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Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 1 Samples Advantage An Overview.

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1 Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 1 Samples Advantage An Overview

2 Optimization is hard ‘over-sampling’ cannibalizes sales; ‘under-sampling’ hurts market presence Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 2 PROBLEM Results in Waste  Product wastage or poor capacity utilization  Field resources burn time managing inventory vs. generating sales  Too many resources spent supporting the samples process (analyst, IT, etc) 15-30% COST SAVINGS are possible through better samples optimization Industry-wide it’s a $2-4B cost savings opportunity

3 Do-it-Yourself Better control (in-house development) Customized/tailored to your situation/needs Cheaper than hiring an outsider Not benefiting from industry best-practices (reinventing the wheel) Time to market Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 3 Hired Gun Get access to industry best practices Clear accountability and proven solution One size fits all (may not be right for you) OR sacrifice time-to-market to customize $$$ TWO TYPICAL SOLUTIONS + + + - - + + - -

4 Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 4 The SYSDYNE APPROACH OUR SOLUTION  Integrated module- based product  Most comprehensive feature-set in industry today  Hosted solution without sacrificing data control IMPACT  Time to Market is 1-2mo vs. 5 – 8 for traditional approach  Customize the product to your organizational needs… cafeteria model  Cut cost to deploy by 50%... Less provisioning time for IT infrastructure & labor

5 Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 5 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1.Most comprehensive product on the market 10,000+ person-hours of development with extensive testing incorporating six sigma process design Over 90 analytical reports 250 business process alerts in customizable formats Graphical reporting, dashboards, KPIs, drill-down analysis by user group, geography, functional unit, etc. Customizable information portals for each user group/individual 2.Modular architecture 7 distinct modules sold as individual units or as a comprehensive solution Export data/charts directly to MS Excel, PowerPoint 3.Hosted Customer maintains full data control No additional servers, technical support personnel, deployment costs required for in-house installation 99.9% uptime guaranteed; Secure, robust architecture; Scalable for entire organizations needs No upfront capital costs…Pay as you go and use what you need (subscription licensing)

6 Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 6 FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW: MODULES: Allocation Management Order Management Transaction Management Reconciliation Management Dashboard Analytics & Reporting Intelligent Alerts Generate, Share, Review Allocations with Field Management and Users Generate, Import and Manage Orders Created in External Systems or Samples Advantage View, Manage & Adjust Transactions Manage, Report & Reconcile Field User Inventories Easy to Use Information Portal To View Process Information Comprehensive suite of drill-through reports spanning the entire Samples Management Process View, Manage, Share Alerts generated as a result of critical process conditions.

7 Select reports and alerts that are important to you Information is specific to functional unit DASHBOARDDASHBOARD Samples Information Portal For The Entire Organization

8 Configurable Alerts 250 Business Process Alerts Powerful Automated discovery tool ALERTSALERTS ALERTSALERTS ALERTSALERTS

9 ALLOC&ORDERSALLOC&ORDERS Create, Merge & Schedule Allocations/Orders Allocation Feedback module refines Allocations Structured workflow for allocations and orders

10 Track and measure reconciliation work effort Tightly integrated into Analytics and Alerts Automates Reconciliation, makes it easier and faster RECONCILIATIONRECONCILIATION

11 Sysdyne Inc., Confidential 11 CONCLUSION:  Samples Advantage is the FIRST UNIFIED SOLUTION for the Samples Management Process that can help to effectively implement Samples Optimization plans.  Samples Advantage provides robust and efficient support along with the Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) delivery model to provide an unprecedented value in terms of functional capability, service capability and TCO.  Subscription based licensing model ensures that the Client’s upfront risk to adoption is minimal. Samples Advantage offers a better, more flexible and more scalable solution at a lower price point.

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