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Digital Options AHECTA Annual Conference Tampa, FL June 22, 2011.

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1 Digital Options AHECTA Annual Conference Tampa, FL June 22, 2011

2  College Trends  SD Digital Services  HD Digital Services  IPTV Services  Summary/Open Discussion – all solutions 2 Agenda

3  2007 CTAM Study College Students 16.6 hrs p/wk video / 70% TV  November 2010 56% Households have HDTV /May 2009 Penn State survey – 54% students have HDTV  Students want HD, DVR and other services but don’t want to pay – low penetration rates – low ROI on STBs – goal: bulk services  Local cable operators all-digital - No requirement for colleges to be all-digital  OTT Proliferation (Over The Top, TV Everywhere) 3 College Trends

4 College Trends May 2009 Penn State Survey  7,870 students/20% response  60% unlikely to order premium service/movie  58% students did not know off-air HD channels were available  54% not more than once a week watching TV on PC  Within next two years, 77% unlikely to stop bring TVs and watch TV on PC 4

5  Digital Service Overview  Direct Digital TV Services – no STB  Digital on Campus Today 5 SD Digital Services

6  All-digital objectives – more channels, lower bandwidth, higher quality 6 Digital Services Overview System Capacity Mhz%AnalogHD (2x)SD (8x) 4504%61122488 55022%77154616 75046%118236944 870+25%1372741096 IPTV Only2% Total100% HD - possible to compress 3x SD - possible to compress 12x

7  Drake EHS 24 SD Encoder o Supports EAS o 8 SD Digital Channels per 6 MHZ 7 DIRECT SD Digital Services – No STB

8 HD Digital TV Services – No STB 8 ZvPro – HD Video Distribution  Delivery of HD digital satellite services without the need for a digital set top box. Features  720 and 480 on Component input.  Well-formed QAM 256 6Mhz channel, inserted onto any blank channel.  Easily integrate and balance into new and existing MATV/SMATV RF distribution systems to add HD.

9 HD Digital TV Services – No STB 9 ZvPro 280 – HD Video Distribution VGA and HD video distribution over coax wiring Top of the line ZvPro ® 280 revolutionizes the way HD video is distributed on-premise. A combination HD encoder and RF modulator in a 1RU package, ZvPro 280 makes it affordable to create an HDTV channel and distribute it over simple-to-use COAX wiring to every on-premise HDTV. Our best video processor enables 1080P and 1080i encoding for an unsurpassed viewing experience

10 HD Digital TV Services – No STB 10 HDE-2H-QAM HD ENCODER  Delivery of HD digital satellite services without the need for a digital set top box. Features  Digitizes, encodes, and multiplexes up to two(2) HDMI and/or YPbPr inputs into one digital QAM output.  Supports EIA-608 Closed Captioning.  Equipped with EAS Interface

11 HD Digital TV Services – No STB 11 MUX-2D-QAM 8VSB / QAM Multiplexer Provides complete EAS override of off-air or clear QAM channels while retaining the original PID structure EAS loop through feature allows the cascading of units in a headend requiring only one ASI-EAS input Multiplexes two 8VSB or Clear QAM channels into one QAM-256 carrier PID filtering grooming feature allows the user to drop unwanted programs PSIP override feature allows user to change original PSIP channel name (example: WBTL can become CBS – NY) PSIP channel override allows user to change original channel number to 3 or 4 digit channel number (example: 8.1,8.2,8.3 can become 801, 802, 803

12 12

13  Dean College o First CTV customer to go all digital. o Combination of SD digital and HD digital o Students with analog televisions need digital to analog STB.  Western New England  TCU  USC  UWRF – This summer 13 Digital on Campus Today

14 14 Digital on Campus Today

15 true HD Digital TV Services – w/STB 15 DIRECTV COM1000  Delivery of multiple true HD digital satellite services to digital set top box. Features  Ultra Compact HD Set-top box.  Available in Bulk or as Subscription Service.  Expandable to many channels.

16 IPTV Services Haivision Video Furnace  Bulk services to dorms, admin, academic  Services to PC with optional proprietary Stingray $375.00 STB to TV  Northwestern since 2002, in use at # of schools today  All maintenance/warranty included – inc. upgrades  “Zero Footprint” InStream PC player – low IT supp.  Web based portal server access  Flexible bandwidth stream management  Channel lineups/icons, guide links, edit live channels  16

17 IPTV Services Video Furnace Equipment 17 21 Card 4RU Chassis Stingray STB PC Instrem Viewer VF Portal Server – 1RU

18 IPTV Services DIRECTV / IP Advantage  $58k upfront cost (or $1,309 monthly)- one rack headend installed – supports 1,024 STBs  All DIRECTV services available – month to month pricing, no discounts  Proprietary STBs D11i $100 to student, $175 HR20i (HD-DVR)  Entry subscription services – Family $34.99, Choice $55.99  Institutional services available – stadium, coaches, lounges, pubs  No additional cost to school (manage IP network)  4 Channel local insertion  Implemented Cornell Sept 2008 – no major issues after initial install – 8000 students, 4000 units, 350 subs plus 100+ instit. 18

19 IPTV Services IP Advantage Headend 19

20 IPTV Services IP Advantage Process  Students purchase STBs from bookstore  Student calls CTV 800# o STB authorization, Set up billing/credit card  Post install – student calls CTV 800# for support, calls DIRECTV for change in programming  Students can re-authorize same STB annually  CTV handles all support and programming for institutional accounts 20

21 IPTV Services IP Advantage Equipment - STBs 21

22 Conclusion  Keep the CATV system relevant 22

23 Thank You JR Bresnig (203) 983-5400 x133

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