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Tesla Reliability Challenges and Opportunities

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1 Tesla Reliability Challenges and Opportunities
Jiliang Zhang Reliability, Tesla Motors January 5, 2015 Tesla Reliability

2 Fast Forwarding! Video &x-yt-ts= Tesla Reliability

3 Accelerate the world’s transition to electric vehicles
Our Mission Accelerate the world’s transition to electric vehicles Automotive technology company Technology potential to change the world Tesla Reliability

4 Tesla Reliability Program
Fast Forwarding! What do we want? One of the best and innovative reliability program in the world in 2 years! Make Reliability program works for business! Tesla Reliability

5 Tesla Reliability

6 Challenge 1 – High Reliability Requirement
People’s life on the line Competition See who is there Who gets there first? Or who is the last one standing? This or that? Car Ranking Lawsuit/Litigation (Lemon Law) Customer satisfaction Tesla Reliability

7 Challenge 2 – Short Product Development Cycle
No sufficient testing time No sufficient upfront reliability study Difficult for reliability growth Tesla Reliability

8 Challenge 3 – Technology Lover!
Grandpa Loves It! Lower technology maturity More risk taker More electronics and software Tesla Reliability

9 Challenge 4 – Less Experienced
We don’t know what to do – Really? We need talent! Tesla Reliability

10 Advantage 1 – We Are Automotive!
Management support! Employees who cares about customers Automotive reliability standard and practice Tesla Reliability

11 Advantage 2 – No Boundary
Creativity Easy adaption of the best practice Less “Why change?” Tesla Reliability

12 Advantage 3 – Best People and Team
We are group of young, easy-going, fun-loving, and hard working people Tesla Reliability

13 Advantage 4 – Management Leadership
Tesla Reliability

14 Advantage 5 – Unique Business Model
Direct sale Tesla own service centers Direct Data and Interactions with Customers Tesla Reliability

15 Advantage 6 – You Got to Fix It!
Much more accurate data! More information on symptom, description, diagnosis, corrective action, part replaced, “root cause”, etc. Tesla Reliability

16 Advantage 7 – Big Data Big data that can be retrieved remotely
Product environment, usage, and vehicle conditioning Tesla Reliability

17 Advantage 8 – Data/Statistics Driven
DATA = Do Act Till A (hit, damage, injury, etc.) Tesla Reliability

18 Advantage 8 – Data/Statistical Driven (Cont’d)
8 Advantages >> 4 Challenges Tesla Reliability

19 Tesla Unique Reliability Program
Cost effective Right Reliability Reliability Program Design-for-Reliability Field Data Driven Life Cycle Management Supplier Reliability Team Culture Fun 2-year time to deliver ~80% traditionally 5-year reliability work Tesla Reliability

20 Reliability Goal Setting and Allocation
Reference Vehicle Repair Rate New Vehicle Repair Rate Goal Reliability Breakdown Structure System Repair Rate Goal Reference Vehicle Field Data Subsystem Repair Rate Goal Convert to Subsystem Reliability Allocation Algorithm Conversion Algorithm Key Part Repair Rate Goal Convert to Key Part Reliability Tesla Reliability Individual Test Reliability Goal

21 Prior Knowledge Based Reliability Test Design
Tesla Reliability

22 Usage Based Reliability Test Design
Required Reliability & Confidence Distributional Usage Reliability Analysis & Risk Assessment against Goal Use Mode Test Design Test Result Stress Acceleration Equation Tesla Reliability

23 Field Reliability Analysis
Service Center Repair Data Analysis (not limited to Weibull analysis) Automatic Report, Ranking, and Early Warning Reliability Database MRB FA Review Engineering Deep Dive Corrective Actions (Service & Engineering) Damage Calculation & Prediction Proactive Maintenance Vehicle Embedded Data Tesla Reliability

24 Future Directions Failure mode based test versus customer usage based test Accelerated test versus HALT New test types Supplier reliability program and management Further field data leverage into product development Other Tesla Reliability

25 Q&A Tesla Reliability

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