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1 IRELAND The Emerald Island GEOGRAPHY

2 Ireland (the island) Ireland is a big island in western Europe.

3 Ireland (Seas around it) Ireland is in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Irish Sea is in the east. The Celtic Sea is in the south. Both the Irish Sea and the Celtic sea are the seas between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The North Channel separates Ireland from Scotland.

4 Ireland (physical map) SIZE: 84,421 sq Km (Catalonia: 32,114 sq Km ) HIGHEST MOUNTAIN: Carrauntoohill 1,041m LONGEST RIVER: The Shannon (386km) BIGGEST LAKE: Lough Neagh.

5 Ireland (Climate an weather) CLIMATE: oceanic, but mild, because the North Atlantic Current is warm. In winter, there are few days with temperatures below 0ºC. THE WEATHER is very changeable and unpredictable. It is usually cloudy and it often rains in winter. In summer, it is often sunny, with some fluffy clouds in the sky and some light rains. RAINFALL: The west is wetter than the east, because rains are more frequent there. SUNSHINE: The southeast of Ireland is sunnier than the northwest.

6 Irish Wildlife: Plants FernsClovers Irish Oak treeIrish Heather Fuchsias

7 Irish Wildlife: Land Animals Red Deer Irish Hare Badge Hedgehog Otter Swan Fox Red SquirrelOwl

8 Irish Wildlife: Marine Animals PuffinsSeagulls Dolphins Grey Seals Dolphins and whalesWhale

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