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Capturing New Value with Cloud Ugo Govigli President and CEO, NEC Italia 19 October 2010.

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1 Capturing New Value with Cloud Ugo Govigli President and CEO, NEC Italia 19 October 2010

2 NEC Confidential The long wave of financial Tsunami … © NEC Corporation 2010 Page 2 Greek SME loosing 90.000 jobs in 2010; Within 2011, the loss of jobs could reach 300.000 units; 175.000 SME risk to close within 1H 2011; Published by Ime-Gsevee, 2Q10 15% of shops closed; VAT increase to 23% and economical crisis had a tremendous impact on Greek SME; Jobless at 12% growing … SME represent in Greece 95% of the Companies;

3 NEC Confidential … is challenging the world of ICT © NEC Corporation 2010 Page 3 ICT becomes one possible way to re-launch the SME driving efficiency and providing new revenues sources “On demand” concept is crucial The user can have what they want, when they want it, no planning required No upfront investment and best of all, no long term commitment. Services must meet expected levels of reliability, security and flexibility.

4 NEC Confidential Page 4 “Cloud” is 4 th Revolution in ICT Telephone Revolution Broadband Revolution Cloud Revolution 1 st Revolution 3 rd Revolution 4 th Revolution Cloud is emerging in Telecom Carrier’s area. Conventional Carrier’s services are absorbed by cheap and simple Internet based services. Communication Market Size Mobile telephone Cloud (SaaS) Fixed telephone (Phone call, FAX) Mobile Revolution 2 nd Revolution 2 nd Revolution 3 rd Revolution 4 th Revolution IP (Web, E-mail, VoIP)

5 NEC Confidential Public Enterprise Cloud Providers IT providers With Private Cloud infrastructure Carriers, SaaS providers and other clouds Cloud means different focus and segments … Cloud Development Platforms & Hosting providers Startups SME Enterprise Large Enterprise Science Web 2.0 Advertising funded Services Consumer Business Process Outsourcing Web application hosting IaaS/PaaSSaaSSurge computingResearch

6 NEC Confidential … Various types of cloud Page 6 Carrier Clouds Public Clouds Private Cloud Virtual Private Cloud The Internet Public Cloud Secure Link Inside the Enterprise

7 NEC Confidential To achieve breakthrough the Carrier is essential … Page 7

8 NEC Confidential Cloud means Business Transformation for SME Page 8 Enterprises are interested in outsourcing an unprofessional work in order to concentrate on their core business. This trend will accelerate by SaaS which enhances the convenience of the web-based business applications. Business transformation User Carrier Hardware (Server) OS Middleware Application Software OS Middleware Application Software Ownership/ On Premise Housing/ IaaS OS Middleware Application Software Hosting/ PaaS OS Middleware Application Software SaaS/ASP Hardware (Server)

9 NEC Confidential Carriers are moving to adapt Page 9 Carrier Availability Secure, Fast & Guaranteed Enterprise Flexibility Internet Scalability

10 NEC Confidential...and NEC can support them... Page 10 Virtual PC Center Solution Digital Signage Cloud Platform Suite Servers and Storage PASOLINK™

11 NEC Confidential © NEC Corporation 2009 Page 11... as we are proving it on the field Page 11 Portal Name: APLICATECA (Application Library) Release Date: July 2009 (2 months Friendly User trial initially) Customers Phase 1 : Telefonica SOHO – Fixed Line/ADSL Business Customers Customers Phase 2: Movistar Users (20M Mobile Users) Customers Phase 3+: Any Spanish user followed by global rollout NEC Selected by Telefonica as a Strategic Partner for Cloud Computing


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