same lot Where the lots are physically located: street address, city/town, zip If a vehicle does not have a title it will be taxable

11 11 What We Do for Your Online Auction  Create listing details and terms for auction (with your input and approval)  Place advertising and send press releases to local, state and national newspapers, trade publications and media outlets as assets warrant  Contact known and prospective buyers of specific assets by email, U.S. mail and telephone  Send email blasts to 20,000+ buyers in our database on recurring basis  Submit all listings for seller review  Upload and proof complete listings with data and images  Launch auction  Monitor auction and make changes as necessary  Close auction  Invoice and collect payment from buyers  Notify seller of successful buyers  Remit payment and complete documentation to seller  Remit sales taxes and reports to seller as appropriate

12 12 The Benefits to You State of the art 2/7 online auctions Site gets more than 20,000,000 hits per month from buyers all over the use Eliminate, reduce or lower –Advertising expense –Shipping charges to auction site –Auctioneer charges, Lonestar charges only 5% of collected sales.

13 13 Sign up at or call Jayne Sullivan 800.275.3336

14 14 Auctions conducted through Under KCDA contract #AEPA 007-G/Online Auction Service

15 15 About  This link will focus national and local interest on school district merchandise by forwarding buyers to the master webpage for all school districts’ 24/7 auctions  The webpage will be organized by state and Member Agencies so buyers can focus on their immediate geographic area  Buyers will be able to search for assets by school or district name, by state, or by asset category  Buyers will be able to search for assets in three clicks from the school or district’s website  By linking your homepage to, each school or district will benefit from the homepage link of every other school or district  We also own so traffic from either site will be directed to your auctions

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