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Title Date El Paso County Public Services Department Road Impact Fee Program HBA Educational Panel October 22, 2012.

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1 Title Date El Paso County Public Services Department Road Impact Fee Program HBA Educational Panel October 22, 2012

2 Thanks to the Steering Committee Members Al Watson Bill Ankele Bryan Long Dave Cocolin Frank Watson Jeff Hodsdon Jeff Mark Danny Mientka Jerry Novak HBA members & staff Karl Andrews Kathleen Krager Les Gruen P J Anderson Randy Case II Roger Dekloe The development of the fee program could not be made without the hard volunteer work of developers and the HBA Steering Committee and subcommittees. Members attend meetings with the county on average of twice a month. We are using a collaborative process to develop a program that works for all parties. Steering Committee members include the following volunteers plus others: Simon Malk Steve Mulliken Terry Schooler Grant Langdon Tom Benkert Mark Watson George K. Baum and others

3 T ransportation Improvement Fee Update Goals Accurately identify transportation improvements needed to accommodate growth. Accurately assess appropriate fees for the transportation improvements and ensure that costs and fees are updated regularly. Ensure that the identified transportation projects are built or fees are paid. Ensure accurate and reliable accounting of fees, credits and reimbursements for needed improvements. Ensure that identified transportation projects are fairly and equitably distributed among new development.

4 Quantifying Impacts from New Development Major Transportation Corridors Plan is basis How many trips are on the roads now – traffic counts and modeling How many trips are expected in the future Subtract existing trips from future trips Subtracted trips from other jurisdictions and military trips What was left are trips from new development

5 The Fee Equation Improvement Costs (Developers Share) = Cost per Trip New Trips $ 367 Million = $348 1.05 Million Trips

6 Determining number of trips Look up land use on trip table and multiply by cost per trip.

7 What is an eligible improvement? The recommended impact fee program is based on the MTCP Listed as an improvement in the Fee Study Major collector and above on the MTCP. Not all collectors are eligible – only regional collectors. Can be a State road. Unit costs – jointly developed Building of roads follows all applicable rules and regulations and processes You must build what you need to make the development work.


9 Unit Costs Standardized for all No negotiation Simple calculation

10 What is a PID? Special taxing districts that can fund any public improvement that the impact fee covers. Similar in many respects to “metro districts," but one major distinction BoCC sits as the Board of Directors, not property owners elected from within the District area.

11 Why Use a Public Improvement District (PID)? Current system requires us to anticipate, fund and build all roads needed for the future before the demand on the roads are there. The District is flexible and can provide funding progressively when needed. More predictable source of capital, with bonding possible. Reduce lobbying efforts with staff. Allows the impact fee to be paid over time rather than all costs upfront.

12 How do PID and Fee work together? Full impact fee = (PID taxes over time) + (Fee portion paid at Building Permit) Split between upfront fee and PID amount determined by bonding experts Choice between paying the fee: –All upfront at final plat –All upfront at building permit –In the 5 mill PID –In the 10 mill PID No other jurisdiction provides this choice.

13 PID / Fee Split Road Impact Fee Schedule Land UseUnit Fee Per Unit no PID Fee per Unit in 5 mill PID Fee per Unit in 10-mill PID Single-Family DetachedDwelling$3,132 $1,829$523 Multi-FamilyDwelling$1,956 $1,483$1,007 Hotel/MotelRoom$2,283 $1,630$975 General Commercial1,000 sf$4,054 $2,947$1,841 Convenience Commercial1,000 sf$7,158 $3,629$107 Office1,000 sf$2,586 $926$0 Institutional1,000 sf$2,742 $1,015$0 Industrial1,000 sf$2,968 $1,689$410 Warehouse1,000 sf$1,517 $774$30 Mini Warehouse1,000 sf$588 $106$0 PID fees based on analysis by George K. Baum & Company, 10/11/12 and 10/15/12

14 How fees compare

15 Keeping the Fee Low Created two PIDs and multiple payment options Allow creation of sales tax districts Removed trips from fee (pass by, diverted, existing, military, other jurisdictions) Removed existing deficiencies Adjusted the trip lengths – shorter for commercial areas Model calibration for accuracy Consolidated trip rates by land use Used stakeholder provided unit costs Not overbuilding – $150 million less than last plan Did not charge for capital equipment and facilities Bonding and tradable credits options provided

16 Advisory Committee Makes recommendations to the BoCC on credits and reimbursements, fee program updates, PID disbursements and bonds, independent studies, and other issues that arise. Committee make up: –3 from development community –3 county staff –1 HBA representative (Mark Watson) –2 citizens at large

17 Credits and Reimbursements Person that builds the road owns the credits Credits are tradable if approved by the County, in a group, and tracked Credits above the fee obligation can be submitted for reimbursement Reimbursements are prioritized by date of acceptance and pro rata share (if accepted on the same day) Credit requests are presented to Advisory Committee and approved by BoCC

18 Outreach and Information The Steering Committee and staff met three times a month, on average for 20 months. Monthly HBA land use meeting updates. Updates to HAC, PPACG TAC, MTTC, MTCP Citizens’ Working Group Fee program and MTCP listserv. Fee Program Website with all meeting materials, notes and drafts. Steering Committee inform and educate other developers. BoCC Fee Program Work Sessions and updates Presentation to HBA in 2010, 2011 and 2012 Held a workshop for managers of Special Districts

19 For More Information s/transportation

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