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Lt Col Larry Brockshus MN Wing/SE

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1 Lt Col Larry Brockshus MN Wing/SE
May 08 Safety Meeting Lt Col Larry Brockshus MN Wing/SE

2 Topics 101 Critical Days of Summer Grilling May Sentinel

3 Why 101 Critical Days of Summer
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day Period of increased non-work related injuries Increased activity and risk taking. What will you be doing?

4 101 Critical Days of Summer
A little home auto repair…

5 101 Critical Days of Summer
Catch up on those home repairs…

6 101 Critical Days of Summer
Maybe dig in that new water feature you spouse has been asking for…

7 101 Critical Days of Summer
Get back into your summer sports routine…

8 101 Critical Days of Summer
Can’t wait to get on your motor cycle?

9 101 Critical Days of Summer
How about that family camping trip?

10 Why 101 Critical Days of Summer
More Airmen were killed in traffic fatalities during the same time frame as the Global War on Terrorism which started in October 2001 We face the same non-duty risks

11 101 Critical Days of Summer
Air Force leaders embarked on a safety campaign every year since the early 1970s Whether barbecuing in your backyard to setting out on a road trip or even just trying out a new sport, we need to think about our actions and the possible consequences.

12 Some important safety reminders
-- Wear seatbelts in cars and required protective equipment on motorcycles. -- Remain alert while at the wheel and plan rest breaks at frequent intervals. -- Don’t speed in an effort to arrive early. It is better to arrive late than not arrive at all. -- Don’t drink alcohol and drive. -- Anticipate the unexpected and be ready to react.

13 Grilling Safety The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that gas and charcoal grills cause approximately 1,000 structure fires and 3,400 outdoor fires in or on home properties each year

14 Grilling Tips Position the grill well away from siding, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches. • Place the grill a safe distance from lawn games, play areas and foot traffic. • Keep children and pets away from the grill area: declare a three-foot "safe zone" around the grill. • Put out long-handled grilling tools to give the chef plenty of clearance from heat and flames when flipping burgers. • Periodically remove grease or fat buildup in trays below grill so it cannot be ignited by a hot grill. • If you have a propane grill, check the propane cylinder hose for leaks before using it. A light soap and water solution applied to the hose will reveal escaping propane by releasing bubbles. Have leaking fuel lines replaced before using.

15 Grilling Tips . • All propane cylinders manufactured after April 2002 must have overfill protection devices (OPD). OPDs shut off the flow of propane before capacity is reached, limiting the potential for release of propane gas if the cylinder heats up. OPDs are easily identified by their triangular shaped hand wheel. • Use only equipment bearing the mark of an independent testing laboratory. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions on how to set up the grill and maintain it. • Never add charcoal starter fluid when coals or kindling have already been ignited, and never use any flammable or combustible liquid other than charcoal starter fluid to get the fire going.

16 May Sentinel May 2008  Sentinel Newsletter

17 Flight Line Safety Flight line is a high risk area Add “Human Factor.”
Fatigue Complacency Haste Distraction Time constraints.

18 Solution Fully train ES qualified flightline personnel
In their job and flightline safety Every task requires some level of safety How about Personal Protective Equipment Earplugs Gloves Water (themselves, pilots, crews)

19 Severe Weather Driving
Pre-trip inspection of the vehicle Be alert for severe weather Severe thunderstorm season begins in March Vans / SUVs are vulnerable to high winds Fog- #1cause of catastrophic multi-vehicle accidents CAP vehicles are equipped with fire extinguisher and a first aid kit Know how to use them

20 Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes
FAA Advisory Circular 150/ A explains the importance of reporting Several CAP aircraft bird strikes over the last few months Luckily, no bodily injuries (the birds did not do as well) Look for any attractants (lakes, garbage) Ask the tower for wildlife reports

21 Purpose of a Safety Inspection
Two purposes Level of compliance Validate the effectiveness of program Every Commander needs to involved in their safety program

22 Morality and Safety We have a moral obligation to keep ourselves and fellow CAP members from harm. It is about doing the right thing. The cadet who is flying with you will TRUST that you are going to bring him safely home.

23 Morality and Safety Have you met all currency requirements?
Are you proficient ? Is the weather within safe limits? Is the airplane in proper working order? Don’t pencil whip (complete effective training) Follow regulations Keep ego in check

24 Think safe, Be safe Be Safety Man

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