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Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 1 QORA –ASR Gateway ASOG 32 Release Effective April 10, 2006.

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1 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 1 QORA –ASR Gateway ASOG 32 Release Effective April 10, 2006

2 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 2 Qwest is a premier provider of full-service communications for people at work, at home or on the move. Qwest's competency reaches across America, drawing on the Spirit of Service TM at the heart of our heritage as we effectively steward our shareowners' investments and provide outstanding service to the customers we serve. As our dedicated professionals move and manage information, we do so with integrity, superior value and advanced products and services, assuming only those tasks we can do exceedingly well. Qwest Values The following values guide our decisions, both corporate and individual, as we transform Qwest into a premier telecommunications provider that delivers exceptional service to customers, creates pride among our employees, delivers value to our shareowners and earns high regard from our many constituents: Customers come first Our team is united We will grow profitably The Qwest Vision

3 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 3 Release 7.0 – QORA ASR Gateway Qwest will implement the ASOG Version 32 Industry Standard changes to the ASR forms and fields decided upon at an industry level with participating members of the OBF Committees. Effective date for this release as dictated by the industry is April 10, 2006. For detailed information about the changes on the ASR – refer to the ATIS website: Qwest will implement upfront validations in the QORA ASR Gateway that impact all ASRs being transmitted to Qwest electronically. This includes the web-based QORA (Qwest Online Request Application) GUI application, or through direct connections, such as NDM or UOM interfaces.

4 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 4 Customer Impacts/Value How does implementation of Qwest up front editing add value for you, our customer? –Upfront edits streamline processing time for your request, by ensuring the data supplied by you is as accurate as possible. –Prior to the ASR being accepted into Qwest’s systems, you are notified of the errors on the ASR allowing corrections to be made, thereby reducing the need for costly re-issues of the ASR (supplements). –An accurate ASR helps ensure the accurate provisioning of your request the first time. –Accurate entries also create accurate billing, reducing the possibility for errors on your monthly bill.

5 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 5 Following are new edits planned for the ASOG 32 release for the QORA ASR Gateway: ASRs not passing these validations will be rejected upfront. –Both ends of circuit must be in the same LATA –Requested DD must be a Qwest workday (no holidays or weekend DDs) and the DD must be equal to or later than today –All CFAs on requests for multiple circuits must be unique –The DRC entered on the ASR, when required, must be the correct DRC for the CCNA on the ASR. –The TSC field is required on Switched requests (REQTYP = M or L and the activity on the ASR is a “C” or “D”. –On Switched requests, the AFO, pos 1 must be populated when QTY is >24 –CSPC and TCIC fields are required and dependent upon each other. –The SPEC code entered must be valid for Qwest and the services being requested. –The requirements for population of the ECCKT field on the Additional Ring Form will be based on the segment activity, not the ASR activity field Qwest Upfront Validations - Description

6 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 6 Same LATA validation: –The Gateway will determine if both ends of the circuit/facility are in the same LATA using CLLI code entries in the ACTL/SECLOC or PRILOC/SECLOC fields or, –When no CLLI code is present, the LATA will be determined during address validation based on the service location address. Requested DD must be a Qwest workday and equal to or later than today: –The DD must be a valid workday for Qwest, i.e., not a holiday or weekend date. Manual processes are in place today and will continue for pre-negotiated weekend/holiday provisioning when required. When agreed to with the company and the customer, the actual weekend/holiday due date is indicated in Remarks. All CFAs must be unique on multiple circuit requests: –CFAs cannot be duplicated on requests containing multiple circuits. This prevents the ASR Gateway from sending a “false” response for CFA availability. For example, if the same slot of the same facility is duplicated on the ASR and is available, today, CFA validation today simply checks the same facility twice, finds it available and passes the ASR through. You are then contacted for a correction to the ASR. Validation Details

7 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 7 Validation Details-Cont’d DRC Code Validation against CCNA: –Today, the ASR Gateway only validates that the DRC is populated when a DLR is requested. This additional validation will ensure the DRC entered is valid and established for you based on your CCNA entry. –Validate with your Service Manager the valid codes you plan to submit on your ASRs prior to implementation of the release. TSC required on Change/Disconnect activity types: –This edit is applicable when the REQTYP entry = “M” or “L:” on Change and Disconnect activity requests. The TSC assigned to the trunk group must be populated in the TSC field. AFO Pos 1 – required for QTY >24 –For REQTYPs of “M” or “L”, this will require that the Additional Circuit Information form is attached to the ASR, when appropriate. CSPC/TCIC fields required: –The CSPC field is required when the REQTYP = M, ACT = N or C and the TCIC is populated, or when the REQTYP = L and the ACT = N or C. –The TCIC field is required when the REQTYP = M, ACT = N or C and the CSPC is populated.

8 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 8 Validation Details-Cont’d Additional Ring Information (ARI) Form -- ECCKT field requirement based on Segment Activity, instead of ASR Activity –Today, Qwest is requiring population of the ECCKT field based on the ASR form ACT field. This is changing to a dependency upon the SEGACT field on the ARI form. SPEC Code entry must be valid for Qwest: –This edit will require that the entry in the SPEC field be a valid industry- assigned code and, in addition, that it is valid for the specific requested Qwest service.

9 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 9 Customer Responsibilities Arrange to participate in the 30-day testing window prior to the release –Test for the ASOG 32 Industry changes per industry test plan. –Test for the new Qwest ASR Gateway upfront edits Validate that you have established a DRC code through your Qwest Service Manager, or Establish access to CEMR for online viewing of your DLR, in which case, a “generic” DRC will be provided for your use. Ensure information on the release details are shared internally with those employees issuing ASRs to Qwest.

10 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 10 FAQs Are manually transmitted ASRs impacted with this release? –Yes – the industry changes for ASOG Version 32 are applicable and the new forms must be used effective with ASRs transmitted to Qwest after 3:00 pm (MST) on Friday April 7, 2006. Do the QORA ASR Gateway upfront edits impact our company if we have our own ordering systems? –Yes – all ASRS electronically submitted to Qwest through direct connections, e.g., NDM or UOM are impacted with the new edits/vaiidations. How do I establish a DRC code? –Contact your Service Manager to receive the application form. Do I need a DRC code if I want to view my DLRs online in CEMR? –You can establish your own DRC code that will distribute your DLR to CEMR, or a generic code can be used. You must have a digital certificate to have access to CEMR – contact your Service Manager to obtain this certificate.

11 Copyright © 2005 Qwest. All rights reserved. 11 Contacts/Resources Contact your Qwest Service Management Representative for more information. Detailed information on all ASR related ordering and technical specifications can be viewed at this website:

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