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1 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace Organisation and activities 2013

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1 1 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace Organisation and activities 2013

2 2 © copyright by Eurospace ASD-Eurospace : The Association Created in 1961 –and since April 2004: the Space group in ASD ASD-Eurospace is the professional organisation of the European space manufacturing industry –A not for profit association incorporated under the French Law of July 1901 –Mandates Promote space activities in the interest of its members Define, adopt and express common views for the European space manufacturing sector –Membership Eurospace members are European companies active in design, development and manufacturing of space systems Eurospace membership represents more than 90% of the total European manufacturing industry employment Eurospace members are distributed among 13 European countries (ESA Member States) ASD-Eurospace is a recognised actor of European space policy and strategy

3 3 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace : Members AUSTRIA –RUAG Space GmbH BELGIUM –Thales Alenia Space ETCA –SABCA DENMARK –Terma A/S FINLAND –Patria Advanced Solutions Oy FRANCE –ThalesAlenia Space –Air Liquide –Arianespace –Astrium SAS - Satellites –Astrium SAS - Space Transportation –Herakles –Snecma Moteurs –Thales Group GERMANY –Astrium GmbH - Satellites –Astrium GmbH - Space Transportation –AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH –IABG –Kayser-Threde –MT Aerospace AG –OHB Technology AG –Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co.KG THE NETHERLANDS –Dutch Space –NLR –TNO ITALY –Avio SpA –Aviospace SpA –Thales Alenia Space Italia SpA –Carlo Gavazzi Space SpA –Finmeccanica SpA –Selex ES –Telespazio –Vitrociset SpA NORWAY –Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS SPAIN –Alter Tecnologica SA –EADS CASA Espacio –Indra Espacio SA –Sener –Technalia –Thales Alenia Space España SA SWEDEN –RUAG Space AB SWITZERLAND –CSEM –RUAG Space AG UNITED KINGDOM –Astrium Ltd. –CGI (ex Logica CMG) –Qinetiq –UK Space –Telespazio Vega

4 4 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace: Core Activities The trade association of the space manufacturing industry –Industry representation and spokesperson Official European space industry spokesperson: ESTMP, ESCC, ECSS, etc Relationship with ESA Relationship with EU bodies (EC, EP, European Council, EDA…) Relationship with Ministries and Parliaments (at national level) as requested –Coordination and information of industry Working Groups and Panels: Core activity of Eurospace: inform and stay informed (information exchange) –identify industry issues –prepare industry positions –networking Members only web, e-mailing lists and on-line documentation management –Information about industry Industry statistics: Eurospace facts and figures annual publication Public web: –Liaison with other industrial bodies In Europe: ASD, EARSC, ESOA etc. Internationally: SJAC, AIA etc. –Liaison with non industrial bodies Academic and science: IAF, AAAF, Cospar, Copuos, etc. Non European Space Agencies: Jaxa, ISRO, Roskosmos, NASA

5 5 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace: Ancillary Activities Eurospace know-how and connections are leveraged to add value to the Space industry community –Organisation of Workshops and Conferences Annually: –DASIA – Data Systems in Aerospace Occasionally: –Earth and Space Week –The Future of Space R&T in Europe –Expert Consultancy: Technico-economic and strategy studies, for various customers: –Contract studies are carried out in line with the missions of Eurospace –Recent studies: »Milsatcom RT priorities for 2020 (EDA) »Spacecraft Database update –Publications Occasionally, as the need/opportunity arise: –European space industry, building the future –Eurospace R&T Priorities (2008, 2012)

6 6 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace : Resources Annual budget: 1 M€ –Membership fees: 55 %, guarantee independence of views –External Contracts: 30-35%, exploit and sustain expertise –Conferences/workshops organisation: 10-15% Offices in Paris and Brussels –In Paris: HQ and staff, meeting room, relationship with ESA HQ –In Brussels: hosted by ASD, Brussels Office Head, relations with EC, EP, EDA, Perm reps liaising with other institutions and associations Workforce: the Executive, a permanent staff of 7 –Secretary General: Jean-Jacques Tortora (also ASD Space Director) –Director of Research: Pierre Lionnet –Brussels Office: Olivier Lemaitre and Lucas Buthion –Technology Strategy Officer: Alessandro Saraceni –Office management and external relations: Nathalie Alecton –Database administration and general studies: Sebastien Moranta

7 7 © copyright by Eurospace 1996-2008 Eurospace: Membership fee Membership fees are proportional to the member’s involvement in space activities –The formula is based on the number of Space employees (n) For n <=100 Fee = 7900 € For n>100 Fee = 7900 + (n – 100)*18.5 €

8 8 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace: High level bodies President: Elected for 3 years –M. Fuchs (OHB Technology) elected in 2013 –Previous Presidents: Jean Delorme, Ernesto Vallerani, Ivan Ofverhölm, Armand Carlier, Pascale Sourisse, Evert Dudok Council –The Council is the political body which takes all decisions 24 elected members The General Assembly (GA) –The GA elects the President, Council and Financial Committee All members are represented and have the same voting rights Policy Committee (PC) –The PC plays the role of an advisory board to the Council Chaired by the Secretary General Financial Committee –In charge of financial control of the Association The treasurer + 2 members of the Council Eurospace seeks consensus at each and every level of its action

9 9 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace : Working bodies Activities carried out through Working Groups / Panels –WGs are created at the initiative of industry Support the elaboration of consolidated industry viewpoints Propose position papers, assessments and reports to Council approval –WGs are composed and chaired by industry representatives Coordination and support provided by Eurospace Executive –Meeting Rooms, agenda, minutes drafting, activities coordination, list management, etc. –WGs are proactive bodies for networking, information sharing and lobbying Focus on policy and strategy aspects (e.g. Markets, Security & Defence) Participation in working groups requires Eurospace membership –Panels widely represent industry within activities coordinated at European level (e.g. ESCC, ECSS, ESTMP) Usually address technology related issues Participation in Panels does not require membership to Eurospace Eurospace seeks consensus at each and every level

10 10 © copyright by Eurospace Eurospace: Working bodies Active Working Groups –Security & Defence –Earth Observation –Navigation (Galileo) –Space Industry Markets –Telecoms –Legal affairs Active Panels –ECSS - Eurospace represents Space industry in European standardisation bodies –EEE parts and components - Eurospace is a signatory to the ESCC Charter and nominates industry representatives to ESCC bodies –Research and Technology – Eurospace is a recognised actor of European Space Technology Harmonisation process Ad Hoc WGs and Task Forces, –temporary - created when necessary with Council mandate e.g. ESA C-MIN preparation activities, ESA procurement reform,...

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