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By Victor In partnership with Ms. Jamie Sanderlin.

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1 By Victor In partnership with Ms. Jamie Sanderlin

2 What is wildlife biology?  Wildlife biology is the study of wildlife.  Wildlife biology may consist of conducting research through a university, zoo, or science museum or of working for the government or private corporations. Wildlife biology Wildlife Biology

3 What are the roles of the wildlife biologist?  Wildlife biologist helps out animals in the environment and their habitats.

4 The importance of wildlife biology  Wildlife Biologist have many reasons why wildlife Biology is important.  It helps keep the animal populations down and helps with the injured animals.

5 What are biologist finding today?  some of the wildlife that biologist are finding today are research led to recommended treatment modifications for sea turtles and seabirds suffering from red tide intoxication, which has lessened the rates of serious injuries and fatalities in marine life

6 What are the education requirements.  The requirements that are needed for this job is:  The U.S. Geological Survey, under the U.S. Department of the Interior, states that scientists who work in wildlife biology are trained in wildlife biology, as well as zoology, botany, chemistry and mathematics. Most employers require at least a bachelor's degree for entry-level positions. The U.S. Department requires applicants to have at least nine semester hours in subjects like mammalogy, animal ecology, wildlife management and ornithology. A Wildlife Biologist who wishes to advance to management or supervisory positions should consider earning a Ph.D.

7 How is climate change affecting the wildlife?  The climate change are affecting many regions of wildlife and biologist.  One regions is Antarctica.  The reason that the Artic is affected is the polar ice caps are melting.  This is seriously affecting the wildlife.(polar bears)  The other affect it has on biologist is, if the polar bears die off due to starvation than there is nothing for tem to study.

8 How they graph the animal population  The way that they graph the animals is by population.  They also use various graphs and proportions.

9 In conclusion  It helps keep the populations down. They keep track of injured or non-injured. They also help track endangered animals.

10 Recognition Special thanks to Jamie Sanderlin biologists.htm g\ biologists.htm

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