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2 Current News & Tips News & Tips Monthly Clubs are great for residual commissions and so easy for our customers. We will be launching new clubs later this month based upon customer survey feedback!! Virtual Kit is back! Grace Time posts – Remind your customers to post about Grace Time on social media. If they have a short story about Grace Time they can send it to us and it may be published on our #GraceTime, #InHomeTastings

3 Attracting Sales Ways that you can attract customer sales outside of Gatherings/Tastings Testimonials – Having a customer post on social media a picture and a blurb about our products. Post on #Gracetime, #americanserenade on FB, Instagram, Twitter etc Word of mouth Tell everyone you know what you do – When they talk about coffee, ask them what they drink? It can lead into what you do Switch out at school or church or a family function their coffee, tea or wine for ours…wait for the responses and questions and then that’s your cue! Post on your social media page about what you are drinking. – Don’t ask them to buy, just post ….wait – If you do not love the products and are not drinking them, no matter how much you ask…people will not buy.

4 Our Kit Options Difference in the Kits: Virtual a. Offers flexibility for someone to join under their Budget and how they want to run their business. b. Ability to buy order forms etc on adhoc basis. c. Can upgrade to an in-home kit at any time. In-Home Kits They receive all business kit items listed Able to run in-home tastings or work from computer *obviously a party holds ability to get more sales Therefore more commission in a lump time period

5 Examples Customer Testimonial: How it happened: She bought, I asked her to post after she tried it to help spread the word. Mmmm! American Serenade Harvest Spice coffee. Perfection. — with Lisa Mitchell. Output: People know how particular she is…I got 3 orders off of this one post and a potential booking! My posting: Oh wow! This is the perfect fall adult beverage. I love our Green Apple Riesling brewed up like a Mulled apple cider! So simple and perfect on these fall days. I am going to have to make this again for a game day!! Everyone else is loving it to, I just took three more orders for it!

6 Types of Parties In-home tastings – Ladies only – Baby, bridal showers – Couples tastings – In side the home, on the back patio etc – Family reunions or get togethers Virtual – Facebook events – Word of mouth – Booking party

7 Types of Facebook Events Two types of Invites – Event Invite – Virtual Tasting Party Event invite is a way to invite guests to an in-home tasting or in person vendor show. Virtual Tasting Party is an online party that will be held over a period of time where people can read posts and learn about products, specials, the company etc.

8 Event Invite How it works: 1.You create the event 2.Your host invites her guests 3.You place posts at key times of the day leading up the event. These posts entice the guests on the products and why they should attend the tasting. 4.Selling begins before you walk into the event. 1.Sell your guests on why they should attend and what makes us different. See our sample invite for example posts: Sample invite: – **Don’t solely use Facebook for invites, not everyone is on FB every day. Use email and printed flyers and post cards are also at your disposal. Ask your hosts about her friends and what method is best for them and her.

9 Holding a Facebook Tasting Event Two Different Types of Facebook Events that can be held: – Over a period of days (no more than a week) people will wait until the last min – Hold a pajama virtual party and call people to get on line for a period of an hour Host Options: – Designated Host – Mystery Host Benefits: PREP - Spend time before the event pulling everything together so that hour of the event you are just posting! – Once you build a bunch of posts for your event, you can reuse most of them again for another event. WEAR SWEATS- Do it from home at your computer in your slippers. No sitter required NO BREWING- No Tasting Kits to prepare or order Tips: -This works best when: 1. A host or guests is willing to type a testimonial and tell how much she loves the products 2. If you put some time and effort into preparation of posts and visuals. a. people are visual, use images and terms that makes their mouths water 3. you are responsive to when people comment or ask questions.

10 How to run the event: Select a date and time for the event Ex: August 14, 2014 from 7pm -8pm. If there is a host ask them if they will do a testimonial before the tasting & send them a sample to try and follow up to ensure they tried it. – If no host, ask quiz question and of those that get it right (you are gaining participation here) you will draw for 1-2 free samples to be mailed to try. – Follow up with those guests privately to set expectations prior to mailing and then after mailed. Keep posting as you get close to explain how the event will run and that people need to be logged onto FB at that time slot. Just as if they were going to the Hosts home but they can come in PJs. Create different ways for the guest to earn tickets for a drawing During the event, go through our products just like you were hosting an in-home party, just not as indepth. – I explain in a post who we are – I introduce Grace and typically attach the Grace Photo from our Blog post asking if this feels like most of your days? You need to meet Grace. – Then I ask coffee questions to educate them on coffee.

11 Different Education Posts for FB Events What brand of coffee do you use today? What don’t you like about the coffee you use today? Did you know our coffee comes without the bitter taste? Do you know what creates the bitter taste in coffee? (this could be a quiz question) – Then describe briefly two beans and we use the top 1-2% specialty bean of Arabica How are coffee and wine similar? (quiz question) – Each bean and grape will produce different tastes after each harvest, due to climate, rainfall, temp etc. – When you couple the type of bean used with hand roasters that know exactly how to roast each bean from each country. They understand the climate, temperature of each countries harvest and go through several iterations of roasting before deciding the perfect roast for that particular Harvests beans. Show our coffees & ask them which one looks good to them and which one they would like to know more about? Who are my tea drinkers? – Loose or bagged? – Then explain why we only do loose. Our tea does not require sugar and cream because ….. Show image of different teas we offer and ask them what looks good – Talk to health benefits then of the teas Talk about your favorite one, showing the picture of it and why.. Etc, etc with our products. This shouldn’t be as big as in-home tasting but make it interactive and show some of products that interest this particular set of drinkers.

12 Recommendations for Secret Hostess Drawing Win the Host Rewards!!! RSVP –2 tickets Bring a friend – 3 tickets Answer Quiz Question Correctly- 1 ticket Each $10 Spent – 2 tickets Book a Tasting - 5 tickets Every $10 Your ‘Bring a Friend’ spends - 3 tickets Additional drawings: Do a couple of big questions or order now type of requests and first person to do so wins something right away. – Example: Go share & like, comment and follow our social media and watch for them to do so and then do drawing just based on all that go do that – Example: Big quiz question that is a little tougher and first person to answer gets a prize? Maybe a sample pack or something – Example: First person to go place their online order and give me their order #. – I do one 20 -25 min in and one right before closing …

13 Tips Grow your Business Everything takes time, effort and focus! – If you work in an office or retail you have to work to get the sale, get the order in, answer the customer question and follow up and you put in 4-8+ hours/day to do this outside the home. – In direct sales you have to put in the same amount of time and energy upfront BUT you get to do it from home, on your schedule, and potentially earn more money. – Sales will not just come after one post or one request… Sales is HARD work!! But the rewards are unbelievable if you are passionate about the products and put time and energy into it upfront. – Read our Top 10 ways to Market your Business Show them you love it! – I can not stress enough people buy from people and if they see that you love our products and the business it peaks their interest! Build out of the ‘Friend Zone.’ Start talking to strangers or acquaintances now that you have hit up all your friends and family. You will see a increase in your sales. Our customer’s come back. 40% of our customers come back and repurchase either through our clubs or through adhoc purchases. – This is a great way to earn residuals. But if you do not get them to taste, they wont’ become hooked! – Vanna hooked club members and last month shipped out to 5 different club members and earned $35 on just club members each month. This required no effort on her part after they signed up. November and early December are our biggest months! Our products are great for gifts!! Tastings are HUGE right now! – People are settled in their schedule and ready for a tasting.

14 How can I help you? What else can I do to help you?


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