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[ 1 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Planning for Success Leadership and Implementation Planning.

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1 [ 1 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Planning for Success Leadership and Implementation Planning

2 [ 2 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Leadership Planning Session: Objectives Have a common understanding of the functions & potential benefits of Turnitin. Clarify goals and expectations for implementing Turnitin. Identify obstacles and challenges of implementation. Discuss means of overcoming obstacles and challenges to ensure a smooth implementation. Locate resources for professional development in order to train students, instructors and Turnitin campus administrators.

3 [ 3 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Leadership Planning Session: Overview 1. Introduction to Turnitin 2. Turnitin Implementation 3. Program Goals and Measuring Success 4. Handling Concerns Upfront 5. Planning Training & Professional Development

4 [ 4 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Benefits for Teaching. Impact on Learning. Introduction to Turnitin 4

5 [ 5 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC A Web-based Solution That Puts the Student’s Paper at the CENTER of the Online Feedback Process What is Turnitin? Engages Students Prevents Plagiarism Delivers Rich Feedback Manages Assignments and Collaboration

6 [ 6 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Learn more… Turnitin Suite Overview on YouTube: Introduction to Turnitin Presentation:

7 [ 7 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Turnitin Implementation Model L.E.A.R.N. 7

8 [ 8 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Implementation Model – L.E.A.R.N. Learn About Turnitin Educate Stakeholders Activate Users Reinforce the Value of Turnitin Note Usage and Success

9 [ 9 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Learn About Turnitin Learn About the Products and Features –It is important to have a clear understanding what Turnitin is. Watch these demonstration videos to get an overview of what Turnitin can do and how it will benefit your instructors and students. Learn About the Educational Impact –Read about the effectiveness of Turnitin as well as white papers and case studies that reveal how institutions, instructors and students benefit from its use. Attend a Live Walk-through –Join the Turnitin product support team as they walk you through the basic functionality and navigation of Turnitin from an instructor's perspective. Watch or Read Training Tutorials –Go to the training center and watch our collection of training videos for administrators, instructors and students. Each short video covers a specific topic on using Turnitin.

10 [ 10 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC EDUCATE Stakeholders Educate Administrators, Leaders & Key Personnel –Identify key people responsible for the successful implementation of Turnitin and orient them to Turnitin. Take time to explore the features and functionality. Develop an Outreach Plan –How will you let everyone know the school will be using Turnitin? We'll walk you through key steps in developing an outreach plan, provide some supporting content, and bring up some often overlooked considerations. Train Instructors –When it comes time for instructor training, use these guides and templates to ensure smooth informational and training sessions that cover all the important points. Educate Students –While you likely won't be training students en masse, these resources will help you train instructors on how to educate students.

11 [ 11 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC ACTIVATE Users Activating instructor accounts is a crucial step in getting them started with Turnitin. Instructors must have joined your institution's account before before they can begin using Turnitin. Instructors can be added to your Turnitin account in three ways: –List Upload –Individual Entry –Instructor Joins Account

12 [ 12 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC REINFORCE the Value of Turnitin Teaching Tips –Share Turnitin teaching tips as part of other communications to your instructors throughout the year to keep instructors aware of some Turnitin best practices. Continued Training –Offering continued training focused on specific Turnitin products, features or outcomes is essential in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency needed to truly save instructors time and engage students. Attend Webinars –Turnitin offers live and recorded professional development webinars geared toward taking instructors beyond just plagiarism prevention and toward a powerful pedagogy for writing to learn. Encourage Sharing –Sharing your school's success stories, results, best practices, and testimonials about Turnitin creates social proof of Turnitin's efficacy, which in turn leads to more instructors to use it.

13 [ 13 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC NOTE Usage Viewing Account Statistics –Statistics are available for top-level accounts and sub-accounts which include the number of instructors and students in your accounts as well as usage information. Benchmark Comparison –See how your institution's usage stacks up to other school's like yours? This usage benchmark guide will help you see where you are excelling at and where you can focus training on. Programmatic Assessment –Evaluate whether the goals you set at the beginning of the term were achieved at the instructor, programatic, and campus levels.

14 [ 14 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Measuring Success. Establishing Program Goals

15 [ 15 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Establishing Program Goals What are some goals you have set for yourself to improve the use of Turnitin?

16 [ 16 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Program Goals Establish short and long term goals … How does Turnitin support the institution’s goals? How will your instructors use Turnitin to address these goals? How will you measure progress toward goals? What evidence will you gather and use?

17 [ 17 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Program Goals Examples of Long Term Goals: Establish or reinforce high standards of academic integrity Protect the value of degrees granted Improve student performance on written assignments Enable instructors to utilize more written assignments across the curriculum … without dramatically increasing their workload Improve overall academic effectiveness

18 [ 18 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Program Goals Examples of Specific Short Term Goals: 80% of instructors will be familiar with and use the core Turnitin components 2-4 times a semester Instructors require one student assignment submitted online per term Use Turnitin once a month to teach students how and why to document sources. Increase opportunities for student peer interaction by using Discussion Boards for 1 assignment per class per semester.

19 [ 19 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Handling Concerns Upfront

20 [ 20 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Considerations Organizational considerations include: Personnel needs –Identify a Turnitin Administrator and sub-administrators, as needed –Identify 1-2 “go to” champions for each campus, if possible Assess technology needs Review and adjust school policies regarding plagiarism

21 [ 21 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Turnitin Administrator Role & Responsibilities: Creates and manages the campus Turnitin account of sub- administrators and users. Assists instructors in creating their user profiles and using the resources available as part of their classroom and curriculum. Updates account users of announcements from Turnitin, such as scheduled downtimes, etc. Tracks usage and efficacy using account statistics and generates reports on usage and efficacy to campus administrators and implementation specialists to assess implementation goals.

22 [ 22 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Turnitin Champions Role & Responsibilities: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills High energy and willingness to help others Strong technology skills; self-starter in learning new skills Able to attend all professional development sessions Is given time in schedule to support other instructors Experience in recognizing instructors who are struggling and identifies needs and suggests options to meet those needs Works well with English department and all cross functional departments; has respect from all colleagues and is seen as a leader in the organization Guides instructors toward the resources needed to use Turnitin as part of their curriculum

23 [ 23 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Planning Professional Development

24 [ 24 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Planning Professional Development Use best practices in planning training & professional development: Consistent use leads to best results Reinforce the message every term Keys to success: –Instructor training to get started –Professional development emphasizes use as instructional support for formative assessment — rather than just for "plagiarism deterrence and policing”

25 [ 25 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Planning Professional Development Initial training for instructors Ongoing classroom support Ongoing communications Retraining Advanced training

26 [ 26 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Planning Professional Development Administrator Training –Initial –Campus Administrator will provide ongoing instructor support Instructor Training –Initial –Mid-year checkpoint –End-of-the-year Student Training –Instructors will provide training resources to students within their courses –Library staff will support students in their research –Writing Center staff will support students in their writing

27 [ 27 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Training Resources Quickstart Guides & Manuals Training Videos Training Articles Live online walk-through sessions (6x per week) Turnitin Academy webinars (Live & Recorded) Help Center Articles

28 [ 28 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Turnitin Academy Live Webinars Interactive webinars geared toward taking instructors beyond just plagiarism prevention and toward a powerful pedagogy for 'writing to learn.’ Topics include: –Pushing Past Plagiarism with OriginalityCheck –Peer Review Across the Curriculum with PeerMark –Offering Meaningful Feedback with GradeMark –Teaching Effective Source Integration –Assessing Written Work w/ Turnitin –Managing Students and Assignment –Teaching the Writing Process w/ Turnitin –Developing 21st Century Skills w/ Turnitin –Best Practices for Teaching w/ Turnitin –Turnitin Implementation and Leadership Planning

29 [ 29 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Expanded Support Hours Monday to Friday, 6 AM – 11 PM (U.S. Pacific Time) Saturday & Sunday, 2 PM – 11 AM (U.S. Pacific Time)


31 [ 31 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Use of this Presentation This presentation was created by iParadigms, LLC licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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