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Enquiry & Contact Management Client Relationship Management (CRM)– Project 1 July 2014.

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1 Enquiry & Contact Management Client Relationship Management (CRM)– Project 1 July 2014

2 Objectives To raise awareness of the E&CM Project and engage our stakeholders in the development of an enterprise solution for client relationship management Agenda  Client Relationship Management Strategy  E&CM Project – Purpose & Objectives  What’s Changing?  Benefits  Engagement and participation  Next Steps University of Adelaide2

3 Our Client Relationships University of Adelaide 3 Student Community Employer/ Industry Research Funder/ Partner School/ Agent Donor Benefactor Course participant Government & Other Institutions Staff AlumniParent Prospective Student Volunteer Person Or Organisation

4 Our Client’s Experience University of Adelaide4 Dealing with clients based on one role at a point in time, fractured by function and/or Faculty Prospective Student

5 Client Relationship Management Strategy Leave those with whom the University interacts with a positive and enduring experience Tailor student experience to individual needs and student body diversity Engage with organisations in a professional and integrated way Increase the value of client relationships over time Build brand equity and improve advocacy University of Adelaide5 Provide the University with the capability to deliver a better client experience: A new approach is needed to provide a single view of the client and enable customised interactions that deliver mutual value

6 Client Relationship Management University of Adelaide6 Client Lifecycle Know our clients and how the relationship changes over time Distinct lifecycle for each client category, ending with an “ideal” level of engagement Manage their progression to higher stages Needs Based Segmentation Value to the client Define client groups to focus on their different needs and values Develop value propositions for clients and segments Customise interaction to maximise value for them Lifetime Value (LTV) Value to the University Increases as the relationship develops Recognise and assess the value of creating, developing and retaining relationships Use this information to optimise the use of resources

7 E&CM Project - Purpose & Objectives University of Adelaide7 Our Purpose: Deliver an enterprise solution for enquiry and contact management and a foundation for an integrated CRM platform for the University. Our Objective: Improve our clients’ overall experience by understanding, connecting and serving them better by:  Coordinating our relationship from a “whole of University” basis  Providing a single view of clients over time and all channels of communication  Customising communication to the needs, preferences and interests of our clients  Reducing the effort required by our administrative/service processes  Using “actionable” information to make the most of our resources

8 What’s Changing? Single view of interaction history Personalised & customised responses Prioritise & direct enquiries for action Simple case management Client Portal Monitor volumes & service standards Enquiry & Contact Management Enable self service Integrated knowledge base (University wide) Internal and external use Quick & easy to find answers Access from any device (via browser) Consistent & current information Multiple languages Web Self Service University of Adelaide8 Enterprise Solution: UoA processes & Oracle Right Now Cloud Service

9 What’s Changing? Capture prospective student enquiries (mobile approach for Schools, Open Day & Events) Manage the UG pipeline Coordinate contact with Schools & Agents Improve the speed & quality of responses Target recruitment campaigns Lead Management Create targeted lists & campaigns Personalise & vary content Notify clients of relevant events via their channel of choice Identify candidates for PG campaigns Measure campaign outcomes & effectiveness Campaign Services University of Adelaide9

10 What’s Changing? Inside-out thinking Activity Focus Complex, fractured Transaction (point in time service excellence) Act within span of control Treat customers the same Outside-in thinking Outcome Focus Simple, integrated Relationship (proactively create value over time) Ownership across boundaries Treat customers differently based on need and value University of Adelaide10

11 Benefits  “Know me”  Continuity in service  Self-service capability  Less effort to find information, access services & get what they need  Quicker responses  Receive alerts when content of interest is updated  Less “junk mail”  Higher satisfaction with student services People & OrganisationsStaff  Pick up from the last conversation  Find current information more easily  Reduce answer shopping  Fewer “simple” enquiries  Coordinated contact  Target & personalise outbound campaigns & measure impact  Optimise resources  Information to focus on cost-effective service University of Adelaide11 International students Growth 2% 7% increase direct recruitment PG Studies up.5% Efficiency benefits

12 Who’s Involved? University of Adelaide12 PROJECT TEAM LEADSREFERENCE GROUP Siobhan Guy Student Administration Ian Thomson Ask Adelaide Natalie Kourtidis Office Future Students Anita Berry Marketing & Communications Neil Feakin Technical Services Enquiry & Contact Management Web Self-Service/ Knowledgebase Prospective Students/ Lead Management Marketing Campaign Services Technical and System Administration Representatives from each Faculty, DVCA, International Services, Student Administration, Student Finance, Office for Future Students, University Engagement Branch, Marketing & Communications, Indigenous Education, Technology Services, Professional & Continuing Education, Ask Adelaide, International Student Services, Career Services

13 How will we define the UoA Processes? 1. Review Best Practice OOTB Solution Other University Practice 2. Document Proposed Approach Define process Process map 3. Consult Reference Group Review and validate Feedback on local impact University of Adelaide13 4. Consult Customer Fit for Purpose customer forums 5. Communicate What’s proposed? How will it impact us? Feedback 6. Recommend Document outcome Review and sign-off by E&CM Project Board Role of Reference Groups: Consulted re: UoA approach; Understand local impact; Participate in testing & pilot training (as able); Support end users

14 Project Team’s focus in this phase:  Define: What are the “Out Of The Box” (OOTB) processes and how can we make them work for the UoA?  Scope: How much can we achieve and who will use it in Phase 1? Deployment Phase 1: Ask Adelaide, Faculties, Marketing, International, Office for Future Students, Indigenous Education, Student Administration Scope: Prospective & current students (excl. HDR), Agents, Schools, Parents  Plan: What do we need to do to prepare for “Go Live” and who will do what? When and how should we roll out the changes? University of Adelaide14

15 Next Steps for our stakeholders:  Managers discuss the Project with their teams and provide feedback to Project Team  Staff Survey in September  Representatives to participate in our work streams to design UoA processes and support the deployment of the solution (E&CM, Lead Capture, Email Campaigns, Knowledge Base)  Monthly meetings with stakeholders re: communication and stakeholder management  How we’ll keep you informed: ₋Updates at team meetings (standing agenda item) ₋Newsletters ₋Website (under development) University of Adelaide15

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