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Bringing Wildlife to People How to Make a Million for Wildlife – and then another… Peter Smith

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1 Bringing Wildlife to People How to Make a Million for Wildlife – and then another… Peter Smith

2 Bringing Wildlife to People Hands up if you want to save wildlife? Hands up if you want a job in wildlife conservation ? hands up if you can afford to pay for it yourself ? But you’re a scientist you can leave that to the government or fundraisers… right? WRONG Some Questions for You

3 Bringing Wildlife to People Outline of Making a Million for Wildlife Why is making money important? Where does money come from? How do you get it? How to keep getting it? Some tactics & anecdotes Building a money making machine Question and Answers

4 Bringing Wildlife to People Why is making money important Buy stuff Jobs & Professionalism Builds Organisations Long term projects

5 Bringing Wildlife to People Protecting Wildlife for the Future Who will give you money? Government & Lottery Private Individuals Corporate Sponsorship Grant Making Trusts Professional Services PEOPLE

6 Bringing Wildlife to People Where Charity Money Comes From? Charity Income 2004 Income in £millions Charity Shops £383 Million 6% Government Grants £1,405 Million 21% Grant Making Trusts £507 Million 7% Lottery £252 Million 4% Donations & Legacies £4,294 Million 62%

7 Bringing Wildlife to People Who to ask? When should you ask them? How should you ask them Creativity How Do You Get It? Shy Bairns Get Now’t

8 Bringing Wildlife to People How to Keep Getting Money Annual donations Long term projects Building in loyalty Many small vs. few big Get a donor! Not a donation

9 Bringing Wildlife to People Some tactics & anecdotes Peter Smith

10 Bringing Wildlife to People What’s the most important parts in an application 1.Who you send it to Your relevance and existing relationship Tell them what they want to hear not what you want to say 2.The structure & format To make sure they read it (20 second countdown) 3.Pictures, headlines & GED’s how do you read a document 4.Your words Saxon NOT Latin, descriptive not hackneyed

11 Bringing Wildlife to People The Perfect Funding Application 3rd Party endorsement Customer Focus Attention Interest Desire Action£180,000

12 Bringing Wildlife to People How do you persuade a Businessman to give you Cash? Over £2 Million in sponsorship

13 Bringing Wildlife to People Building a ‘Quality’ System Peter Smith

14 Bringing Wildlife to People The Road to Success! Get the basics right first! Build a quality system Develop your strategy –Build on success - not failure Measure profit both long and short term Build on what has gone before

15 Bringing Wildlife to People Donor Pyramid Member Member on monthly DD with tax Large Donor Legator Supporter Entered onto Database General Public General Public – identify with your need PR Legacy Mailing D2D & F2F Door Drop Telemarketing Perato’s 80:20Rule

16 Bringing Wildlife to People Understand Your Value Chain Identify Most Profitable Donors Donor Satisfaction Identify donors Create the ask Innovation Process Deliver the ask Produce the ask Operational Process Record the ask Thank & reduce dissonance Post Donation ‘Quality’ is giving people what they need to become happy and effective wildlife supporters

17 Bringing Wildlife to People The Quality Chain Reaction Improve qualityCosts decrease Productivity improves Economies of scale & scope Increase year-on-year revenue income Save more wildlife ‘ Virtuous Circle

18 Bringing Wildlife to People Case Example 1 - The Fugger!

19 Case Example - 2 The Ruined Dinner New average Existing Value Average Upgrade Value Average Total Upgrade Cash Bankers Order £ 39.91 £ 15.16 £ 24.75 £ 841.56 CASH Normal (Scheme Stopped) £ 46.98 £ 26.88 £ 20.10 £ 944.84 DD Normal £ 54.70 £ 26.88 £ 27.82 £10,626.44 DP £ 95.85 £ 60.43 £ 35.42 £14,874.36 Total £27,287.20 Gift aid 100% £ 7,640.42 Gift Aid 80% £ 6,112.33 Grand Total £33,399.53 Cost £16,208.40

20 Bringing Wildlife to People Does it Work? Peter Smith ‘Walking My Talk!

21 Bringing Wildlife to People What does it cost? 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 600000 700000 800000 900000 £1 Million Total 152972.1615342493.0232320874.0713232855.6237250933.2096422465532852634370968000 Subs Costs 47954384764197879265109172108812112503136289150009 Appeal costs 28000680008000092000 199319941995199619971998199920002001 Total supporter Income Membership Costs Kent Wildlife Trust – Supporter Income History

22 Bringing Wildlife to People

23 Now YOU can Make a Million for Wildlife Peter Smith

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