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The Art of Getting Attention in the PSA World Priscilla Natkins Executive Vice President, Director of Client Services.

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1 The Art of Getting Attention in the PSA World Priscilla Natkins Executive Vice President, Director of Client Services

2 Ad Council Background Non-profit  Leverage private resources Partner with Government agencies or non-profits Rely on pro bono services of founding industries:  Ad agencies: Strategic & creative development  Media: Donated airtime and space Comprehensive, integrated campaigns:  Beyond PSAs, PR, web development, grassroots marketing, etc.

3 Commercial vs. PSA PSAs: Donated media vs. purchased Donated media cannot be scheduled “Sold” to public service directors Objectives of PSAs  Spark attitudinal or behavioral change  Raise awareness, inspire action and save lives

4 Social Issues Through the Decades 1950s: Forest Fires, Polio 1960s: Pollution, Racial Discrimination 1980s: Crime, Drunk Driving, Seatbelts, AIDS 1970s: UNCF, Peace Corps, Red Cross 1990s: Education, Recycling, Child Abuse 2000s: Violence, Mentoring, Obesity Prevention

5 Today’s Media Landscape Exponential Increase in Media Outlets  New Media: PDAs, cab tops, theaters, etc.  Interactive media  Explosion of cable and TV stations Limited Inventory  Branded PSAs  Commercial Clutter and Make Goods

6 Today’s Media Landscape Passive “consumption” of messages through TV screen is declining Three screens competing for attention (tv, computer, phone) Consumer-generated content also competing as means of communicating messages Emergence of Consumer Engagement :

7 Best Practices

8 Identify an Actionable PSA Proposition Complex issues must be drilled down to focus on an individual action that is reasonable and achievable For example, within Health Care, an individual: Can’t change costs associated with treatment Can’t provide access to those uninsured Can’t change malpractice settlements

9 Identify an Actionable PSA Proposition But, an individual CAN: Take small steps to a healthier lifestyle Choose not to drink and drive Understand the warning signs of autism in their child Extend themselves to a friend suffering from a mental illness

10 Identify a Core Target Audience Do not try and be all things to all people Who are the low-hanging fruit that you hope to change?  What do they currently know about the issue?  How open are they to change?  How far do you need to move them before they take action?

11 Do Your Homework Upfront on Your Audience Identify a Consumer Insight Through Strategic Planning Utilize qualitative and quantitative research to probe:  What is stopping them from action?  What message will be relevant and motivational?  How do we deliver the message?  Why would the consumer believe the message?

12 Resist the Temptation to Say Too Much One Persuasive Creative Says Just One Thing The most reliable way to ensure focused advertising is to start with a single-minded creative brief  Background – Why are we advertising?  Target Audience – Who are we talking to?  Strategic Insight – What will get their attention?  Main Message – What should the advertising say?  Support – Why should they believe us?  Call to Action – What do we want them to do?

13 Strive For Creative Excellence Great creative strikes a chord and motivates people to change  Talk to the audience as you would a friend  If possible, entertain them  If needed, make them uncomfortable…to a point  Once you’ve got them, don’t ask for too much Speak to their kids about their friends… Take the keys from a drunk driver… Visit a website to learn more

14 Let Your Website Do the Heavy Lifting Given the single minded focus within your PSAs, an informative and engaging “back end” is critical:  Concise home page  Easy to navigate  Entertaining yet instructive

15 Boost Imbed PSA


17 Venture Outside the PSA Box

18 Social Networking Site Presence

19 PSAs at Streaming Video Sites

20 Targeted Rich Media Placements

21 Cause and Event Marketing

22 Establish Clear Metrics for Success Determine successful outcomes by establishing realistic measures before campaign launch  Donated media support  Press coverage  Visitors to the website  Calls to the toll-free number  Changes in awareness levels  Changes in behavior

23 Be Flexible and Proactive Stay on top of consumer trends and evolve your message over time to maintain relevance Work with community groups (boots on the ground) to perpetuate the message and give it a local face Understand and meet the needs of Public Service Advertising Directors

24 Be Patient In nearly all instances, changing social norm from a behavior that is acceptable to unacceptable, or vice versa, takes time, dedication and continued funding Acceptable in the PastNew Social Norm Drinking and DrivingIntervention; Designated Driver Smoking is CoolSmoking is Deadly; Un-cool Driving without Seat BeltsBuckle-up. Always

25 Know when NOT to Develop a PSA Campaign Some issues don’t work well with PSAs:  Messages that only affect a small percentage of the population  Messages that are time sensitive  Messages that advocate Consider other options like paid advertising or direct mail to take the message to market

26 Thank you!

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