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In Collaboration with Shenzhen Star Instrument Presents.

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1 in Collaboration with Shenzhen Star Instrument Presents

2 Power is among the most basic business needs. When faced with energy-related challenges, businesses may suffer from damage to equipment or interruption of critical business activities. The ultimate result is a loss in productivity and decreased revenue. Power monitoring can play a key role in helping facility owners control and reduce energy costs. Additionally, power monitoring can help businesses predict and prevent many power- related problems by evaluating electric supply and distribution, identifying power quality trends and enhancing maintenance activities. Background

3 Facilities can also monitor their power factor to correct or avoid rate tariffs imposed by their utilities for operations with a low power factor. Thus, Ultimate Power submetering System is an essential tool for implementing and conducting power monitoring programs to address such energy-related issues. Facility and plant managers have only recently begun to use Ultimate Power submeters for power monitoring. Today, Ultimate Power submeters are now being leveraged to analyze and manage industrial energy usage, in addition to tracking and allocating energy costs. Background

4 UltimatePower ® Submetering System is a value-adding prepayment utility management solution for the accurate measurement of consumption of electricity, water and gas in several individual apartments using prepaid- enabled submeters and Power-Selling Management Software in a master- metered multi-tenanted facility/property. Essentially, UltimatePower ® facilitates upfront payment for utility services and it is used up based on individual measured consumption. Introduction

5 Our system was developed based on the outcome of research we conducted on management of utility services in several multi-tenanted facilities nationwide in the year 2003. The outcome was staggering as most facilities deployed inefficient solutions such as mono-functional check meters and payment based on office space, apartment and of lightings/electrical points for utility billing and revenue collections management. Service disconnection becomes “usual” to these facilities, thus causing untold hardship to occupiers as well as loss of huge revenue to the property managers Introduction

6 Features of Sub Metering System The system is based on prepayment, thus eliminating completely, the incidence of default on payment on services already consumed as well as outstanding debts owed by existing/exiting tenants. Debts collection as duty function with the accounts department will be completely relegated on the work schedule. While analogue check meters are mono-functional and are used basically to read consumption and bill later. UltimatePower ® submeters are equipped with several advanced anti- tamper/protection facilities to prevent stealing of utility services.

7 The software is equipped with control mechanism to identify customers that may tamper with their meters as well as those that have not been recharging their UltimatePower ® smart cards for pre-defined periods. The automatic load control feature of our system ensures effective control of electricity consumption in line with prescribed maximum load gates or allowable limits in KW defined for single phase and three phase submeters by your management in relationship with the total load being generated by the dedicated transformer installed in the facility. Features of Sub Metering System (Cont’d)

8 In the event of a consumer attempting to exceed the approved consumption threshold, the meter will trip off automatically after five (5) minutes of excess load. The submeter can only be re-connected on condition that the resident reduces load in line with approved limited and or subsequently makes a formal request for load increment. This facility ensures that utility services usage is safer, more reliable, well controlled and reduce cost as it controls peak energy demand. The system is customer-friendly through the dual warning thresholds (pre-warning and warning) provides adequate warning to consumers of diminishing level of prepaid energy units in the submeters, thus prompting alert for a recharge of UltimatePower ® smart card. This ensures that consumers do not experience self-disconnection. Features of Sub Metering System (Cont’d)

9 Installation of Submetering System The UltimatePower ® Submetering System is a package of single phase and three phase electronic prepayment sub meters system for electricity, water and gas, Smart Card, IC Terminal management system and Submetering Management Software (ASMS). Installation of UltimatePower ® submeters in all apartments in the estates or shopping malls. A dedicated submeter will also be installed for all shared facilities such as security lightings, electrical appliances and gadgets in the administrative office and security posts etc. Each tenant will be given an UltimatePower ® Smart Card to facilitate upfront purchase of utilities and payment for auxiliary services such as waste management, security, taxes and levies etc from dedicated recharging point situated in the property.

10 Monthly bills issued by PHCN based on reading from the installed Maximum Demand (MD) meter in the property will be promptly settled by the pool of cash collected from upfront sales of smart cards to tenants. In case a generating set is installed within the property, the submeters can also be used to collect payment for consumption by tenants, maintenance fees etc at a rate to be determined by your organization. This rate will be a function of many factors such as the current cost of diesel, the numbers of hours that the generator will be working per day, the annual maintenance cost of servicing the generator, the break even cost of providing electricity through the generator per month, etc. How does it work?

11 YES IT DOES. Huge value at an affordable cost. Sub Metering system makes a lot of business sense considering the cost of acquisition and installation compared to your investment and reputation of your facilities to your tenants. Thus increase the market value of your facilities Does it make any Business Sense?

12 Lower operating expenses Increased cash flow Increased property valuation Increase revenue without increasing rent Protection against unbudgeted utility expense and rate increases Download and track daily meter reads online Detect leaks in vacant units Receive high-usage alerts Identify high and low users Consumption trend analysis Benefit to Property Owners & Managers

13 For apartment residents, submetering provides a way to help lower their total housing costs. Residents also benefit from submetering because they are responsible for their own usage rather than for misuse by others. Benefit to Residents

14 UltimatePower submetering System is a win-win-win situation: Residents win by having more control over their total housing costs. Facility Owners win by reducing operating expenses The environment wins because utilities are conserved. Win Win Win

15 Maintain the preferred market position when your Tenants see the innovation in your service. Wow them, with the value of Submetering system and earn reliablity Stay Ahead of Competition

16 With the advent of the sub- metering system technology, it will be difficult for any body to have access to the facility management funds. It is also more necessary especially on reduction in the overhead associated with daily operations especially on billing of electricity and management of other facilities Cut Down on Risk

17 Our Prepayment Sub metering System has been used by PHCN Ibadan Distribution Zone (IBZ) on Prepayment Metering Scheme in some selected areas of Jericho, Iyaganku, Onireke, Molete, Dugbe, Ikeja, Lagos Island, Lekki, Ajah,Ilorin, Wigatap Homes Also our Prepayment Submetering System has been deployed extensively World Wide in countries such as : India, China, Peru, Mongolia, Indonesia, Morocco, Algeria, Vietnam Singapore. Our Records

18 Our Targets Facility Managers, Plaza Managers, Shopping Mall Managers

19 There shall be purchase of prepaid submeters, smart cards, installation and commissioning, Prepayment Management Software, Dot Matrix Printer, IC Smart Card Reader, Personnel, and Computer for the vending point for the facility. Administration of the vending point will be conducted by the personnel chosen by the management office adequately trained. A central account will be created by the management in which payments for utilities are made and the top officials of the management office shall be the authorized signatories for prompt settlement of utility bills. There shall be no involvement of Tinuten Nigeria Limited in the daily activities of the vending point and periodic real-time support shall be provided as so requested by the management for audit and reconciliation purposes at a fee to be agreed between Tinuten Nigeria Ltd and the management. Operational Dynamics

20 Thank you

21 Our Contacts 11 Jofat Plaza, By Joyce B junction, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State. 13 Ladipo Oluwole Street, Off, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos. Tel: 08134521107, 08097955440, 08075587227 e-mail:,

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