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Collaboration Keystone, CO July 2006. Good Ideas Come in Groups Succeed Through Strategic Alliances.

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1 Collaboration Keystone, CO July 2006

2 Good Ideas Come in Groups Succeed Through Strategic Alliances

3 On the last SWCS picnic, the board had decided that due to liability issues, we could only have one (1) alcoholic drink per person..

4 And Never Bowl Alone!

5 Locate Labor!!!

6 Why Collaborate? “On most tasks, especially those that involve some degree of complexity and require some degree of ingenuity, people are able to do a better job in well-functioning groups than they can on their own. They are also more likely to be excited about their work.” Alfie Kohn, Punished by Rewards

7 Why Collaborate? - continued “People will typically be more enthusiastic where they feel a sense of belonging and see themselves as part of a community than they will in a workplace in which each person is left to his own devices.” “ Team Projects Build the Group While Strengthening the Individual” – Steve Kadas, NM SWCS

8 Why Collaborate? – continued With Collaboration Comes Innovation Good Ideas Come in Groups Our innovation is fueled by our humanity The most powerful tool in our arsenal is the human mind How do we know if our ideas are any good? Test those ideas out May fuel other ideas

9 Examples of Collaboration Congress and SWCS. CEAP progress report to allow updating/comments for the Farm Bill American Humane Association and Ralston Purina Starbucks and CARE Nature Conservancy and Georgia-Pacific

10 Other Factors of Collaboration Ideas come from everywhere Cheer everything You're brilliant, we're hiring A license to pursue dreams Innovation, not instant perfection Data is apolitical Greater meaning Creativity loves constraints It's users, not money Don't kill projects, morph them

11 Other Factors of Collaboration – continued Research and gather information Share information and share equally Responsibility by all Participation by all Value others viewpoints Listen to other viewpoints Cooperation with all Make fair decisions by all

12 2 Types of Collaboration Internal External

13 SWCS Internal Collaboration Within your Office/Area Within your State Within your Region Within the US Your SWCS Director The SWCS Board With Craig Cox

14 External Collaboration Anything outside of SWCS

15 Steps in Collaboration 1.Making the Connection - searching for partners- engage top leadership, ensuring strategic fit! 2.Generating Value - what does it mean to each partner? 3.Manage the Relationship – stay focused and devote energy and time

16 SWCS Examples of Collaboration - External Joint meetings with Wildlife/Range/Wetland/Soil Societies Team up with local colleges/universities on activities Present at Garden Clubs Involve other Government agencies Mailings to different organizations or non-profits Outside the box organizations, such as Historical Society Kellogg Foundation Problem Solving opportunities with all of the above

17 Annual joint symposia with SSSA. Joint work with the Wildlife Society and the Society for Range Management on our literature review. Collaboration with a wide range of organizations— conservation, agricultural, environmental—on farm bill conservation issues; both legislative and implementation. Collaboration with SSSA and others on Smithsonian state soil exhibit. Annual collaboration on the International Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO) conference SWCS Examples of External Collaboration - continued

18 Collaborate within SWCS - Internal Don’t forget the collaboration within SWCS and its members, indefinite amount of opportunities to network, solve problems, get ideas, lay out groundwork and work together on common issues. This Workshop is a good example of internal collaboration

19 Prioritizing resource issues at a Legacy Meeting recently in Chadron, NE. Several different agencies/organizations came together to address resource issues in the Pine Ridge. Soil Painting Exercise Farm Bill Meeting

20 Internal Collaboration

21 Friday’s Examples of Internal Collaborations Subway sandwich order 3 for $10.99 Ride to the SWCS with NE/WY/NM members

22 BLM/NRCS/FS Examples of Collaborations Working with Highway Departments Landowners/permitees Forest Service FWS Exploration Industries DOE SWCS Sawmills Units of Government

23 Exercise

24 Collaboration Checklist 1.Communication 2.Sustainability 3.Research and Evaluation 4.Political Climate Tools

25 Collaboration Checklist - continued 5. Resources 6. Catalyst 7. Laws/policy 8. History Tools

26 Collaboration Checklist – continued 9. Connectiveness 10. Leadership 11. Community Development 12. Understanding the Community Tools

27 Collaboration Rubric Cube Tools

28 Collaboration Rubric Ranking Ranking on Contributing Ranking on Taking on responsibility Ranking on Viewpoints Tools

29 Examples of Collaborations

30 Working together

31 Questions??



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