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Network Security for the Distributed Enterprise January 2011.

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1 Network Security for the Distributed Enterprise January 2011

2 Market Focus  Lots of mid to large enterprises benefit from Cybera’s solutions  Retail and restaurant chains use Cybera to help make their stores PCI compliant  Sold direct, and through channel partners such as security VAR’s and system integrators 2 PARTIAL CUSTOMER LIST

3 Industry Leadership  Member of PCI Security Standards Council  Several other industry associations  Product and growth recognition: – Inc. 5000: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 – Deloitte Technology Fast 500: 2009, 2010 – NACStech Expo Trends: 2010 – Entrepreneur Magazine Hot 100: 2006 – Numerous local industry, growth, and culture awards  Partnered with industry leading technology vendors 3

4 4 4 The Multi-site Enterprise Problem: Network security is not easy  Today, every enterprise network must be secure –As security threats have grown, so have the security requirements –Regulations like PCI and HIPAA now mandate security solutions at all sites  Most security technologies only solve one piece of a larger puzzle –Customers are forced to buy and integrate several systems from different providers  Security solutions are constantly changing as new threats evolve –Customers are fed up with buying security hardware and software that could be obsolete as soon as a new type of threat emerges or a regulation is changed –Security system vendors have historically all sold hardware and software as an upfront cost, which is contrary to customers’ needs

5 5 5 4 Elements of Remote Security  In order to make a remote site secure, customers are buying products from 4 different categories  No single provider integrates all elements  Each customer bears responsibility for integration and management of disparate systems  For most multi-site enterprises, data and Network security is not a core competency, requiring them to hire or contract expensive security experts Security Appliance Firewall IDS / IPS Secure Wireless / IDS Secure Wi-Fi LAN Hotspots Wireless IDS/Scanning VPN / RAS Service Site-to-Site connectivity Client-based RAS SIEM Security Logging / Alerting Event Analysis / Alerting

6 6 6 The Solution: Cybera offers ONE solution to all 4 Security Categories  ONE integrated solution –Addresses all 4 elements of remote site security –Eliminate costs of integration and management  Reduce remote site security costs by 80% or more  All hardware and software provided as a service –Annual subscription fee -> no upfront capital costs –Protection from obsolescence  Cloud-based systems allow long term scalability –Easy to adapt to new security threats and requirements –Upgrades done centrally, not on remote hardware

7 7 7 Economics of Cybera ONE 1st YearAdd'l Year Firewall/IDS Appliance$60,000$12,000 Secure Wireless System with IDS/Scanning$120,000$24,000 VPN Concentrators/Data Center$50,000$10,000 SIEM Software/Servers$20,000$10,000 7 X 24 X 365 Security Expertise (2 Staff)$200,000 $450,000$256,000 Cybera ONE Solution (List Price)$79,500 Savings82%69% 100 Site Example  Including total cost for a 100 site enterprise, Cybera ONE is 82% less in year one and 69% less each successive year  More than $700K savings over 3 years

8 Confidential & Proprietary External Scanning Firewall OSS LDAP SYS LOG PKI CERT RADIUS TACACS IDS/IPS Content Filtering Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam Rogue Wireless Detection HEADQUARTERS Private / Public Wi-Fi Logging and Archiving SIEM Configuration Management Monitoring & Utilization Security Appliance DSL/Cable SSL-VPN Termination  Restaurant  Retail  Convenience Store Cybera Service Delivery Architecture IN-STORE KIOSKS SURVEILLANCE POINT OF SALE PAYMENT PROCESSING Gateway Services REMOTE ACCESS INTERNET REMOTE LOCATIONS Internet 8 Manager’s PC Point of Sale Back- office Secure Wireless VPN / RAS Services Cloud Based SIEM

9 9 9 A Better Security Appliance  Integrated firewall and intrusion protection –Full-service secure gateway between private and public networks –LAN segmentation to support multiple secure zones  Hardware appliance provided as annual service –No capital cost –No risk of obsolescence  No effort for end users –Simple, plug and play installation –Automated configuration and updates as part of service –Cybera monitors, manages, and troubleshoots any issues 7 X 24 X 365 –Overnight replacement included as part of service Cybera SCA Series Security Appliance

10 10 Better Wireless Security  Full-service Wi-Fi access point –Supports secure Wi-Fi LAN’s –Secure public Wi-Fi for guest access hotspots  Wireless Intrusion Protection –Scanning for all access points and clients using 802.11 a/b/g/n across 2.4 & 5Ghz bands –Solves rogue wireless detection for PCI compliance  Integrated cloud-based services included –Wi-Fi includes web-filtering, user access controls, and splash page hosting –Wireless IDS logs analyzed by Cybera’s hosted SIEM  No effort for end users –Simple, plug and play installation –Automated configuration and updates –Fully monitored and managed 7 X 24 X 365 –Overnight replacement included Secure Wireless Rogue Wireless Detection Logging and Archiving Hosted SIEM

11 11 Cloud-based VPN  Managed VPN service in the cloud –No need to buy concentrators or build complex network infrastructure –SSL-based VPN connectivity with 128 and 256 bit encryption –Built-in multi-factor authentication –7 X 24 X 365 monitoring with automatic notification of outage  3 rd party application gateways –Connect directly to payment processors to save cost –Reduce PCI scope since payment transactions bypass corporate data centers  VPN integration with other cloud based security services –SSL Remote access services for user connectivity –Cloud-based web-filtering, firewall, Intrusion protection, anti-virus, anti-spam VPN and RAS Services Managed VPN Remote Access Headquarters Manager’s PC Point of Sale Back- office IN-STORE KIOSKS SURVEILLANCE POINT OF SALE PAYMENT PROCESSING Gateway Services REMOTE ACCESS INTERNET

12 12 Cloud-based SIEM  Hosted Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) –No need to buy enterprise software or server / storage infrastructure –Automated correlation with common vulnerability databases –Addresses log review and retention requirements for PCI compliance  Alerting and Reporting –Severity based alerting on threats and rogue devices –Remote logging and archiving –Online reporting for all locations  No effort for end users –No setup or configuration –Eliminates software and hardware maintenance Cloud-based SIEM SIEM Online Portal Logging and Archiving Manager’s PC Point of Sale Back- office MALICIOUS THREATS HACKERS

13 Getting Started Learn more about Cybera’s Security and Compliance solutions for distributed enterprises and start saving today! Enterprise Sales Paul Melton, VP Sales O: (727) 379-0091 M: (615) 945-4470 E: 13

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