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Welcome to CSU Your guide to staff benefits and induction to CSU processes within the Division of Finance.

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1 Welcome to CSU Your guide to staff benefits and induction to CSU processes within the Division of Finance

2 Finance Induction 2 Training Objectives  To explain the functions with which Finance can assist you  To give you information regarding staff benefits and options  To provide Division of Finance contacts you may find useful in your first few weeks  To link you with relevant training opportunities

3 Finance Induction 3 What Does Finance Do?  The services the Division provides to the University community are: Accounting services Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Campus Mail services Corporate Uniform sales Finance Computing systems Payroll Purchasing Stores Training in Finance systems Transport Travel

4 Finance Induction 4 Staff Benefits – Salary Packaging  Salary packaging has the potential to maximise the financial outcome for eligible employees.  Allows CSU to “pay” for items from pre-taxed income giving you a tax benefit.  However, childcare is one area where the benefit in reduced tax may be outweighed by the reduced Childcare benefit.  Independent financial advice is strongly advised before oping for any salary packaging.

5 Finance Induction 5 Salary Packaging Options  Self education directly related to current employment - Specifically excludes HECS  Portable computers  Professional memberships  CSU Childcare and Preschool fees  Some superannuation  Corporate Uniform  Motor Vehicles NB. Conditions apply so please check at

6 Finance Induction 6 Salary Deductions  Salaries system allows for deductions to a range of providers including:  Health insurers  Charitable organisations  Energy providers  You may also have deductions to repay your current session’s HECS. This allows you to claim the upfront discount but pay it off during the session.

7 Finance Induction 7 Other Services  TRANSPORT  Staff may hire a pool vehicle if it is not required for official use at the time desired, e.g. a car for family holidays.  At Wagga campus the mechanic also offers private servicing of motor vehicles and an inspection station.  Payment by salary deduction is available for hires and servicing.  Contact your campus Transport Office for more details.

8 Finance Induction 8 Corporate Uniform  Uniforms are available in a range of styles for men and women catering for most sizes and job requirements.  Check the website for more details:  Payment upfront or via Salary Packaging is available. Contact the Executive Assistant for more information on 32255 – Kathy Watt.

9 Finance Induction 9 Our Finance System  Our Finance system is Banner Finance. It is specifically designed for the Higher Education sector and includes:  Student Administration  Accommodation  Finance  Unless you are a Financial Services or Student Admin staff member, your access to Banner will generally be via the Web.

10 Finance Induction 10 Access to Banner  The information you need to access Banner is detailed at this website:

11 Finance Induction 11 Petty Cash  Petty cash is issued from each University cashier and from various Petty Cashiers around the campuses, but must only be used for emergencies. Credit cards are available for most petty cash purchases and the use of petty cash is greatly discouraged.  Petty cash dockets must be:  Authorised by the appropriate signatory  Used for amounts under $250 only  Used for “restricted” items only with prior authorisations.  Reimbursement or an Advance (not preferred).

12 Finance Induction 12 Purchasing  Purchase Credit cards are available in all schools and sections for normal low value purchasing.  Purchase requisitions are required for all other purchases.  Specific delegations based on dollar values apply to who can approve a purchase in your school or section.

13 Finance Induction 13 Purchasing Special Approval Requirements  Computer/AV Equip by Division of Information Technology  Books/Journals by the Division of Library Services  Printing by the CSU Printery  Radioactive Material by CSU Radiation Safety Committee  Items < $2,000 no quote required  Items $2-10,000 one written quote required  Items $10-30,000 two written quotes required  Items $30-50,000 three written quotes required  Items > $50,000 tender process required

14 Finance Induction 14 Purchasing  Before ordering  Contact Purchasing Officer to make sure item is not cheaper on State Contract  Placing an order  Requisitions, properly authorised, must be sent to the Purchasing Officer  Must be done before purchasing or committing to an order for a service or goods  Orders will be processed normally within 48hrs of receipt in Purchasing.  Funds must be available

15 Finance Induction 15 Invoicing Customers  If you need to send an account to a customer, either an individual or company, it is important to follow these guidelines:  Accounts can ONLY be issued from the University’s Accounts Receivable system.  Do not raise a word document or similar as an invoice.  Be aware of GST and how it affects the amount your area will receive. Your section receives 10/11ths of the total requested only.  Contact Accounts Receivable for ALL invoicing.

16 Finance Induction 16 Official Travel  All travel must be PRE-APPROVED.  New staff, who are likely to travel frequently, should apply for the official University travel card.  Travel transactions are reconciled online via our ProMaster system  View the policy and procedures for Travel here:

17 Finance Induction 17 Accommodation & Airfares  Special Accommodation rates are available to staff travelling for business in most capital cities and areas in which CSU campuses are located. Special Accommodation rates  Airline reservations for Australia and New Zealand are usually made by the travel advisor assigned within your division or school, utilising the online booking system, Serko, or by Voyager Travel.  All international travel reservations are made by the CSU Travel Office (excl NZ).

18 Finance Induction 18 Private Hire of Pool Vehicles  The University fleet includes a pool of vehicles (Sedans, Wagons, 4WD) that may be hired to staff when not required for official business use.  Rates are per km plus.  Refer to Transport Officers for conditions or the Transport website.

19 Finance Induction 19 Liaison Officers  Within the Division of Financial Services each member of the management team is assigned to provide specific areas with support.  While they will not be experts in all areas of Finance they will be able to assist in identifying issues and properly directing you for solutions.  Please refer to contacts website:

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