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Give Ozarks Agency Partner Introductory Session What is a Giving Day? A Giving Day is a powerful 24-hour online fundraising competition that unites a.

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2 Give Ozarks Agency Partner Introductory Session

3 What is a Giving Day? A Giving Day is a powerful 24-hour online fundraising competition that unites a community around local causes. Hosted by the area’s community foundation, the Giving Day raises money through a single online donation platform. A Giving Day is a great way to build community, connect donors to local nonprofits, teach organizations to use digital tools and generate excitement about your community foundation. --Knight Foundation

4 What are the CFO’s Goals? Raise awareness of philanthropy and nonprofit sector. Create new donors. Provide extra source of support for nonprofit partners for projects, operational or endowment. Build endowments.

5 Examples of Giving Days

6 Summary of Giving Days Knight Foundation: Supported 18 give days last year raising $31.8 million … they only support Give days in 26 communities where they have newspapers. Kimbia platform: 7,000 nonprofits participated on May 6, 2014 and raised $53 million. About 300,000 donors; 40 percent from western states. Razoo platform: Over $120 million has been raised by Razoo during more than 60 days.

7 Give Ozarks – May 5, 2015 One day, 100 percent online via Give Ozarks website, powered by CFO’s Cause Momentum platform. No sign-up/software fee Region-wide, open to all nonprofit and school partners Endowment, operational or project-based

8 Why May 5? CFO joining with Greater St. Louis Community Foundation in hopes of growing into statewide event. Outside of typical fundraising windows – year-end; United Way campaign. Part of Give Local America, which includes community foundations across the country. #GivingTuesday (after Thanksgiving) crowded and may interfere with your year-end efforts.

9 Give Ozarks Sponsors (as of 2/1) Presenting Sponsor: Platinum Sponsors: Gold Sponsors:

10 Give Ozarks Sponsors Silver Sponsors: Bronze Sponsors:

11 Example of Give Ozarks home page

12 Example of Give Ozarks Leaderboard page

13 Example of Give Ozarks Agency page

14 Three Fundraising Options Operational Funds Specific Project Endowment Building

15 Operational and Project Eligible for prize money, such as Golden Tickets; most unique donors, etc. Donations made to the CFO, reconciled after event, placed in the fund of the agency’s choosing to draw on anytime after.

16 Endowment Will be selected by application process CFO will match 1:1 up to $5,000 for selected agencies. Application deadline was 5 p.m., Friday, Jan. 30. Agencies can expand existing endowments or start an endowment (minimum is $10,000). Endowment agencies also eligible for other prize money.

17 Prizes and Sponsorships $100,000 available from CFO for 1:1 endowment matches. More than $60,000 offered in prize funds. Agencies encouraged to find your own incentive gifts or sponsorships. Agency matches need to be deposited with the CFO by April 30, or made online during the day (no day-of checks or cash), to function as “real-time” incentives.

18 Examples of Prizes These are potential examples; the prize structure will be solidified for second training session. Hourly Incentives: Top 3 to 5 agencies with most unique donors during specific hours. Highest number of overall unique donors. “Early Bird” or “Night Owl” awards for most donors during first or last 30 minutes of the day “Golden Tickets” – random drawings of all agencies that receive donations during a certain time period. Matches to agencies within specific geographic areas from affiliates or business sponsors. Matches to agencies within a specific sub-category, i.e., arts or environment.

19 Benefits for Nonprofits Online giving is showing year-over-year increase of about 13 percent. Giving Days help introduce and reinforce new giving behaviors that can help lead to greater year-round giving. While online giving accounts for about 8 percent of total giving, it’s an important channel to raise awareness and grow a network of supporters, particularly through social media. Younger donors may be more likely to give during a Giving Day if they know their smaller dollars will be leveraged for greater impact. First-time donors comprised 42 percent of Giving Day donors in a national study.

20 Benefits for Nonprofits Giving Days capitalize on a moment in time to create energy and momentum to a particular cause or organization. The competitive aspect empowers individuals to use their peer influence to engage other donors who may not already know about an organization’s work. Participating in a Giving Day can raise a nonprofit’s public image considerably and expand its circle of supporters beyond the usual suspects. No matter an organization’s size or budget, an online Giving Day levels the playing field by giving organizations of all shapes and sizes the ability to compete.

21 Nonprofits’ Responsibilities Get agency leadership and board support for your participation. Decide on goal: Project, Operational, or Endowment. Attend training sessions. Create a profile page for your organization on the Give Ozarks website. Post Give Ozarks link on your website. Consider seeking sponsors and incentive gifts for your agency.

22 Nonprofits’ Responsibilities Prepare your own marketing and promotion efforts using provided tools and templates. Identify a volunteer, board member or supporter to be main point person for your organization. Broadcast news about Give Ozarks Day using existing communication vehicles. Use social media to publicize your participation in Give Ozarks. Send thank-you notes to your donors.

23 CFO’s Responsibilities Seek partners for grants and prizes. Create a common message and brand for Give Ozarks. Provide a Nonprofit Toolkit with resources for nonprofits. Provide training sessions to prepare nonprofits for Give Ozarks Day. Serve as the liaison between nonprofits and the donation platform. Raise awareness in the community and generate media interest in the event.

24 CFO’s Responsibilities Inform donors via ongoing correspondence (newsletters, events, social media, etc.). Highlight participating nonprofits on Facebook and Twitter. Use websites to spread the word about Give Ozarks. Offer ongoing support to nonprofits for technical assistance. Plan day-of event to generate awareness.

25 Examples of Toolkit Items Checklist Timeline Marketing guidelines Promotional :30-second video Email blast template(s) News Release template(s) Poster – generic or customizable Social media resources and tips

26 Financial Breakdown No upfront fee to participate. Donations will be disbursed to selected fund after Give Ozarks’ full reconciliation (several weeks). 1 percent platform fee taken by CFO at time of transfer. Any 3.5 percent transaction fees not covered by donors deducted before funds transfer.

27 Financial Breakdown Example: Nonprofit raises $5,000 on Give Ozarks Day $5,000 in donations $175 – Deduct 3.5 percent credit-card fees ______ $4,825 $48.25 – Deduct 1 percent platform fee ______ $4,776.75 – Net to Agency (Add $2,500 prize would mean $7,276.75!)

28 Future training workshops Tuesday, Feb. 10: 9-11 a.m., Hilton Garden Inn, Springfield Wednesday, April 8: 9-11 a.m., Springfield Art Museum

29 Next Steps Discuss participation and goals (project, operational, endowment) with your leadership and board. Sign up to participate at Put next training sessions on your calendars.

30 Resources List of Frequently Asked Questions on Knight Foundation Giving Day resource guide: Contact Information: Matt Lemmon: Louise Knauer: Julie Leeth:

31 Video recap of Communities Foundation of North Texas 2014 experience.

32 Questions?

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