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PATENT MONETIZATION Ragnar Olson Global IP Law Group, LLC.

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1 PATENT MONETIZATION Ragnar Olson Global IP Law Group, LLC

2 P ATENT V ALUATION 2 Patent Value – Phase I o Market Area Digital Media (Streaming/Gaming) Wireless Infrastructure (4G) Smartphone Functionality Social Networking o Patent Filing Factors Filing Dates Issued Patents = Current Claim Coverage Disclosure/Open Continuations Worldwide Coverage Access to Inventors Reexamination

3 P ATENT V ALUATION 3 Patent Value – Phase II o Infringement Claim Charts Independent/Dependent Claims Reverse Engineering o Financial Analysis Industry Growth Rates Royalty Rates Penetration Rates o Encumbrances Licensed/Available Market

4 P ATENT V ALUATION 4 Monetization Options o Litigation o License o Sale o Hybrid

5 W AYS TO M ONETIZE 5 Litigation o Often Exclusive Monetization Avenue of Law Firms o High Risk/High Reward o Slow – Many Years o Highly Adversarial o Willingness to Participate

6 W AYS TO M ONETIZE 6 Licensing o Provides Ongoing Revenue o Still Adversarial Carrot v. Stick o Creates Significant DJ Risk o Difficult Without Litigation

7 W AYS TO M ONETIZE 7 Sale o Lower Risk/ Lower Reward o Variety of Options Private Sale Public Auction o Lower DJ Risk/Friendly Transaction

8 W AYS TO M ONETIZE 8 Hybrid o Some Upfront Money o Backend Participation o Acquiring Party Has Full Litigation Decision o Seller’s Willingness to Participate o Repurchase Clause

9 A CTIVE P ATENT C OMPANIES 9 Privileged & Confidential Attorney-Client Communication


11 P ATENT A CQUIRERS 11 Buyers o Strategic Buyers Operating Companies Defensive or Offensive Will Pay a Premium o Aggressive Non-Practicing Entities Licensing Companies Hybrid Option o Defensive Non-Practicing Entities Acquire Patents on Behalf of Members No Assertion May Sell Patents Back Into Market

12 G LOBAL IP L AW G ROUP Results In early 2009, we formed an innovative law firm dedicated to monetizing patent assets through sales, licensing, and litigation. Our partners developed their expertise at elite law firms and an innovative investment bank, and we have a strong mix of corporate and law firm experience (large and small), and have extensive entrepreneurial experience. Steve Steger Brinks Hofer; Mayer Brown; Accenture; Brunswick; Ygomi Ragnar Olson Drug Enforcement Administration; Ocean Tomo David BertenKirkland & Ellis/Bartlit Beck; founded Competition Law Group in 1999 Graham Gerst Kirkland & Ellis; U.S. Department of Justice Cindy AhnKirkland & Ellis; Third Wave Technologies (General Counsel) Since formation, the firm has more than 100 agreements pending or closed, with a total value in excess of $5 billion. 12

13 C ONTACT I NFORMATION 13 Thank You Ragnar Olson, Partner GLOBAL IP LAW GROUP, LLC 123 N. Wacker Drive Suite 2350 Chicago, Illinois 60606 Direct: 312.241.1503 Cell: 312.343.4103

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