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TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE COMMISSION Nine members appointed by the Governor Make recommendations for law and policy changes Public hearings.

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1 TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE COMMISSION Nine members appointed by the Governor Make recommendations for law and policy changes Public hearings

2 GAME WARDENS DEPUTY GAME WARDEN works only in assigned areas non-salaried 4 year term assist private land owners GAME WARDEN same powers and privileges as a peace officer statewide jurisdiction can enforce any state law 500 in Texas

3 LISCENCES, PERMITS, AND STAMPS LICENSE - document giving a person authorizing them to hunt or fish on public or leased lands and waterways. PERMIT - document that allows a person to take part in a named activity. STAMP - identify specific types or species of game or fish.

4 Hunter Education Born AFTER September 02, 1971 17 and older must obtain hunter education certification to hunt in Texas Minimum age to be certified is 9 years old

5 Hunting License Non-refundable Replacement less than $10 Must be present on person when hunting regardless of age and game hunted Must fill out the log on the back of the license for Whitetailed deer

6 Hunting License Tagging Wildlife Must fill out the back of tags CUT out the date Attach it to the carcass IMMEDIATELY »Leg »Antler »Ear

7 TRESPASS LAW Trespassing - entry by an individual without permission from the person in charge of the property. **Any authorized TP&W employee may enter any land where wild game or fish may range or stray** Shooting into private property can be considered trespassing

8 PUBLIC WATERWAYS Public waters belong to the people of the state. The land bordering the water is often privately owned. Access to the water does not give access to the bank property

9 OFFENSES & PUNISHMENT MISDEMEANOR CLASS A, B, OR C Class C = $25-$500 Class B = $200-$2000 –Can be jailed for Class B and higher Class A = $500-$4000 State Jail or Felony = $1500-$10000 –Can have license suspended for 5 years –Can be forced to forfeit guns, truck, boat, etc…

10 OFFENSES & PUNISHMENT MISDEMEANOR Felony punishment is an option Each animal is a separate offense Any game or fish taken legally becomes illegal when in possession with illegal game or fish

11 HUNTING PROVISIONS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES 1. Hunt from any type of air land or water vehicle. 2. Hunt any protected animal 1/2 hour before sunrise or 1/2 hour after sunset. 3. Spotlighting – no artificial lighting can be used to hunt game animals

12 HUNTING PROVISIONS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES 4. Wound or kill game without making a reasonable effort to retrieve. 5. Harass hunters, trappers, and fishermen legally hunting or catching game. = $200-$2000 fine or 180days in jail

13 HUNTING PROVISIONS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES 6. Cannot track wounded animal across property lines without permission from land owner 7. Reasonable effort must be made to recover animals or face a Class A misdemeanor

14 HUNTING PROVISIONS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES 8. Youth weekend for 16 years and under include – deer, turkey, squirrel 9.Youth weekend for 15 years and under include – deer, turkey, squirrel, duck

15 HUNTING PROVISIONS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES 10. Hunter orange required for hunters on public land 11.Must possess trappers license to use traps

16 HUNTING PROVISIONS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES 12. No dogs can be used to hunt game animals 13. No aircraft can be used to hunt game animals OPERATION GAME THIEF 1-800-792-GAME

17 HUNTING PROVISIONS Firearms 1. Pellet and air-guns not legal to hunt game animals 2. No silencers or sound suppressing devices 3. Shotguns are only legal for the hunting of migratory birds

18 HUNTING PROVISIONS Bows 1. Anyone can use crossbows in archery and in gun season 2. There is no minimum pounds required on a bow

19 HUNTING PROVISIONS Legal Shooting Hours 1.Game animals and non-migratory birds: 1/2 hour before sunrise – 1/2 hour after sunset 2. Migratory birds: 1/2 hour before sunrise – sunset 3. Special: White-wing dove are noon- sunset


21 ITEMS TO INCLUDE ON A HUNTING LEASE CONTRACT Names of all Parties Length of Lease Description of Lease Area Lease Privileges Lease FeeLiability Statement Provisions for Damages Hunting RightsHunter Rights

22 TYPES OF LEASES Year Round Lease Limited Lease Day Hunt Guided Hunt Texas Parks and Wildlife Deer Lease List 1-800-792-1112

23 FISHING LICENSE 1. Must possess to take aquatic life 2. NOT required if under 17 3. NOT required if born before September,1 1930 4. NOT required if mentally disabled or retarded

24 FISHING PROVISIONS ILLEGAL ACTIVITES 1. Using explosives 2. Electric shock 3. Bridge fishing 4. Fishing tournament fraud 5. Importing, possessing, selling, or releasing harmful tropical fish into state waters

25 HERBIVORE Eats green plants Deer Rabbit Elk

26 OMNIVORE Eats plants and meat Bear Hog

27 CARNIVORE Meat Eater Fox Hawk Coyote

28 TERMS Abiotic - Non living. Biotic - Living. Consumer - Use food from producer to form substances needed for growth. Decomposer - Break down dead organisms into simpler substances that can be reused. Ecological Niche - The role of a plant or animal in its ecosystem.

29 TERMS Ecosystem - The relationship of a biotic community with its environment. Food Chain - The producer-prey relationship in an ecosystem. Food Web - The relationship of several food chains. Habitat - The place where a plant or animal lives.

30 TERMS Inorganic - Matter not derived from plants and animals. Organic - Pertaining to plant or animal matter. Producer - Plants in a food chain that provide food for the consumer.

31 TERMS Liability - legally bound or responsible to make good any loss or damage. Over population - Wildlife numbers greater than the food and shelter supply needed for them to reproduce and grow to their maximum potential.

32 TERMS Bag limit - The individual number of protected game or fish a person may take during a given time. Closed season - The time when it is unlawful to hunt protected game. Coastal Water - All of the salt water of the state. Ladders - A device used to allow fish to move upstream.

33 TERMS Open season - The time it is lawful to hunt protected game. Protected animal - Any game animal, wild fowl, bird, fin fish, or non-fish species taken for sport or commerce whose population is regulated by TP&W. Rough fish - Bony or rough fleshed fish species having no sport value.

34 TERMS Exotic Game - Wildlife imported into a hunting area. High Powered Firearm - Any rifle or handgun 22 caliber or larger. Lessor - The person that buys the lease property from the landowner. Lessee - The person that sells the lease property to the hunter.

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