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Project Portfolio Management LFMA Conference - 2014.

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1 Project Portfolio Management LFMA Conference - 2014


3 Project Portfolio Management Do you: Have IT reporting to you? Have an active role in reviewing and prioritizing projects? Have dedicated Business Analysts or PMs? Require PMI certification?

4 Previous PM Process Ice Cream approach Bribery WWJD What Would Jodi Do? WWPD What Would Pat Do?

5 Why improve the process? Amount of work significantly exceeds resource. Are we working the most important projects? More effectively include senior/executive management in decision making process. Particularly important when supporting over 30 functional areas. Provide a consistent project experience

6 Challenges Creating a prioritization process that works across a large management team. Implement change that requires more analysis work up front. Creating a governance process with the appropriate level of complexity.

7 Complexity Internal discussions about process complexity are ongoing. PMI – do 500 pages of guidelines provide the answer? Example: DOU form (before and after)beforeafter Example: Ranking spreadsheet (before and after)before after

8 The New Process Project Request Form Process Flow Reports Review and prioritization at multiple stages Up-to-date information for project owners Project Sites

9 Project Mgmt Methodologies Waterfall Traditional method with heavy upfront planning Inflexible Agile Iterative process More flexibility More risk from a cost perspective

10 Questions?

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