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WELCOME to the 13 th edition of our Columbus Newsletter! Keeping you up-to-date with Columbus member activities around the world. Again, many thanks to.

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1 WELCOME to the 13 th edition of our Columbus Newsletter! Keeping you up-to-date with Columbus member activities around the world. Again, many thanks to all of you for your contributions! In this issue you will find: Global Newsletter Edition 13 Covering News from March 2014 to June 2014 EVENTS & PEOPLE…………………………………………. 2 RECOGNITION & AWARDS ……………………….……..9 CLIENT WINS ………………………………………………….18 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS …………………….11 LOCAL COUNTRY UPDATES…………………………….16 PEOPLE & TEAMS…………………………………………… 6 RESEARCH AND TOOLS ……………………….………..10

2 EVENTS & PEOPLE Argentina: IGNIS celebrates its 10 th anniversary France: 20 years CoSpirit MediaTrack This year is the CoSpirit MediaTrack 20 th anniversary. 150 people from Lyon and Paris offices as well as former employees gathered to celebrate this occasion. IGNIS celebrated its first decade with it’s managers and employees. A specific “60`s dress code” made the evening even more spectacular. The party was themed around the popular TV series “MADMEN”, which is set in the everyday life of an advertising agency.

3 EVENTS & PEOPLE Germany: Kick Off 2014 Once a year Mediaplus/ Serviceplan invites its employees and managers to a 2-day event called “Kick Off”. This year over 1.000 people gathered at Wolgangsee in Austria to exchange their ideas and visions. A great party followed very informative lectures and speeches held by the prominent personas of the German marketing scene. Germany: 5 p.m. Academy at Mediaplus/ Serviceplan Media usage has been changing rapidly. Our target groups increasingly interact with a second screen in their hands while the TV is on. How can media keep up with this change? - Precisely this question was discussed among leading German marketing and media experts in the Serviceplan`s 5 p.m. academy.

4 EVENTS & PEOPLE Belgium: House of Communication Brussels There are now four Houses of Communication in Europe outside of Germany: following the success of the sites in Milan, Vienna and Zurich, now Brussels also has a single building for all of the agencies which celebrated its official opening on 6 th May. The concept of integrated communication under a single roof is to be introduced in the medium term in all Serviceplan offices using the proven ‘House of Communication’ approach, which features the classical agency Serviceplan, the digital agency Plan.Net and the media agency Mediaplus, keeping digital communications as the strategic driver across the globe. For more information please visit

5 EVENTS & PEOPLE Bulgaria: Very eventful event season for Argent agency Argent participated at IAB Forum, a prominent digital marketing event, which takes place annually in Sofia, Bulgaria. The purpose of this forum is to promote the benefits and opportunities of interactive marketing and also of Internet as one of the main channels of communication. This year Argent also became the member of the IAB organization. Argent also participated at following events: Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies AdForum 2014, Google's CEE Agency Day 201) and DigitalK (the leading SEE technology event, a must-attend gathering of 900+ startup founders, investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders).

6 PEOPLE & TEAMS The Netherlands: Mediaxplain* joins Columbus Mediaxplain* joined the Colombus Network. The agency is a well-known independent strategic media agency from Amsterdam. It was founded in 2000 by Gun Nieuwenhuis and Chris Coen Hage. This is how Medixplain* presents itself: At Mediaxplain* we like to do things a little different. Our goal is to be best of class. Not to be the biggest agency. Our focus always lies on continuity and not on billing. With a proven integrated method, Mediaxplain * offers a comprehensive approach to complex communication issues. We work for several national and international brands/clients including HBO, The Postcode Lottery, Converse, Tui, Kyocera and Phone House. Mediaxplain*’s unique formula In addition to the purchase of media, we focus on everyday communication challenges that require a deep analysis and strategic approach. This goes deeper into the use of media than purchasing advertising space only. The focus is to maximize the impact of the message, and the recommended solution is mostly made based on innovative media behaviour and effect research, which are performed in-house. Mediaxplain*: did you know? We are able to offer our clients a state of the art service in the field of E-commerce? As a knowledge centre we even operate our own webshop: We recently took over the activities of Eurizon and with that we were happy to welcome Sander Bots in our team; a good relation within Columbus. At this moment Marianna Faynshteyn, a social star from Horizon Media, is working on her US clients within our Amsterdam office? For the brand Tesa, we have already set up a successful and close cooperation with Media Plus Belgium? We will share the results of this first international campaign in October. We are looking forward to cooperate with all Columbus agencies and meet everyone at the next summit. Curious about Mediaxplain*? Check out our website. It will also host an English version soon:

7 PEOPLE & TEAMS Canada: Jungle Media grows Jungle Media has announced that they are expanding their national network by moving into Quebec with a new Montreal office. Jungle is an innovation-and partnership-focused media agency that has signed IKEA, Nike, Capital One, Sleeman and Sobeys as clients in its four-year history. Canada: Adwords Product Forum Cossette's Head of Search, Brian Cuddy attended the 2014 Adwords Product Forum was hosted April 21-23, in Half Moon Bay, California. It showcased the company’s current vision for their ad platform as well as a number of new & upcoming ad products. Google is focusing heavily on monetizing mobile ad inventory by introducing a number of new mobile ad formats and investing heavily in measurement (offline, cross-device) and enterprise- class tools. As consumer behaviour continues to fragment across device it's now more important than ever we employ measurable strategies rooted in driving value for our consumers. Canada: New Partnership with Nexology V7 Media has now a partnership with Nexalogy, a technological tool to identify relevant conversations across multiple social platforms. With them we developed a real time dashboard which allows us to analyze the players, themes and ideas predominant campaign. This information can be used to develop concepts and content. Canada: Vision7's new content marketing unit for communications networks Vision7 has opened a new chapter to help tell the brand-building stories of its clients. Chapter Two is the new Toronto-based content marketing unit for the communications network. The group will be focused on developing content programs for clients as part of V7’s media operations supporting both Cossette Media and Jungle Media, though the content creation will come from outside Chapter Two. The unit will be run by Luc-Andre Cormier, well know from the Columbus members. He’ll be supported by the newly hired account director Jay Walker. And while the content can come from anyone or anywhere, Chapter Two is currently working with Montreal-based production company Trio Orange.

8 PEOPLE & TEAMS Belgium: Kathleen Soontjens joins Mediaplus Belgium Canada: Danick Archambault joined Jungle Media in Montreal Danick Archambault will be running Jungle Media operations as vice president of Jungle Media in Montreal. Archambault joins the team from his role as general manager of marketing for Bell Media, a role he took on after spending years working at Cossette. Kathleen Soontjens joined Mediaplus Belgium as General Manager for 100 % and will be also main contact for all international requests.

9 EVENTS & PEOPLE USA: Horizon Media Acquires Live Event Production Group, InsideOut Horizon Media is proud to announce the launch of its new live event, talent access, and content creation group, InsideOut. The unit, which is the result of an acquisition of InsideOut Sports + Entertainment LLC run by tennis legend Jim Courier and founding partner Jon Venison, enhances Horizon’s existing event and entertainment marketing capabilities and will provide marketers with unprecedented access to talent and unique live event opportunities. pros-big-sports-sponsor-play-156799 USA: Katy Ferguson, Managing Partner, Entertainment at Horizon Media, has been selected as one of Adweek’s Media All-Stars for 2014 Each year, Adweek selects and profiles twelve executives in the media agency world for its notorious All-Star list. Those profiled are recognized for pioneering successful ideas on behalf of clients and represent the best of the best in the business today. Katy joins Sarah Bachman and Dan Parise on the roster of Horizon front-runners who have been named to the Adweek Media All-Stars list. USA: Horizon’s Chief Digital Officer speaks at Mobile Media Summit and Upfront Donnie Williams spoke at the Mobile Media Summit & Upfront, the largest mobile media and advertising event series in North America and Europe, which hosts more than 1,500 senior agency, media and marketing executives on May 19th at New York City's New World Stages. USA: Horizon’s latest recruiting effort focuses on employee commentary People have a lot of great things to say about Horizon. We are bringing those sentiments to life with our new #140characters project, which we've been broadcasting across our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. Why do you love Horizon? Email.140CHARACTERS or Georgia Lobb explaining why, and you could be Horizon's next character! InstagramFacebookTwitter.140CHARACTERSGeorgia Lobb

10 RECOGNITION & AWARDS Bill Koenigsberg is the new 4As Chair of the Board of Directors. This is a great honor as the 4As is the overarching trade association for the entire marketing industry and ecosystem, providing a leadership voice for all creative agencies, marketing and creative services agencies, PR agencies and of course media agencies. This honor is especially significant as Bill is the first person from a media agency to hold the position in the entire 100 year history of the 4As. The role of the 4As in affecting the critical issues facing our industry has never been more important, and it's never been more complex. Bill has served as vice chair of the board for the past year and in his new role he will help further drive the leadership, value and importance of the 4As as the definitive voice for our industry on every major topic, including government relations and regulation, industry diversity, data privacy, training and education, client relations, agency management, research and industry best practices to name just a few. new-4as-chair-157895

11 RECOGNITION & AWARDS Argentina: Best Media Mix for the launch of the local movie Muerte en Buenos Aires. In June Ignis won the golden award “Lapiz de oro” for the best media mix for the movie “Muerte en Buenos Aires”. to the campaign entry (Spanish version) Canada: Cossette Media took home following awards… At the event “Prix Média Infopresse” Cossette was awarded for campaigns “Amnistie Internationale” and “Royal Canadian Mint”. At the event “Cannes Lions” the agency won bronze medal in Cyber Cathegory for the “Royal Canadian Mint” campaign. Portugal: Nova Expressão won the award for the best media agency in 2014 Nova Expressão overtook its competitors (5 other Portuguese media agencies) in the run for the award “Media Agency of the year”. The award event was organized by the Marketeer, the oldest marketing magazine in Portugal. This was the 6th event of this kind.

12 RESEARCH & TOOLS Belgium: Integrating new tools Working on the integration of BrandCube tool into the Belgian market 2014/2015. Canada: Cossette invests into research A Marketing communications company Cossette launches its National Health Observatory. The Observatory is part of the Cossette Lab, closely related to many universities and involved with start-ups. The Observatory will produce and share the latest observations and research findings in the health industry in Montreal. Our company have already 30 clients in the health category (TELUS Health is one example) and we are looking for more particularly in the drug category. Belgium: Further development of Galileo software Galileo media software will soon be upgraded to enable the cross campaign valorization Germany: A neurological study published immediately following the final of the football World Cup by Serviceplan market research agency “Facit Media Efficiency” has proven that ambush marketing, in the shadow of the official sponsors, is worthwhile for both parties. At least, that is, if the campaigns target the right subject matter. Meaning that often consumers cannot clearly distinguish between sponsors and ‘free-riders’. It therefore primarily depends on the nature of the content whether the brands and their messages linger positively in the memory. If you follow the link you will find more information about this particular reasearch:

13 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS Argentina: Muerte en Buenos Aires For the local movie “Muerte en Buenos Aires” with relatively unknown actors IGNIS launched a campaign, which was later awarded by “Lapiz de Oro”. The objective was to reach 200.000 spectator. IGNIS decided to promote the movie as a classic consumer product within a diverse media mix. In TV and Radio the agency set up special movie trailers for each target and several product placement in the main prime time TV shows. As main result everybody was talking about this new movie on TV. OoH marketing focused on a newly created game connected with the movie's central topic: “Who is the murderer?” (Result: Stirring up curiosity) Furthermore, Buenos Aires cinemas were filled up with movie posters and items from the movie set. People who attended cinema in the relevant weeks were able to participate in a special activity: they were placed as suspects in a movie trailer among other actors from “Muerte en Buenos Aires”. (Result: Growth of popularity in social networks) To sum it up, IGNIS achieved 1500 shared photos, 155.981 likes on Facebook, 16,6 K followers on Twitter and went above its own expectations and reached 450,000 spectators and two month in the cinema billboard.

14 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS USA: Edible Arrangements celebrates launch of largest marketing campaign ever Edible Arrangements has launched its largest and most comprehensive marketing campaign in the company’s history. Horizon Media worked in conjunction with the Richards Group to put together a fully-integrated campaign that covers all channels, from TV and radio to social media to the web to storefronts. marketing-campaign/

15 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS France: Supercell`s campaign Supercell, a mobile game development company, ended its successful campaign “Clash of Clans” in July. The campaign, which was launched parallel to the Champion League start, set its focus on a different sort of World Cup games. The media strategy was to places spots during the matches in which France played. To reach more viewers, the 30s format spots were also placed in quarter-finals, semi-finals and the finals. Please follow the link to the campaign: Canada: TELUS gives taxi-taking Canadians a boot for free In mid April TELUS, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, unveiled the first ever fleet of taxis in Canada featuring cell phone and tablet chargers. Over 1000 taxis in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver offer riders to power up their devices free of charge, while on the go. In addition to the chargers, Cossette placed decals inside and on the outside of the cabs to ensure people knew this was a TELUS charging cab as well as a reminder not to leave their phone behind. The buzz grew fast, people were talking about it, major media outlets picked up the story, and awareness spiked within a few days. All media forms got involved: print, online, broadcast. TELUS Cab Charger program generated 7,332,601 earned media impressions within 2 weeks. Belgium: HP`s new OoH campaing Briefing for the new HP campaign reached the Belgian Agency Mundo Media in December 2013. The client HP wanted to reach international and Belgian decision- makers, who were in contact with the European commission in Brussels. The media agency had around 105k€ at its disposal to reach the target group. OoH marketing concentrated at the Brussels South Station covering both Thalys and Eurostar train connections.

16 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS Peru: Löwenbräu Launch From March till June Central Media was working for the client AmBev on a new “Löwenbräu” campaign. The competitor, SABMiller, also a multinational brewing and beverage company, launched in January a new beer “Backus Ice”. After comparing both campaigns Central Media came to the following conclusion: LÖwnbräu´s invested 55% less financial resources and reached better results. In the post-campaign research Löwenbräu achieved 22% more awareness than Backus Ice. Not only in TV but also in in a OoH and Digital Löwenbräu scored better results. Peru: Budweiser OoH Campaign In May 2014 Budweiser was introduced into the Peruvian market. The market penetration was accompanied by multimedia advertising campaign that included TV, radio, print, digital and OoH. When planning OoH marketing, Central Media focused on the most important spots in the city of Lima with the highest reach. To reach the optimal amount of contacts smaller billboards were also booked. LED billboards with Budweiser Logo were located in the most popular avenues of the capital. Backus ICE extra-fria-llego-al-peru Löwenbräu

17 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS Germany: Launch of BMW i8 On June 5, the world's first BMW i8 were handed over to eight first customers in the BMW World in Munich. A widespread online and offline campaign accompanied the launch since early May with the German claim "first of a new era“. Besides the classic campaign, a number of new and experiential formats were set up, such as the digital hub “Wiki8” that conveys all interesting facts about the i8 or Google Glass at selected airports to provide further information. The use of Google Glass allowed to experience the BMW i8 interactively in the context of an innovation journey and presented information about topics such as laser light, carbon, or plug- in hybrid drive by means of an Augmented Reality application. In addition to various giant posters the outdoor campaign presented the plug-in hybrid sports car by an “Humboldt Box” on the Museum Island in Berlin. The surface of the building was individual designed and moving image elements showing the new car were projected.

18 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS Russia: Sovero Agency won Odinburg residential estate tender Sovero Agency won a tender for the outdoor campaign for its client AFIDevelopment for the product Odinburg residential estate. The campaign is running from April to December 2014 in Moscow and Moscow district, the chosen formats are supersites, billboards, lamppost signs and cross-street banners. Sovero Agency develops the creative materials for each month of the placement. Russia: Sovero Agency took home the regional tender Regional tender for sovero for the client Bank Baltika for its multi media campaign (Outdoor, Radio, Internet and Print). The campaign were “on air” between April and July in Dmitrov, Kaliningrad, Obninsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tver, Ul’yanovsk and Yaroslavl.

19 LOCAL CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS USA: Radio’s Contribution to ROI - Nielsen Catalina Study Shows Big Returns for Small Outlays USA: Blab introduces new predictive social media model Real-time marketing remains more of a fantasy than a reality, maintains Horizon Media SVP of Social Media Strategy Taylor Valentine, especially when it comes to the social media sphere, where sharers may have moved on to new topics by the time a brand has had a chance to react. Blab's founder and CEO says the idea is to give marketers the power to be influencers in social media. media/article/343748/ USA: NCM (Cinema) Upfront Highlights On Wednesday, May 14th, NCM hosted its third annual cinema upfront presentation. Hosted by comedian Frank Caliendo – and featuring presentations from Cliff Marks (president and CEO, NCM) and Dave Kupiec (executive VP sales & marketing, NCM) – the upfront focused on the power of cinema (content, reach and engagement), new opportunities and partnerships, and the pending merger with ScreenVision. Presentation highlights are below:

20 LOCAL COUNTRY UPDATES Mexico: New Amendment on Telecommunication Law Belgium: Telenet bought into SBS Belgium SBS Belgium (private TV vendor) was bought by Telenet (digital TV provider). This acquisition will induce a mayor change in the TV-landscape in Belgium. This week an initiative of a reform to the Mexican Telecommunication law was approved. Among other subjects it is intended to weaken the influence of the country’s most important broadcasters (Televisa and TV Azteca) in the entertainment market. As for advertisers, this law means that in the long term, the big broadcasters won’t be able to force media agencies to buy useless “packages”. Agencies will be able to choose the channels they really want and need. Also, relevant events such as Soccer World Cup finals, NFL finals and such cannot be broadcasted exclusively by one of the aforementioned competitors, which might translate into lower advertising costs in highly coveted advertising spaces. These benefits will not be immediate since there is a considerable adjustment period towards the future. Russia: Aeroexpress combines two ads formats A two-sided branding of the glass surface of the Aeroexpress terminal at Sheremetyevo airport allows to realize an outdoor and indoor placement at the same time. The pictue shows a placement of the Subaru brand.

21 LOCAL COUNTRY UPDATES Russia: Russian Government temporarily put on hold the ban of beer advertising At the end of June 2014, the State Duma Committee recommended to temporarily put on hold the ban of beer advertising in regards to sports competitions, periodic printing editions and on television in Russia. In particular, the document allows placement and distribution of beer advertising during translations of sports competitions, including sports matches, games and etc. Furthermore it will concern the programs, broadcasting both on the air and on record. These norms have to come into force from the date of the law official publication and work till December 31, 2018. Just for additional information - according to AC Vi data, the beer advertising in 2011, when it wasn't forbidden in mass media, occupied about 0,32% of total print market and about 3,37% of total TV-market (federal placement). The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia. Russia: Facebook social network increased its advertising format On Facebook Russia the text-picture box-advertising became bigger lately. Russia: New advertising format in Moscow metro From now on the branding of the Russian subway serve as new advertising format for reaching travelers. As one of the first companies using that format, LG Electronics launched the campaign with golden branded subway trains.

22 New Client CLIENT WINS Sector Argentina Belgium Bulgaria Canada France Staples Supply Chain Store HP IT Albelli Digital Photo Printing Action Retailer General Hospital St. Ivan Rilski Healthcare Bulgarian Development Bank Finance CBA Retail CrediBul Finance Hrana ot Klasa Food Ministere des Ressources naturalles Public Sevices Ordre des Denturologistes du Quebec Professional Assotiation Gaz Metro Energy Vancouver Art Gallery Entertainment Arc Teryx Equipment Inc. Retailer Multi-Material BC Recycling Les produits de marque Liberte Cie Food Easy Day Personal Care Edible Arrangements Retailer Supercell Entertainment Whirlpool Appliances Supercell Mobile Game eDreams Travel industry Duvel Beverages Conseil General General Council rapid flore Floristry

23 New Client CLIENT WINS Sector Germany Mexico Peru Portugal Russia USA Anker Brot Food Develey Food Hamburg Messe Trade Fair Bench Clothing XXL Lutz Furniture Codello Clothing PROFEM Health Juan Valdez Café Beverages BEMBO Technology Jardines de Mexico Entertainment Assist Card Insurance HUAWEI Telecomunication Bla Bla Car Transport Services BioKill OTC Drugs Odinburg residential estateReal Estate Bank BaltikaBanking Sleep number cpg

24 Thank you very much for reading & sharing your news with us! Sunny regards from Munich from your German Columbus Team!

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