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Add-Ons Doug Ash. Add-Ons – This session What are add-ons? The history of the Third Party Program. Why are these products in this session? Specialties.

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1 Add-Ons Doug Ash

2 Add-Ons – This session What are add-ons? The history of the Third Party Program. Why are these products in this session? Specialties / Mobile Sales / Tools / Work Flow / Custom Mods

3 Add-Ons – The extras of the End to End Solution David Hood always spoke of the End-to-End solution, but his “ends” were not as far out as the customers wanted. Enhance existing functionality – like Report Runner New methods of access - mobile New modules – RMA, Bin Tracking Complete vertical solutions – Smart Hotel, Service Manager, POS New functionality – custom mods

4 A brief history from the inside and outside Core products verses extras Accpac grew by acquisition of third party products – but no manufacturing in Vancouver. Doug’s involvement – OE / Third Party Program / Developer Unisoft / UniDevCo / UniResMan / Smart Hotel Software

5 Add-Ons – Why these products? Shootouts in the past. Manufacturing BI EDI Not a full module like Smart Hotel or Service Manager Gives exhibitors some extra time to showcase their products.

6 Specialty Products Document Handling – Altec – endorsed by Sage Shipping – LinXsoft – Accpac, Accellos Alerts – Sage Alerts – “if only I had known…” Project Management – Timelinx – inside CRM Enhanced tax – Net@Work(Vertex) RMS / Bin tracking - Orchid

7 Specialty Products - Altec Sage ERP Document Management by Altec is exclusively endorsed by Sage as its premier document management and workflow solution which allows businesses to streamline processes, grant better and quick visibility to crucial documents and access files efficiently. Sage ERP Document Management takes companies paperless and works in any department for any process, anywhere and any time.

8 Specialty Products - LinXsoft Currently works with Sage 300 and optionally integrates with Accellos Warehouse One. Complete management, reservation and allocation of inventory based on the company’s business rules

9 Specialty Products – Sage Alerts Stop saying “If only I had known!”. Sage Alerts & Workflow monitors Sage 300 and all of your other business applications for things you need to know about. It then delivers that information to the right people at the right time. It can even take care of certain activities for you, such as delivering documents like reports, invoices, POs and more. It can update Sage 300 and other applications automatically with what needs to happen as well. Customers at 120 days? Why not automatically put them on credit hold? Or even take it a step farther … put them on credit hold and send an email to the customer stating that fact with their attached statement cc’ing their account rep, all with Sage Alerts & Workflow.

10 Specialty Products - Vertex Vertex SMB is the leading sales and use tax automation solution that features tax calculations and returns in one cloud-based solution. The pricing model is pay-as-you-go with no upfront fees. The solution can be used for the simplest sales tax issues to the most complex.

11 Mobile Sales Barcode Application Wireless Merchant

12 Mobile Sales – Wireless Merchant Mobile Sales /Order Entry with complete integration to Sage 300 ERP. Android, iOS and Blackberry 10 support.

13 Mobile Sales – Barcode Application Mobile Order Entry Wireless Inventory Control

14 Tools Greytrix – over 20 published products Orchid – a dozen products – made by a business partner TaiRox – business partner tool kit and more Systronics – over 20 published products.

15 Tools - Greytrix Greytrix offers more than 20 Add-ons for Sage 300 ERP. To name few GreyMatrix Apparel Solution, Greytrix Document Numbering, Greytrix Doc Attach, Advanced CRM Order Entry adding value to your Sage 300 ERP.

16 Tools - Orchid View Extender / EFT processing / Process Scheduler Report Runner / Notes / Document Management Link Optional Tables / Data Views / Info Explorer Inter Entity Transactions / Inter Entity Trade RMA / Bin Tracking

17 Tools - TaiRox TaiRox fill Sage 300 ERP Gaps For: Installations with multiple companies Installations that process lots of orders or purchase orders TaiRox Dealer Tools complete jobs many times faster: Creating a new Sage 300 ERP company in 10 minutes instead of 10 hours Loading a DBLoad dataset 3x faster than the standard utility Performing an integrity check 100x faster than the standard utility

18 Tools - Systronics A leader in Sage 300 ERP & Sage CRM custom development - Undisputed quality support - Sage 300 ERP partner for more than two decades – Publishes over a dozen Sage 300 ERP addons ToolPac™ / Revenue and Expense Deferrals™ Document Attachment Applets™ / AR-AP Settlements™ Cashflow Forecasting™ / Intercompany Utilities™ Field Extender™ / BACCPAC™ I/C Stock Aging Report™ / PJC Security™

19 Work Flow eRequester iCube Pacific Technologies

20 Work Flow - eRequester eRequester offers comprehensive purchasing and expense management features which can provide the necessary flexibility and structure to match any internal approval and workflow processes, with modules including: Budget Control, Receiving, Inventory, Request for Quote, Mobile Approval, Multi-Currency, Payment Request, and Vendor Punchout. eRequester has been rated as a top 5 e-procurement technology vendor by Gartner for customer satisfaction, ROI, and ease-of-use and 2015 Top 20 Sage Solution Provider from CIO Review magazine. Available on-premise or hosted, with direct integration with Sage 300

21 Work Flow - iCube End-to-end workflows that integrate your customers, vendors and inter-departments for ordering, purchasing, logistics, manufacturing, services, warehousing and accounting operations. They run on browsers, scanners, mobile PDAs, on premises and on the cloud.

22 Work Flow – Pacific Technologies Accpac add-on modules include: Audit Logger, Commitment Accounting, Purchasing Workflow, Funds Availability, Self-Assessed “Use” Tax, Workflow Documents, PW Web, Internal Issues, and the NEW Workflow Notifications which adds workflow technology to various views in Accpac.

23 Custom Custom integration - Realisable Custom modifications – North 49 and Systronics Custom Projects – Pacific Technologies

24 Custom - Realisable Configurable integration and process automation for Sage 300. Why develop, when you can configure? 70+ touchpoints with Sage 300, multi data format, web services and a range of connectors for products like Magneto, Shopify and Salesforce.

25 Custom – North 49 North49 has been creating solutions for Sage 300 ERP from its inception as ACCPAC Plus to today where we work under contract with Sage Product Management to deliver new features and functionality to Sage 300 ERP 2014 and beyond. That unique relationship puts us in a privileged position with insight into Sage 300 ERP source code, allowing us the unparalleled ability to create custom solutions for your Sage 300 ERP clients. Big or small projects; we are your custom development partner that will help you meet your clients’ “outside the box” requirements.

26 Custom – Systronics SYSTRONICS perfected its custom development services after publishing over 20 Sage 330 and Sage CRM Add-ons over the past 20 years.

27 Custom – Pacific Technologies Custom SDK development Custom web projects

28 Questions?? How is the support done? What about upgrades? What about service packs?

29 Add-Ons Thank You for attending.

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