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Gaming in Arizona Paul Bullis Courtney Moyah Geoffrey Gonsher

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1 Gaming in Arizona Paul Bullis Courtney Moyah Geoffrey Gonsher
Arizona Department of Gaming Courtney Moyah Gila River Gaming Commission Geoffrey Gonsher Arizona Department of Racing

2 Gaming in Arizona Indian Gaming Lottery Racing

3 Indian Gaming 22 Tribes (21 with Gaming Compacts)
15 Tribes with Casinos 22 Casinos


5 10 Casinos 12,326 Slots 165 Poker Tables 282 Blackjack Tables

6 (Gross Gaming Revenue): $1.5 Billion (FY2004-05)
Class III Net Win (Gross Gaming Revenue): $1.5 Billion (FY ) 14% Increase Over Prior Year

7 Tribal Contributions Sliding Scale, up to 8% of Class III Net Win
12%: Cities, Towns & Counties

8 Remaining 88% $8 Million: ADOG
2%: Problem Gambling Treatment, Education & Prevention 56% Instructional Improvement Fund 28% Trauma & Emergency Services Fund 8% Arizona Wildlife Fund 8% Arizona Tourism Fund

9 Total Tribal Contributions
(Through FY ) $204 Million

10 Courtney Moyah Executive Director, Gila River Gaming Commission
President, Arizona Tribal Gaming Regulators Alliance

11 Tribal-State Gaming Compacts
Effective Feb. 2003 23 years = 10 year term, renewable for additional 10 years, plus 3 years to negotiate new Compacts

12 Tribal-State Compacts
Maximum of 29 Tribal casinos (currently 22) 16,150 slot machines maximum (currently 12,326) 998 slot machines max per casino 100 max combined Blackjack and Poker tables per casino Bet limits for Poker and Blackjack

13 Blackjack allowed for first time

14 Jackpot Poker Covered Under Compact

15 No Tribal internet gaming as long as non-tribal entities also prohibited

16 State Electronic Access to On-line Slot Systems
Secure Network File Storage (separated by Tribe) Network- attached storage Game Management System Secure Router Firewall Switch Router VPN device Switch Authorized ADG User Desktop Network Secure Network CASINO ADG DS1-Frame Relay Intrusion Detection software

17 Slot Transfers Tribes may transfer their rights to operate slot machines to other Tribes, for a fee Allows remote Tribes to benefit from gaming without having to operate a casino

18 Havasupai Tribe

19 Courtney Moyah Executive Director, Gila River Gaming Commission
President, Arizona Tribal Gaming Regulators Alliance

20 How State and Tribes Regulate
Tribal-State Compacts govern Tribal-State relationship Establish respective roles for Tribes and State

21 Tribes Are the Primary Regulators

22 Arizona Department of Gaming

23 Arizona Department of Gaming
106 Employees 32 Certified Peace Officers 18 Accountants & Auditors, incl. CPAs, CFEs, CIAs, and forensic accountants $11.7 million budget

24 Gaming Employee Certification Unit
Certify Gaming Employees 2000 New Applicants in 2005 7000 Renewal Applicants in 2005 Annual Renewal

25 Gaming Vendor Certification Unit
Certify Gaming Vendors All Vendors of Gaming Equipment Gaming Services over $10,000 in One Month 550 Active Vendors 245 Vendor Background Investigations in 2005 Good for 2 years

26 Machine Compliance Unit
Certify All New, Modified, Upgraded Slot Machines (12,326) Random Inspections (50 machines 5x per year per casino) 1000 Cert & Insp per Month

27 Investigations & Inspections Unit
Tribal Agents Work Closely With Tribal Regulators On-Site Inspections of Gaming Facilities, Incl. Surveillance Conduct Investigations as Necessary, in Coordination and Cooperation With Tribal Regulators

28 Intelligence Unit Gathers/Disseminates Info Concerning Threats to Gaming Operations Compiles and Analyzes Incident Reports Self-Exclusion List: 1250 people, for 1, 5 or 10 years

29 Compact Compliance Unit
Compact Compliance Reviews Every Casino Every Year Entire Compact and All Appendices

30 Tribal Contributions Unit
Tribal Contributions Audits 2 Audits Per Tribe Per Year Review External Audit and Workpapers Monthly and Quarterly Reports Quarterly Payments Assure the Public

31 Information Technology Unit
Implemented and Maintains an Electronic Licensing and Regulatory System State Electronic Access to Slot Monitoring Systems

32 Administration Budget and Plan for the Department
Manage the Department’s Facilities, Purchasing, Travel, Fleet, etc. Perform All Accounting Functions Human Resources IT

33 Courtney Moyah Executive Director, Gila River Gaming Commission
President, Arizona Tribal Gaming Regulators Alliance

34 Office of Problem Gambling
$1.8 million Budget, Funded by Tribal Contributions and Lottery Education, Treatment and Prevention 24/7 Toll-free Hotline Counselors throughout State Training


36 Arizona Lottery Begun in 1981
Has Returned Over $1.8 billion to the State $116.4 million in FY2005

37 Arizona Lottery General Fund Local Transportation Assistance Fund
Heritage Fund Healthy Arizona County Assistance Fund Mass Transit Economic Development Fund Court Appointed Special Advocate Fund Department of Gaming (Problem Gambling)

38 Arizona Department of Racing
Geoffrey Gonsher Director Arizona Department of Racing

39 Questions

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