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OECD Questionnaires Status Dr. Moshe Yanai CBS ISRAEL 24-26/11/2008.

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1 OECD Questionnaires Status Dr. Moshe Yanai CBS ISRAEL 24-26/11/2008

2 OECD Questionnaires  Annual data collection, bi-annual reporting  Themes: 1. Air 2. Water 3. Marine Environment 4. Land 5. Forest 6. Wildlife 7. Waste 8. Noise 9. Environmental income and expenditure

3 Data Collection Process  Part of the accession process  In 2008 - key indicators  In 2009 - water and environmental expenditure  From 2010 - full questionnaire

4 Environmental data collection 2008  Data collection for key environmental indicators  Only a subset of selected indicators  The Themes: Air (inc. definitions), Waste, Inland water, Forest and Wildlife

5 Air ( CBS )  Definitions & Methods: completed  Data:,CO 2, No X, So X : completed  Limitations: missing historical data, methodological changes GHGs: completed for,CO 2 CH 4 and N 2 O  Limitations: SF 6, PFCs and HFCs data are not available yet

6 Waste ( CBS& MOE (  Waste generation by sector - NA  Recycling – partial data (confidentiality problems)  Waste generation by material – partial data Construction, dredged spoils, sludge, manure, end of life vehicles –NA  Generation and treatment of industrial waste - NA

7 Waste ( CBS& MOE, continued)  Generation and treatment of hazardous waste – completed for the year 2000  Generation and treatment of municipal waste – completed for total collection only  Generation data and waste by source and collection method - NA

8 Waste ( CBS & MOE, continued)  Composition of municipal waste 2005 data only Total and distribution needed harmonization  Treatment methods for municipal waste - NA  Waste treatment installations – partial data

9 Water ( CBS& MOE )  Water Resources – Only two items completed Main challenge: evapotranspiration methodology (The Meteorological Service)  Water abstraction by source and sector Totals were filled, sectoral distribution will be available next year (first national water account)  Population connected to wastewater treatment plants –completed for 2005-7

10 Forest  Forest area by species group – completed  Forest resources – irrelevant

11 Wildlife  Data completed for 2002 Updating problem Data depend on academic research Fish- freshwater data only

12 Responsible Agencies ActivitiesTheme CBSMethodological research and data collection Air CBS+MOEData collection and methodology for generation by sector, source and treatment methods and installations Waste CBS+ MSWater account completion and evapotranspiration modeling Water Further Activities for completing missing data

13 Further Activities for completing missing data (continued) Responsible Agencies ActivitiesTheme CBS+JNFNoneForest CBSEncourage academic research, data collection Wildlife CBSConducting surveys in the various sectors Env. Expenditure


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