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©2009 Suntech Power. All rights reserved. Confidential: Do not distribute. German-American Business Association “Cleantech Financing for the Future” Kristina.

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1 ©2009 Suntech Power. All rights reserved. Confidential: Do not distribute. German-American Business Association “Cleantech Financing for the Future” Kristina Peterson, President, Gemini Solar Development Company Vice President, Suntech America November 10, 2009 1

2 Suntech Overview ( Focus on core expertise in PV module production; Cementing relationships with selected upstream and downstream partners Solar Grade Polysilicon Ingots and Wafers Solar Cells Solar Modules Suntech’s Core Business Distribution, System Integration Milestones Founded — 2001, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China IPO Date — December 14, 2005 (NYSE: STP) Products & Services Photovoltaic cells, modules including BIPV products and system integration, and thin film PV products in the future Target of 1GW PV cell production capacity by the end of 2008 Market Capitalization Market Capitalization — approx. $2 billion Free Float — 66% Market Leadership #1 module producer and #3 PV cell producer in the world in 2008¹ 2

3 Suntech: Company Snapshot Company Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. $1.9 billion revenues in 2008 Products and Services Silicon solar cells and modules Building integrated and off-grid solar systems Thin film solar products (from 2009) Residential, commercial, and utility-scale solutions #1 module producer, #3 cell producer #1 in Spanish sales, #2 in Germany People and Offices 9,000+ employees Global offices in China, Japan, Germany, Spain, UAE, Australia, North America, South Korea, Switzerland International management team 3

4 Leading by Example Suntech is a member of the Global Roundtable on Climate Change, the Climate Group, and the Copenhagen Climate Council Our factories are certified to ISO 14001 – Environmental lifecycle management Continual environmental performance improvement Continual re-certification Our new manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters are among the most environmentally friendly in the world 1 MW solar façade and roof system 100,000+ ft 2 of offices over seven floors Geothermal heating, conduit cooling ceiling Natural light and ventilation Intelligent lighting system 4

5 Long-Term Industry Leader International brand recognition for quality and reliability Worldwide sales reach: #1 module supplier in Spain, #2 module supplier in Germay 1 Unmatched manufacturing capacity 25-year module power output warranty enhances customer ROI 2008 Solar Energy Development Company of the Year “Suntech will be a long term winner post the shake out in solar we expect to occur.” 5 - Analyst Report, March 2009 (1) Company estimates, 2007

6 Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) LCOE analysis compares the total life cycle costs of generating energy across different technologies LCOE shifts the industry focus away from upfront investment ($ / W) and towards lifetime cost/benefit of ownership ($ / kWh) 6 LCOE = Total Lifetime Cost Value of Lifetime Energy Production Total Lifetime Cost generally includes:  Initial investment (less any upfront rebates)  Annual O&M expenses  Land lease expenses Value of Lifetime Energy Production varies based on:  Location – latitude, irradiance, weather patterns, etc.  System characteristics – module efficiency, mounting system design, annual degradation, etc.

7 Compelling Levelized Cost of Energy 7

8 Suntech LCOE Advantages 8 Expanded Production Hours vs. Thin Film  Compared to fixed-tilt systems, tracking systems produce energy later into the afternoon when electricity is most valuable Reduced Land Use  Thin film PV systems, because of their low efficiency, require more land to generate the same amount of energy (MWh) as crystalline modules  Tilted single-axis tracking systems (e.g. the SunPower T20) require more land than flat tracking systems kW h Low EPC and O&M Costs  All modules are not created equal  Competitively priced Suntech modules offer exceptional value, reliability, and energy output while reducing overall EPC costs  Proprietary manufacturing techniques and quality control reduce maintenance costs

9 10 MW Power Plant Comparison (2010) 9 1-Axis Tracker – 0 Degree Tilt1-Axis Tracker – 20 Degree Tilt30 Degree Fixed Tilt SuntechSunPowerFirst Solar Assumes yearly average conditions: 237.9 W/m 2 irradiance, 19.6° C, and 4.9 m/s wind speed 54 Acres 22,700 MWh/year LCOE Leader 60 Acres 24,300 MWh/year 7% more energy, but at a significant capex premium 50 Acres 18,900 MWh/year 16.7% less energy with only a small capex discount

10 Extensive US and Worldwide Experience United States China Spain United States Japan Spain United States Japan United States

11 Module Supply: Alamosa Solar Power Plant One of the largest systems in the U.S. Over 27,000 Suntech modules Single–axis tracking system Module Supply: Nellis Air Force Base 14 MW – Outside Las Vegas, Nevada Largest installation in Western Hemisphere Suntech was a top module supplier Supplies 30% of base’s electric needs

12 Case Study: Austin Energy 34.2MW DC Project Austin Energy Goals Austin Energy was looking for cost-effective, no risk solution to meet their Renewable Portfolio Standard goals Austin Energy has no ownership or operation risk; purchases power from project over 25 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Austin contributes the land to project (25 year lease) Why Suntech? Competitive price Track record Superior solar PV technology and operating experience Guaranteed module supply Site Layout 12 Webberville 34.2 MWp Solar Array Completion target date Dec. 31, 2010 130,000 Suntech modules Ground mounted 20 o trackers ~90 Inverters 370 acres

13 Case Study: Austin Energy 34.2MW DC Project Location Austin, Texas Owner Gemini Solar Development Company (50% owned by Suntech, 50% owned by Renewable Ventures) Developer Gemini Solar Development Company Power Purchaser Austin Energy Term25 year PPA Project Size (MW) 30 MW ac Significance First large-scale PV project proposed in Texas Module Supplier Suntech Power Holdings Target Completion 2010 Project Cost US $210 million (estimate) 13

14 Case Study: Austin Energy 34.2MW DC Project March 5, 2009 - Suntech’s development joint venture, Gemini Solar Development Company, awarded contract to build, own and operate largest solar project in U.S. by Austin City Council, to sell power to Austin’s municipal electric utility, Austin Energy August 13, 2009 – Austin Energy signs 25 year power purchase agreement with Gemini Austin supplies 350+ acre site and all interconnection facilities to Gemini Project to begin construction late 2009, placed in service by December 31, 2010 Will be largest solar power project in U.S. when complete, and fifth largest PV crystalline solar project in world Part of Austin’s self-imposed Renewable Portfolio Standard to achieve 200MW solar by 2020 14

15 Suntech Contact Information Kristina Peterson President, Gemini Solar Development Company and Vice President, Project Finance and Business Development, Suntech America 71 Stevenson Street, 10 th floor San Francisco, CA 94105 Tel +1 415 268 8844 15

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