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1 “ The end of software and the rise of the world’s most successful application utility.”

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1 1 “ The end of software and the rise of the world’s most successful application utility.”

2 2 The Old Way Of Running Software Pre-Utility Automation  Buy the software  Buy the hardware  Engage consultants  Customize and implement  Train and support users  Upgrade, update, maintain Software license costs constitute less than 10% of your total cost of ownership. Source: Gartner Group

3 3 With Software is Delivered as an Application Utility  No software  No hardware  No dedicated staff  Instant deployment  No-hassle upgrades, updates, and maintenance… Net-native applications are less than ¼ the total cost of ownership of enterprise software. Source: Forrester Research

4 4 In essences, we serve as your surrogate CTO, managing the complexity of CRM 1 And you become the beneficiary of over four years of development and $100 million investments On Demand

5 5 Maintains the hardware infrastructure

6 6 Solaris/Linux/Oracle9i Java XML NLI HTTPSOAP Intellisync Web Services OS Extranet HTML BlackberryWireless DevicesPalmPilotOutlook Intranet CE Device Browser Data Management Services Customization Services/Scenarios Contact, Account, Opportunity Management Knowledge Base Management Bill Presentation Commerce Service Document StoreText Search Dynamic Language Delivery Service Currency Conversion Service Purchasing Rules And Orders Campaign Management /ROI SAP Peoplesoft Oracle Siebel Application Server User Interfaces APIs Manages the software complexity

7 7 OnlineOffline Wireless Sync Integration Custom Applications Delivers the application across various devices

8 8 And provides end to end support  Training 15 classes are offered each week, taught by a live instructor online. The classes cover all aspects of the product from sales to administrator fundamentals.  Support Our support team is available to answer one off questions and resolve technical issues.  Account Management The account management team is there to assists your company with best practices and user adoption. 1

9 9 This model of delivering Software as Services allows us to… 1

10 10 Net Value Time Go Live Date ~ 1 Months Breakeven Value to Customer Risk >90% Successful Implementations Reduced Upfront Risk CRM on demand reduces complexity and improves customer success

11 11 Lower Total Cost of Ownership removes the hidden costs associated with CRM software  all but eliminates the hidden costs associated with implementing CRM.  Costs of maintaining an enterprise CRM application are spread over 7,000 companies.

12 12 Deliver Better Long Term Value CRM that grows with your business Functionality 20042005 When evaluating CRM, lets assume both products start with comparable functionality. Traditional Software With traditional software, the upgrade cycle is once every couple years. With, we have 3 major releases each year. New functionality is seamlessly pushed out to our 100,000 users over night. There is no software to install, no re-implementation. To take advantage of new functionality you have to go through a re-implementation. which drains resources and creates added risk. Evaluate Vendors Purchase Software New Hardware Requirements Implementation Consulting Engagement 2006 S3

13 13 S3 Release – June ‘03 These incremental upgrades can have a significant impact on your business 1.Shared Document Library 2.HTML Rich-Media Emails 3.Microsoft Outlook Edition 4.Integrated Team Selling 5.Business Process and Workflow Manager 6.Executive Opportunity Alerts 7.Email Stationery and Brand Templates 8.Custom Activity Types 9.Personalized Offline briefcase 10.Dynamic click-through tracking on email 11.Department folders 12.Robust document search 13.Expanded report filtering 14.Smart totaling on reports 15.Smart averaging on reports 16.Opportunity-based Offline briefcase 17.Activity-based offline filters 18.Expanded campaign reporting 19.Partner-account relationship reports 20.Expanded Import Wizard 21.Self-service super-users 22.Self-service hyperlink support 23.Solution attachments 24.Expanded merge capabilities 25.Lead auto-defaulting capabilities 26.Complete account activity report 27.New Contact-Activity report 28.Flexible data reporting in opportunity activities 29.Account hierarchy case reporting 30.Bring all Accounts owned Offline 31.Reports on HTML email results 32.Enhanced online lead capture 33.Contact information updating 34.$10M in Data Center Investment 35.sforce Client/Service Application Builder Integration Server Powered by TIBCO 37.New Data Security Console 38.Local Database Mirroring 39.New Xeon servers 40.Dedicated pool of API servers 41.New load balancers 42.New layer 3 switches 43.New SSL processing hardware 44.New intrusion detection systems 45.Granular opportunity sharing 46.Free Developer Edition 47.Microsoft.NET support with Visual Studio toolkit 48.Sun partnership and Java toolkit 49.BEA Weblogics toolkit and support 50.Borland JBuilder toolkit and support 51.Borland C#Builder toolkit and support 52.Control ability to view executive reports 53.Nested Sharing Groups 54.Determine sharing of list views 55.Limit ability to retrieve data via wireless 56.Control accounts taken offline 57.Designate user access to lead import 58.Enforce data quality by hiding QuickCreate 59.Brand Template edit controls 60.Authorize users to create HTML Templates 61.Team Selling sharing controls 62.Document access controls 63.New Recycle Bin Controls 64.Connectors to accounting packages 65.Connector to quoting packages 66.Major API enhancements 67.New Setup Wizards 68.New Business Needs Advisor 69.Virtual CRM Advisor 70.Quick Start Guide 71.1000+ hours of usability testing 72.Redesigned look and feel 73.Best practice email templates 74.One-click sign-up for new editions 75.Updated CRM rollout guide 76.Redesigned tip sheets 77.Publish our internal solutions to our users 78.Bulletin board for developers 79.Improved usability after 100 more hours of usability testing 80.Ability to view support inquiry status online 81.More user-friendly invoices 82.Robust online order center 83.Campaign cloning 84.Upward sharing now automated 85.Default teams now automated 86.Common groups now automated 87.New Sync All Contacts Option 88.Simplified 3rd party campaign integration 89.Self-service wireless edition trial 90.Updated online help 91.Free training classes expanded to 34 each week 92.New best practice web seminars 93.New customer welcome web seminars 94.Simplified calendar feature 95.New Flash tutorials 96.Five new Flash QuickTours 97.7 new API code samples 98.Expanded search capabilities 99.User adoption reports 100.Personal Edition S3

14 14 Has’s model been validated by the marketplace? 1

15 15 Exponential Customer Growth 7,000 companies use today

16 16 World Class Customers Meeting the standards set by enterprise customers ManufacturingTechnologyServices Financial Services Pharma / Insurance MediaTelecomFoodTransport / Retail Construction / Real Estate

17 17 CRM Technology Leadership Awards  Editors’ Choice: Online CRM PC Magazine, November 2002  2 Five-Star Ratings PC Magazine, April, 2002 and 2001  Best CRM Solution Codie Awards, April 2002  CRM Technology of the Year InfoWorld, Jan 2002  3 Deploy! Awards (get logo) Infoworld 2001, 2002, 2003  The Future of Software Gartner Group, March 2001

18 18 In Summary technology model provides…  World Class CRM  Reduced Upfront Risk  Instant Deployment  No IT Headaches  Faster Time to Value  Lower Total Cost of Ownership  End to End Training and Support  Ongoing, Seamless Upgrades 1

19 19 If you have any questions or want to discuss next steps, feel free to give me a call. Harry Joiner (678) 795-0900

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