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By Kevin McElwee Hosted by Clay Peek Peek Performance Insurance.

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1 By Kevin McElwee Hosted by Clay Peek Peek Performance Insurance

2  Establish Commonality  Establish Purpose  Gather Information  Set Up The Sale

3  The Warm Up the Purpose, the Pain and the Presentation are all one... the “Interview” and it naturally leads to the “Combo” Sale.  The intent from the beginning is to, when appropriate, create a Combo sale.

4  Connecting points of commonality  Asking about what you see and hear (Information/Referral gathering).  Ask permission to take notes.  Mirroring their responses

5  Their Expectations  Your Expectations

6 If you go to the doctor’s office because you have the flu, and while looking into your eyes, he/she sees a mass in your eye, … would you want to know about it? How would you feel if nothing was said? So, your expectation would be “full disclosure,” and a plan to deal with it? Yes? Good, that makes sense to me. In light of that, I want to ask several questions so I can better diagnose your “insurance condition” … Is that OK with you?

7  Insurance They Have. ◦ Ask about the various the kinds of insurance, like MA/Med Sup, LTC, Cancer, HI, CI, DVH, Life (what kind), Retirement plans/Annuities, etc.  ID the Insurance They Don’t Have (the insurance “doctor” is giving them a full physical)  Tip Toe over to the “close” people that they know, “do you know if Phyllis and Stan have a LTC plan?”

8 A “Problem Solver” Potential “Problem Creator”  Holistic – I want to deal with the whole problem (even ones you may not know about) and attempt to solve problems, and mitigate new ones  Preserve, Prevent, Protect – deal with as many “presenting and potential” issues as possible  No Side Effects – too much cost/emphasis on one “problem/plan” that could result in gaps of coverage in other needed areas  Unconcern For the “Entire Person” – they’ve made a preliminary diagnosis and cure before they properly consult the client.  Singular Focus - on making one/two predetermined sales  Conflicting Results – Sold a product – but left other areas untended – and possibly no budget left to address other important needs.

9  Does my approach make sense to you?  Which kind of person do you prefer to do business with?

10 “Cheap Price” Driven“Value/Prudence” Driven  Less Concerned with &/or Unaware of:  Quality Of Product  Quality Of Service  Stability of Company  Possibility of problems later  If it costs more later  Reliability  Limits on their options  Bypassing Real Solutions  Unfulfilled Expectations  Feeling Cheated  More Concerned with:  Quality Of Product  Quality of Service/Stability  Solving/Anticipating Problems  Costing less over time  Reliability  Being given Options  Addressing current/potential Issues  Peace Of Mind  Getting Money’s Worth

11  Because I don’t wish to burden you with things that don’t concern you, ◦ How do you see yourself? ◦ What kind of Shopper are you? (Price vs Value Driven) ◦ What matters to you? ◦ Do you know how many plans are even available to you?

12 YoursTheirs  Client Profile “traditionally, this is what my client looks like”  Time – it typically will take me 1-1.5 hours from this point, is that OK with you?  Product – I’ve brought an array of products that I think might meet your needs and expectations. … Not just one or two favorite plans.  Upfront Contract – Can we agree to tell each other yes or no once I discover whether or not I can take you on as a client and if I’m able to suggest pathway for you? ◦ Can I take you on as a client? ◦ Will you accept me as your agent?  Agent Profile – What kind of agent have you – do you – want to work with? Your “Agent Expectation?”  Time – Do I have time to consider the proposal today?  Budget – how much should I plan on spending to provide holistic coverage for medical/life needs?  Decision – are the decision makers here? (Daughter/Son or Spouse)  Upfront Contract ◦ Will you accept me as your agent?

13 ProblemsPain  Irritation  Compelling Reason to Chat  Window Shopping  Want Your Candy  Hope Island  No Urgency  Hears Opinion  Denial  Acute Pain  Compelling Reason To Act  Seeks Plan of Action  Wants It Fixed  Faces Reality  Urgency  Convinced To Facts  Admits Reality


15 Could You Please Tell Me About It?

16 Could You Be More Specific?

17 How Long Has This Been A Problem?

18 What Have You Tried?

19 What Was The Result?

20 How Much Did It Cost You In Time And Resources?

21 How Does That Make You Feel?

22 Have You Given Up Hope For An answer?

23 What Is It That You Would Like Me To Do About This? Can you help me? “I don’t know … are you ready to solve the problem?”


25  Wants A Holistic Approach  Wants Value  Wants You  Desires Program To Meet Needs

26  Have they talked to anyone yet?  Have they researched any plans on line?  Have they talked to any friends or relatives?  Which programs have they already heard about?  Do you wish to know what programs are available?

27  Has your agent spoken to you about this? (yes/no)  (Yes)…What did they say?  How do you feel about it?  Does it make sense to you? (Yes/No)  Why?  What do you need me for?

28  (No, they did not contact me)  Why is that?  How does that make you feel?  As part of servicing you, would you have liked a call?  Why not just have them fix it?

29  The Old Way – Traditional Plan F  The “Cheap” Way – MA Plan  The New Way – Combo Sale w HD F & other plans – More Value – Less exposure

30  Any Dr  Any Hospital  Guaranteed renewable  100% Portable  Expensive  Limited Coverage  Going Away  Not Much Value For Money

31  Cheap Premium  High Co-pays  Coinsurance Exposure  High OOPM Exposure  Limited Dr Choices  Limited Hospital Choices  Instability  Can Cancel You  Limited Benefits  Expensive To Use  Allow For Additional Coverage

32  Affordable Premium  Allows For Comprehensive Coverage  Any Dr  Any Hospital  Guaranteed Renewable  100% Portable  Stability  Low Exposure  Lower Cost Sharing  Combines Best Of Former Two

33  Hospital Indemnity  Recovery Care  Cancer  Critical Illness  Life Insurance  SPWL  DVH  etc

34  What makes most sense to you?  Do you want high premium with stability, but less protection?  Do you want Less stability, fewer choices, but more coverage?  Do you want greater value for your dollars, freedom of choice, stability, and greater, deeper, more comprehensive coverage?

35  (After they make their choice)  So, is this the choice that makes sense to you?  Why?

36  Life “Interview ONLY” – 800-377-3541 (paper app)  Life only sale – application – 855 567 0496  Health only sale – 866 861 7304  864 228 2635 Peek Performance


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